Blind Bomber Achievement

  • Blind Bomber



    In a round get 5 kills with air vehicles in Gulf of Oman

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  • Can I get this with the ac130?
  • I suck at aircrafts but got lucky (after 30+ tries). I sat in the passenger seat of the attack helicopter, got two kills. Then a commander came online and delivered the AC-130 Gunship and got 3+ kills with that. And it unlocked. So I can confirm you don't have to be piloting any of the aircrafts to get this.
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  • need some help with this one KnightTemplarXX
  • Easiest way to do this in my opinion is in the gunner seat of the attack helicopter, people tend to bunch together pretty often around the B and A flags. Attempting this in a jet is going to be much harder due to lack of visibility and nerfs on the laser guided missiles, while in the heli you can switch to IRNV or thermal during the sandstorm. Completely possible with a random as long as they're a decent pilot (that's how i got it) but doing this with a friend that you can communicate with will make it a whole lot easier.
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  • got 7 kills didnt popd up
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