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    Climb the highest point in Naval Strike

    The highest point in the Naval Strike expansion can be found on the Wave Breaker map. This map features a large island cave in the center of the map, which houses a submarine. You can climb on top of this island near the B flag, and then make your way to the highest peak, which is on a rock to the North of the three electrical towers. Stand on the rock for a few moments to unlock the achievement.

    Here's a video by HarryNinetyFour:

  • On the map Wave Breaker its on the top of the island in the middle of the map by the radio towers. The rock formation on top the island looking at one of the carriers.
  • To clarify more I was playing conquest and if you look at your map it's on top of C on the northern end of the island looking at the carrier to the left.
  • Just run the side of the hill until you find a way up to the top. You can't climb tower as as the first player said just look around for the highest rock, go and stand on it and the achievement will pop
  • For anyone who needs a visual example here's a video of where it's located and the best side of the hill to run up. Hope this helps!
  • Hey guys this video explains the easiest way to get this achievement:
  • Sorry guys wrong link! this is the right one

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