Fly Swatter Achievement

  • Fly Swatter



    Kill an enemy with the AA Mine

    The AA Mine is a new weapon for engineers, which takes the place of your rocket launcher. To unlock it, you'll need to be at least rank 10, and complete the "Death from Below" Naval Strike assignment. The requirements are:

    - PDW ribbon x3 (Get six kills in a round with a PDW, the engineers default weapon class)
    - Destroy 5 attack air vehicles with Rocket Launchers (This can be any aircraft except transport helicopters)

    Once you unlock it, add it to your engineer kit. It is possible to get the achievement by picking up a dead engineer's kit, but you'd need to finish it before dying yourself.

    Getting a kill with it is tricky, as the AA Mine is not very strong, doing only 30 vehicle damage per hit, and you can only carry and deploy two at a time. You also can't control when they fire; they'll target and fire upon the first aircraft that comes within range. To increase your odds of getting a kill, look for aircraft that are already heavily damaged, lay down your mines, and hope for the best. If you have a squad mate playing support, they can drop an ammo box to refill your AA mines, and you can drop two more as soon as your first two fire. As long as the kill feed says the kill came from the AA MINE, you'll get the achievement.

    To boost this, get three others and find an empty Naval Strike map. Have one on each team play support, and the other play engineer with the AA mine equipped. Meet up together and have the engineer place the two AA mines down. Have the support player throw down an ammo box, and have the engineer refill the mines. Have the opposing team fly a helicopter to the meeting place, and hover in front of the two mines, triggering them and taking damage. As soon as the first mine launches, the engineer should lay down the other two mines he picked up as refills. They'll also launch at the chopper, and the four hits in quick succession should be enough to destroy the chopper and kill the pilot.

    Alternatively, you can do with with two people, one on each team. Meet up with a helicopter, and have the engineer damage the chopper with the repair tool. Once the chopper's health is down to about 50, lay down the two AA mines. Once both of them hit, they should destroy the chopper and get the kill.

    Here's a video by, who uses the repair tool to damage the chopper before destroying it with AA mines:

  • Alright you have to do the death from below assignment that can be done on any map which is PDW ribbon x3 and destroy 5 air vehicles,it does not matter if you kill the pilot just as long as the air craft is destroyed then it will unlock the AA mine for your engineer class.
  • This one seems impossible because even if you get 2 hits on the mines you're given, it's not enough to take down a chopper. Any thoughts on how to get this one?
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  • A really good tip to get this, is to find someone on your team who also deployed them. Deploy them 2meters behind your teammates, your teammate got the first two hit, you'll get the finishing ones. For good karma, place them again in front of your teammate, so he can get it next. I tried it, and it worked first time.
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