RC Assassin Achievement

  • RC Assassin



    Get 5 kills in a round with the RAWR

  • If anyone wants to boost this, my Gt is bodybomb3
  • Want to this this
  • My tag Xpro PT
  • message me i'm in
  • No need to boost. I got this my second try on Propaganda. I think I got 7-8 kills thefirst time I picked it up on this map. The gun on the RAWR RIPS you up!!!
  • gt n7 illusive looking for people on xbox one to boost a ton of achievements i will be buying a server but need 3 more players :D send me a msg
  • Looking for people to boost this. Just send me a msg, GT Mat5uyaMa
  • Help??? Add me xUnrealZombiex
  • Looking for someone to boost this achieve on xbox 360-send me a message GT PRZeMO1913

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