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  • It sucks to be right.



    Campaign: finish Airborne on Hard

    To get this achievement you have to beat the game (preferably on Easy). Go to "My Campaign" in the main menu and choose the level "Airborne”, and then set the difficulty to Hard. By now you should have a feel of the game. You shouldn't have any problems with completing this, as the level is fairly straight forward and very short.

  • Why is only this level on hard?
  • Why is this level only on hard?
  • friend did the whole campign on hard lol
  • Probably the easiest 50 G in a while.
  • I did the whole campaign as well. Jerks should have made it that way
  • wtf is this achievement, 50g, took me literally 5 minutes. I died once and just ran through the whole thing
  • Nearly started whole game again on hard, glad I read this first.
  • Way too easy. Not complaining though, a faster Campaign playthrough gives me more time for online.
  • The game was marketed for its Online Experience, not the campaign. But still, a pretty easy achievement. Just wait behind chairs, stand up, and spray machine gun.
  • I did the whole thing on hard -___- Saw this achievement and figured there'd be one for the full campaign = DOH!
  • easy, full campaign on hard, done
  • Cakewalk? i think so, just shoot the guys like once and your team does the rest alternately after you get the lmg just spray everywhere
  • Easy 50 G and the campaign was a cakewalk, one of the more fun fps campaigns in my opinion though.
  • easiest 50 g´s ever
  • yes very easy only kill a few enemys with a shotgun
  • does anybody knows which achievement you get first if you complete the whole campaig on hard difficulty the achievement for just complete it or the one for completing it hard...???thanx
  • I thought this would be hard but EASY!!!!!
  • I made the whole campaign on normal at the end i switched to hard and completed it! Thhat way i got 50g + complete campaign achievements!
  • Easiest 50g in my life!!
  • PIECE OF PISS full campaign done on hard
  • can`t belive they choose the easiest lvl the achievment of doing it on hard they could of atleast of gave us something more challenging
  • so easy probably because its more of a online game than a singleplayer one
  • Really easy.
  • lol... not only was this retardedly easy, but its comical how they copied cod4.
  • this was just a easy 50G
  • This was very easy to get. EASY 50G
  • can someone help me with this 1?
  • short and easy
  • Perhaps it's a sorry for making you play through Bad Company 1 twice :) I can't believe how easy this was
  • Did the entire game on easy and airborne again on hard. Evenbthat way this was by far the easiest mission. No rpg's, lots of opportunuties for hiding and letting your teammates do most of the stuff after you initiate the situation.

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