Complete Blackout Achievement

  • Complete Blackout



    Campaign: destroy all satellite uplinks


    When you find the M-Com stations, press and hold to arm the stations and let them explode.

  • You don't need all. I got this achievement when I needed 2 uplinks left.
  • so its a good glitch?
  • I heard this is glitched to fuck.
  • Apparently it doesn't unlock for some but mine glitched with 2 left as well.
  • I get the Achievement with 13 Uplinks
  • i was missing 2 uplinks (both on heavy metal) and the achievement unlocked for me when i found the last one on zero dark thirty. i was gonna re-play heavy metal over again to get the final 2 but i'm not gonna bother now lol
  • Same here. Just got it with 2 to go on zero dark thirty. You dont hear me complain.
  • Same thing. Got achievment when 2 more uplinks left on last mission
  • same thing. but it's nice.
  • How do you guys find all these, is there some guide i could look at potientally?
  • I can still confirm you'll get this achievement at like 13 or 14 uplinks. And DaSportsman use this guide for the uplink help:
  • I got this and the achievement for 15 uplinks both 2 m-com stations too early, niiiice haha
  • Got it two m-com stations early ;) (I'm not complaining)
  • I got it with 2 M-Coms to spare, so just shoot for them and before you know it, it will pop!
  • Got it when there was still 2 stations to go
  • Same here had heavy metals m com stations to do and it gave it to me at 22 out of 24....i dont mind it though(:
  • i got it with two left also
  • glitched with two left as well, 22/24 works for me though!
  • Im going to be annoying and also say that I got it with 2 left. :)
  • Got this with snowblind level still incomplete, had 2 remaining so defo glitched
  • I also got this ach with 2 left to find. Now my question is that at the official bfbc2 site it is still show greyed out both the 15 and the all intells found. Eventhough I got the two achievements. Does anyone know what is the deal?
  • I don't think this achievement is glitched. Rather a typo in the decription. On the PS3 version you are only required to get 22 satellite uplinks.
  • (#22) Yeah but then why would they set the achievement 2 uplinks under the amount that there is on the game it makes no sense! But still its good for an easy 50G
  • yeah mine glitched as well with 2 still to go
  • same mine glitched with 2 to go also
  • OMG guys... You aren't going to believe this... But I got the achievement with 22/24 satellite uplinks destroyed--missed the two in Heavy Metal. I know it's hard to believe, but it seriously popped. It's not like it's happened to anyone else... /sarcasm xD
  • Just adding to the repetition that I got this achievement with 22/24 uplinks destroyed. Made me really happy that I didn't have to finish the level.
  • Glitched. got it on 22/24. guess you could call it a "good" glitch.
  • 2 years later still the same ole' story..22/24 n chevo what a shocker.../sarcasm xD
  • Just missed 2 in No One Gets Left Behind and gave me the achievement.

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