Sub Machine Gun Storm Achievement

  • Sub Machine Gun Storm



    Campaign: 50 kills with sub machine guns

    Just as the description says. Get 50 kills with sub machine guns. Here is a list of sub machine guns:

    • SCAR-L & SCAR-LS
    • AKS-74u & AKS-74u R
  • What are the sub machine guns?
  • i know right!
  • use the scar l
  • ive completed the campaign and still havent gotten this
  • you will have to use the ak74u, not sure where to pick it up but just try and pick up every enemy gun you can find, it will be there somewhere
  • You get ak74u in last mission after you kill first enemy by knife.
  • #3's suggestion works. I got this using the Scar-L. You find it fairly early in the game too.

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