Multiplayer Knowledge Achievement

  • Multiplayer Knowledge



    Online: reach Rank 10 (Sergeant I)


    You get points by killing enemies, destroying objectives/capturing flags, helping your teammates out by healing, resupplying them. Pointing out objectives/enemy locations on your map pressing the gets you more points if they get destroyed/killed.

    Points needed to reach Rank 10: 120,000

    If you would like to know how far you are from your next rank up, use this rank calculator to see how much XP you need.

  • I just got this yesterday! I am so happy!
  • almost got it... lol
  • omg at 42 multiplayer achievements....ugh. anyway im gonna need some boosting buddies for all these. gamertag chris98956
  • Idk about you guys,, but no matter what I search for there are no games,like i'm not ssure if it's cuz nobody plays or what. Gamertag is same as username
  • Looking to boost. Message iEviLDoG

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