Multiplayer Elite Achievement

  • Multiplayer Elite



    Online: reach Rank 22 (Warrant Officer I)


    You get points by killing enemies, destroying objectives/capturing flags, helping your teammates out by healing, resupplying them. Pointing out objectives/enemy locations on your map pressing the gets you more points if they get destroyed/killed.

    Points needed to reach Rank 22: 405,000

    If you would like to know how far you are from your next rank up, use this rank calculator to see how much XP you need.

  • I found this achievement easier to get if you go for the insign medals. Although it still is a pain in the ass achievement.
  • I didn't find it hard, just play the game. Use the medic kit if you are having problems getting this.
  • good thing. it is a good game
  • Damn I must be really crap at this game. Seeming to take forever to get this.
  • Thank god this is a fun game.
  • na your not crap it's the way they made the leveleling system, it's not like cod where where u can gain 3 levels, battlefield takes skill! :D
  • So close to getting this one. I had quite a bit of gun going it.
  • so much better than cod
  • Thank goodness it's got such a good Multiplayer system, it made this a bonues to get, rather than something i was working towards! :D
  • I just got this game and I can't connect to any MP games. Does anyone know whats wrong?
  • @Akjuggaloborder can you connect to the EA server to start of with?
  • @AKjuggaloborder i had the same problem at first if you don't do the update for the game you wont be able to play online
  • It won't let me connect to any games online. I have done all updates as well. Does anyone else have this problem?
  • Anybody want to boost this one, Looking to get all the Multiplayer ones have most of them just need the rest feel free to add me, GT: Project George
  • i need all these online achievements so i need some boosting buddies for all these. gamertag chris98956
  • I want to boost all achievements GT: paul greg indy2
  • I need these achievements too so will add 16 and 17
  • I meant 15 and 16
  • Looking to boost this and only this. Message iEviLDoG
  • GT: Spearmint Spaff Looking for decent squad members!
  • I don't have it yet, but if go for the gold award for each gun, and also go for the insignias, you'll get it farly easy.

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