Battlefield Expert Achievement

  • Battlefield Expert



    Online: obtain all unlocks in any kit or all Vehicle unlocks

    Last Vehicle Unlock: 8,000 XP points (V ALT W)
    Last Vehicle Package Unlock: 8,000 XP (High Power Optics Package)
    Last Assualt Unlock: 47,000 XP (M16A2)
    Last Engineer Unlock: 43,000 XP (UMP-45)
    Last Medic Unlock: 57,000 XP (MG3)
    Last Recon Unlock: 34,000 XP (M95 Sniper)

  • does anyone know if i buy the weapons pack on xbl if it will screw me from getting this achievement?
  • It shouldn't do, but then again I haven't gotten them myself so can't be sure.
  • I've been told once you play a complete match, these should all unlock. I'll be testing it out later today. I think I got the DLC through the Chain Reaction, otherwise I never would have gotten this stupid unlock pack.

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