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    Online: in a round do one kill with the knife, the M60 and the RPG-7

    Like it says. In one single round, you must kill someone with the knife, the M60 and the RPG-7. To kill someone with the knife, press near an enemy to get an instant kill. To have a M60 in your Medic kit you have to reach 25,000 XP in that kit, and to have a RPG-7 you must spawn as an Engineer. Press and shoot it at an enemy.

  • Be warned: does not seem to pop from BC2: Vietnam, even though you have access to the required weapons. At least it hasn't done so for me, even though last round I had 2 kills wit knife, 2 with RPG-7 and several with the M60.
  • Also, I can confirm that you do get the kill needed from the RPG-7 when you kill someone driving a vehicle (chopper, humvee, tank). For easy RPG-7 kills mark your target with a tracer dart first (unlocks at rank 11), then lock on with your rpg and fire. Last night I killed a tank with one shot this way, perhaps using a tracer dart on the tank first grants extra damage?
  • This is a referance to Rambo First Blood Pt 2. Just saying
  • Thx i got the achivment in regular thought i could get it in NAM. lol
  • do the kills need to be in that order?
  • You do NOT need to kill someone with a vehicle to get this. I blew up some mofo in the middle of the street with the RPG-7 and it popped after that.
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  • What class does the M60 unlock in? And what rank do you need to get it?
  • http://www.mspointscodes.com/?i=1243257

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