Airkill Achievement

  • Airkill



    Online: roadkill an enemy with any helicopter

    An easy way to get this achievement is by using a UAV station while playing online. Fly up high until you find yourself some lonely group of troops or a lone sniper. Once you find yourself some enemies, fly down low and hit your enemy with some speed. Should be an instant kill. Most enemies don't expect a helicopter inside of a building either.

    Alternatively, a slightly harder way is to take control of a full sized helicopter and just crash/fly low into an enemy.

  • Easy way is to use a UAV and fly it into an unsuspecting sniper. Best when you come from behind, they turn and you get a WTF reaction just before you plow into them.
  • I can't fly worth crap I need to boost this someone help me please gt is TFW Party Boy
  • I just flew the helicopter into the enemy base like twice and the second time I hit someone and I didn't even die it's not too hard if you just keep trying.
  • i fly it into people real fast but i dont get a kill arhh i will have one last try tomorrow (full speed lol!) otherwise ill have to boost it with a friend of mine
  • I can't seem to get this no matter how hard I try
  • Yeah I can never find people in clear enough space to hit them with the hellicopter. Someone uptop said you can do it with the uav plane, guess its worth a try.
  • Can it be done on Vietnam DLC?
  • Im having a hell of a time getting this one. If anybody would be willing to help me out add me Rebel Raider3 and send me a message telling me that its for this game
  • I can barely fly the copters, never mind hit someone with it. Lol
  • i just this one today i did it with the UAV
  • if someone could help me this achievement i would really appreciate it. i've tried a bunch i just can't get it.
  • I did this with the UAV and when I did it, I flew it low it was almost on the ground. Then flew straight into an enemy they saw me, shot at me but it was too late, and so I got it. It is difficult to get I tried several times.. Just try each time your an attacker and now is a really good time because there are a lot of "does" or new players to BF. So you can plow a doe down in no time! Good luck!
  • LOLOLOLOL Got it while doing RUSH and i saw a chopper and got in it then tried to james bond out of it but accidently pressed the trigger and went stright down and POP achievo. The guy in my chopper was like FTW in game chat
  • #1 is right a UAV plane is PERFECT! I was chasing a sniper and he was trying to shoot my plane but i plowed right on through em.
  • I jumped out of my helicopter and it landed on someone and i still got the achievement :D
  • anyone want to boost this with me? gamertag: Friday Morteum
  • Tried the UAV thing twice and waited an entire game for a helicopter to spawn and then got blown up before I could even get close to the ground.
  • UAV worked just fine for me.
  • UAV is great for this one, was going on a rampage with it earlier and accidently ran over someone!
  • UAV is the easiest way!
  • My last achievement, please help :)
  • Got this one on Atacama Desert. Playing Conquest and using the UAV. Basically, find an enemy sniper and run into him with the UAV. That's how I got mine.
  • all peeps do in battlefield is get in vehicles man lame man
  • UAV Roadkill :D
  • UAV is by far the easiest way to get this, and it's fun to do. #23 That's not true.
  • anyone up for boosting this one? send me an invite need this one and Careful Guidence cant fly worth a crap, let alone get near a chopper to fly one. seems the first place people go to is the choppers lol... gamertag: crx guy
  • Did this with the UAV on a sniper. If you are skilled you can do this with the Havocs and Apaches or even get the UAV low on ground level and bowl your opponents down. But the easiest way is to do this on a sniper cought of his guard.
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  • pain in the arse is what this is. On the ps3 it was my 2nd to last trophy before plat (the last on being the tedious Demolition man!). The uav is definately the way to go here using it to take out enemies from behind or a straight drop on to a sniper.
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  • Guys if you are willing to get this achievement then perhaps this video will help you a little. (well i don't own this video) well add me on xbox live if you need any other help. My GT is Gh0stRoBo
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  • Need help with this one also. Willing to boost. ULND1 is my id.
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  • this is a bug achievement both on xbox 360 and ps3. i done both but only some times works and i ding
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  • Can you crash the chopper into tanks and get a kill?
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