Careful Guidence Achievement

  • Careful Guidence



    Online: destroy an enemy helicopter with a stationary RPG

    Stationary RPGs (tripods with a missile launcher on top) are used the same way as a turret would be, except that they have a laser guided system. Find yourself one while there is a helicopter flying around. It has to be a little lower to the ground since these launchers can't aim very high. Shoot the rocket and keep the red square target over the enemy helicopter.

  • Got a good spot for this one?
  • @ Nixxor X: A good spot is either deployment on the Atacama Desert. There is always a chopper flying around, just takes a good eye and perserverence. I just got it a couple of hours ago by shooting it a ton
  • In rush Isla of Innocents there is always hellicopter stoped in the air in the first base wait for then to stop then shoot
  • this one is driving me NUTS
  • yea., its kinda irritating
  • i could never aim with the homing system.
  • Any idea if tracers work with stationary RPGs or if this can be done in Onslaught mode?
  • This can be done during the campaign. It's a glitch that seems to only work with a few people though :( both people I know live in the same city and have the same internet provider... maybe that's got something to do with it? Hm... Either way, it's annoying, this is the only achievement I need in regular.
  • Yeah, I am having some trouble doing this one. I know I should just play the game and it will come but I can't help but concentrate on it... Ill shoot the damn thing from miles away with no luck and finally when it gets close, Ill get too excited that I actually have a legit chance to be done with this and I miss (usually hit underneath the tail) haha. well I feel like all that can be done is just persevering. It pissed me off too because my friend, who plays the game with me, just hopped on one day and new I was trying to get this achievement and hit the helicopter (on his account of course) in just one shot!!!! Since he had already gotten the achievement, it didn't matter for him so I guess the non stress of already having it probably helped, and he is always looking for a way to show m
  • Actually..I got this very easily..Play rush..sneak over to enemy base..Wait for them to fly in for repairs..and presto! Very easy
  • The best way to get this achievement is go to Atacama Desert (cause alot of people spawn kill with them in that map) and do what I did I just keep on firing the Stationary RPG at every enemy Helicopter I saw and I hit one.
  • Beefer182 got it the same way I did. No one expects it from their own base.
  • my my my no one thought of it this way n this is how i got the achievo... rush game snow map woth the harbour and the petroleum places round it cant remember the name even tho i done it like an hour ago stationary rpg on rooftop of building with machine gun ground level while waiting for enemy to launch its uh60 another enemy snuck past us all and manned our uav post turn stationary rpg at console fire kaboom plus 1 kill plus 1 vehicle kill plus 1 achievement (i admit fully this was by fluke and no way what i had intended to do just was on turret at time n took the guy out)
  • This was kinda hard
  • if anyone wants to do this achievement, just add me as a friend and send me a message. GT starcaleb
  • i got sooo lucky on this one. Playing with friends i was just sitting on the gun, saw a UAV just flying there, shot at it more just cause it was pissing me off, and suddenly saw +100 score and achievement unlocked, was laughing pretty hard when i saw it!
  • got this on my second game.
  • I can aim but always miss! Considering asking players on the other team to hover over me!!
  • i need help with this one add me dillon2102
  • I need a partner for this one. GT: HMS Resolution
  • need help with this last one, wanna get this tomorrow morning plz! Will help in return
  • Deadly Krueger I can help you if you want just ask me .
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