The Dentist Achievement

  • The Dentist



    Online: do a headshot kill with the repair tool

    To have the repair tool you must first use the Engineer class until you unlock the repair tool(1000 xp). To pull out your repair tool once you have it, press on your D-pad. The best way to accomplish this is to sneak up on a sniper that doesn't see you, and put the repair tool up to his head and press to spin the repair tool.

  • I find this achievement quite hard mainly coz its instinct to knife when the opertunity arises. lol
  • best achievement in the game
  • Easy way to get it is on Rush mode and hide. When someone is setting a charge headshot them with the thing.
  • I got it on a sniper. the funny part was, he turned around so I drilled him in the face
  • Tried this, drilled a sniper in the ass.. damnit..
  • I had a friend on the opposite team, just worked out a place to meet and bingo, Achievement unlocked!
  • I did it when I was drilling a tank and the guy hopped out and went straight into my sights lol
  • @Crazycatfish11 I had to laugh when I saw your comment, because I had something very similar but in in reverse. Someone was drilling my tank and I hoped out without him knowing and bam. Bad idea in retrospect as I could have potentially given my vehicle to the enemy but the round was going to be over soon anyway.
  • tricky achievement but fun to do even if you have it all ready
  • I saw a guy go around the corner while I was inside, walked out to drill him and his buddy was sitting outside of the door looking straight ahead, started to drill him in the side of the head and he turned into it. Pretty funny achievement.
  • Snipers never watch their backs. xD I managed to kill someone with a repair tool twice, first time I didn't realize it needed to be a headshot and was like FUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!! but I went back to the same place and he was there with someone else and I managed to kill them both. xD
  • I just screwed a guys head when he was operating his UAV. I'm a dentist now :)
  • easy got this twice on my first try two guys standing next together lol
  • Best achievement ever!!
  • One of the most satisfying achievements I've gotten... Raided a house on my own on a knife spree and ended it with The Dentist :D
  • I snuk up on a sniper and drilled his face then I saw how satisfying it was and so I went round drilling people in the ass and balls! lol Easy kills :)
  • Fun achievement
  • got it on first try lol..
  • try to find a sniper i found it easy to get this
  • i just ran around drilling opponents got it on my 3rd kill
  • If Any1 Can Boost This With Me GT: stebeer85
  • easiest to catch someone on the UAV, if you can resist the knife kill :)

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