Combat Service Support Achievement

  • Combat Service Support



    Online: do 10 resupplies, repairs, heals, revives and motion mine spot assists

    This is cumulative and does not have to be completed in one round.

    • Assault kit: (Resupply) Carries an ammo box to resupply your teammates. You will receive points for when a teammate uses your ammo box to get ammo.
    • Engineer kit: (Repair) This kit has the repair tool to fix vehicles. A repair is when you are repairing a damaged vehicle by approaching them with the Repair Tool equipped and pressing . It will give you points for repairing the vehicle every couple of seconds. Each time it gives you points, it counts as a "repair".
    • Medic kit: (Heals and Revives) The medic kit gives you a box that over time gives your teammates health back. Every time it gives you points it counts as "healing" someone. To revive someone, pull out the defibrillator (chest panels) near a dead teammate and shock them. This will bring them back to life and give your team one life token back.
    • Recon kit: (motion mine) A motion mine is just what it says. You place them on the ground and whenever an enemy or vehicle passes by, your entire team will see them on their HUD. To get a motion mine assist, an enemy must pass by the mine and then get killed by a teammate who have spotted him with the help of your mine. "Motion mine assist" will pop up, and it will count each kill towards your achievement.
  • i have resupplied my teammates multiple times but when i look at the ammo box in the weopons and gadgets it says i have 0 resupplies
  • look under the medals you get
  • Motion mine spot assists suck!!!!
  • Motion mine spot assists suck!!!!
  • Actually I dont think the motion mine is the problem. I also have 0 it glitching???
  • just got it....still says 0 tho lol
  • What the hell? I've got 12 Resupply OPs pins and the Long Service Resupply OPs insignia but no achievement.
  • I think it means 10 of each
  • Bruh I have 10 of each and didn't get it :/

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