Award Addicted Achievement

  • Award Addicted



    Online: obtain 50 unique awards

    You should easily get this while playing the online legit with some buddies. You must obtain a total of 50 different unique awards in online matches. Awards are given for accomplishing something during the match, or cumulatively from several matches. Getting so many kills/killstreaks, etc. Getting stars with weapons/vehicles counts towards this achievement. The list goes on and on.

    Here is a guide for how to get the different pins and get you to your achievement quicker.

  • This achievement appears to be glitched for me, but in a good way. I got it after about 30 unique awards
  • Weapon medals count towards this achievement. Are you counting them?
  • how can you see how many awards you currently have? can someone msg me? thanks
  • I can confirm both pins and insignias as well as weapon awards count towards the achievement. For me it popped up with a combined total of 35 pins and insignias and 15 weapon awards.
  • Do medals such as "Got 7 kills with Assault Rifles in one game" count as "Unique"?
  • I think by "Unique" they mean you cant get the same one multiple times you need to get 50 different awards.
  • Shitty achievement. Forces you to play shitty classes like Recon just to get them. Hell isn't there roughly like 80 pins total? Fuck this one.
  • dont know y ppl have trouble with this got this the same time i turned lvl 10
  • add sir luxeon to boost
  • boost-skullkru5h3r1
  • Ill help anyone going for achievements as well as needing help. Sc0ttford

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