SPECACT Assault Elite Achievement

  • SPECACT Assault Elite



    Get all SPECACT Assault awards

    To unlock this achievement you must complete the following Pins and Awards.


    • Specact "Class(Assault, Engineer, Medic, Recon)" Excellence Pin

    In a round, kill 8 enemies all together.

    • "M16A2, UMP, MG3, M95" Specact Efficiency Pin

    Reach a kill streak of 5 with that certain weapon in one life.


    • (Assault, Engineer, Medic, Recon) Specact Knowledge.

    Get 100 kills all together on the certain Specact Class's weapons.

    ex. "Specact M16A2, UMP, MG3, M95."

  • 7 Kills In One Round 5 Kill Streak In One Round 100 Kills All With The Specact Weapon
  • Just unlocked M16 so I hope I can do all these and get this acheivement!!
  • You dont get it when you unlock the M16, You have to buy the SPECACT Weapons from the XBOX Live Marketplace and then get the said pins and emblem, thats how you get this achievement, Regular M16 will not work
  • Does it count if you use the SPECACT weapons on the 'normal' kits? Or do you need to use the SPECACT weapons on the SPECACT kits?
  • recon didnt unlock ??!1
  • Thats what I'm thinking aswell.
  • I don't matter what kit type you use, as long as you use the 'SA' weapon, then you're fine.
  • Actually it does matter which kit for one of the rewards. Getting 8 kills in one round and getting a 5 kill streak requires you to use the SA weapon, but the kit doesn't matter. The insignia for getting 100 kills requires you to use the SA kit, but the weapon you use doesn't matter.
  • Disregard my last post. The game lies to you. The insignia says you only need to get kills using the SA kit, but I wasn't getting credit for using the SA kit with the M24, meaning you do have to use the SA weapon.
  • it does matter use the "SA" weapons and kit or it doesn't count
  • You can use any camo or kit you want, but you must get the kills with that particular SA weapon. I.E. if you are standard recon and pick up the M60 SA and get the 5 kill streak, it will count towards the medic SPECACT pin and not the recon. Anyone know if you could do these without purchasing SPECACT by picking up fallen friend/foe gear or does it revert to standard non SPECACT counterpart?
  • Anybody want to help with the 5 killstreaks on the kits? My time alive is horrible.
  • i love getting 4 kill streaks.

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