SPECACT Recon Elite Achievement

  • SPECACT Recon Elite



    Get all SPECACT Recon awards

    Refer to 'SPECACT Assault Elite.'

    Use the M95 Sniper Specact.

  • I thought these were from DLC but I can't find it anywhere. >
  • the easy way is to put a 4x scope on it and make lotsa headshots,its 1 shot 1 kill when your quite close to your target
  • Or just run around with the red dot and hope to get lucky... I really suck at sniping on this game... CoD has ruined my aim :'(
  • I love sniping in this game soo funny sniping dudes out of choppers {pilot} and just the passenges thinkin they have a pyscho driver
  • i got the award in game, but when i was supposed to get the achievement i didnt any body know how to get past this?
  • wiling to boost this, the game is dead.
  • @6 this game is very much alive idk what ur talking about
  • now its dead

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