Valpariso Veteran Achievement

  • Valpariso Veteran



    Successfully complete Valpariso in Onslaught mode on Hardcore difficulty


    The tank at the beginning of this one is the biggest thing to help you. With the tank this level will be no problem at all.

    1. Take the tank
    2. Always have a engineer in the tank to repair the tank.

    First Flag - Go to the right side of the level and clear the area. There is a S-RPG in the center in a shack. Make sure you take it out. Once you cleared out the area, have the tank watch up the road and kill everyone that spawns to come to the village. After the first flag, a tank spawns on the left side of the hill. Have a Recon eliminate the tank.

    Between First and Second Flag - Near the right side of the Second Flag, have two Recon classes have mortar strikes hit the Patrol Boat that shoots mortars at you. Make sure the person with the tank does not go near the sight of the patrol boat til it is eliminated.

    Second Flag - Have your teammates flank on the right side near the water. Drive the tank up slowly and eliminate the enemies that spawn at the end of the road. Have a person repairing your tank as there are more engineers that will shoot rockets at you. Drive the tank up to the flag and just keep shooting the enemies until you have captured the flag.

    Third Flag - There are two gunner vehicles that are in the center. Have the person with the tank to drive up there and eliminate the two vehicles with ease. Have your squad move up the right side as there are minimal amounts of enemies. Just have 2 people in the tank and have them shoot up the road killing any enemies.

    Fourth Flag - There is a tank in the center of this village, have a engineer go and blow up the tank while trying to shoot it with your tank too. This tank is easy to eliminate. In the back left corner of the map is a Heavy MG. Once you kill the MG, drive the tank up to the flag and have your squad hide in the trench next to it. Shoot the enemies on the right side as that is where they spawn(parachute in). You should have this flag in no time.

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  • Anybody?

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