Isla Inocentes Veteran Achievement

  • Isla Inocentes Veteran



    Successfully complete Isla Inocentes in Onslaught mode on Hardcore difficulty


    Always have someone staying back behind the enemy's line of sight.

    Have each of your teammates be one weapons class.

    • Assault - Best is the AN-94 Abakan with 4x scope and Magnum ammo.
    • Engineer - Always have the M2 Carl Gustav AT with Extra Explosives
    • Medic - Lay down fire and stay a bit farther back, healing and reviving your teammates when needed. Always have a tracer dart as a medic, you have enough bullets to load out regardless.
    • Recon - Always have mortars and keep the enemy at bay and not to advance to far on you.

    First Flag - This one shouldn't be to much of a problem until the chopper comes. Be ready to have the tracer dart with your team and once it is traced, eliminate it with a Rocket as fast as possible. The faster you destroy this chopper the easier this flag will be to over take.

    Second Flag - The second flag has many Heavy MG's located around it. Have 2 Engineers move up as some of the enemies are killed and use the Rocket Launchers to take out the Heavy MG's with ease.

    Third Flag - This one may prove to be the toughest. A tank appears and can be tough on your team if not taken out quickly. Have a Recon call in a mortar strike or 2 engineers shooting Carl Gustav's with increased explosive damage. Once you have cleared the enemies front line, they spawn in the far right and left corners of the map. Have a medic go up to the flag and hide behind the crates. Everyone else set up camp and protect your medic from different angles(Recon snipe from a distance and 2 Assault classes kill any enemies they see advancing on your Medic.

  • Another quick way for FLAG 1 is to take the UH-60 Blackhawk to the hill to the left of all the boats, land it so that it can basically cover the sky above flag 1 then let your teammates move in and attack, when the chopper spawns shoot it as quick as possible and without overheating the minigun, and then fly the blackhawk to FLAG 1 and land right beside the flag pole hop on a mingun and get the rest of your team to regroup on you, since you should be able to take out alot of the infantry with the minigun.
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