Atacama Desert Veteran Achievement

  • Atacama Desert Veteran



    Successfully complete Atacama Desert in Onslaught mode on Hardcore difficulty


    Strategy One: (Makes this level easy)
    The key to this map is the play conservative with your vehicles. If someone can fly the Apache, then this map will be very easy. There isn't truly a base strategy for this map. Always play as engineers. If you take the Apache route, there should be two in the Apache. And two people in the tank. Keep these vehicles protected as much as you can. If your Apache starts to smoke, fly away! The Apache is very powerful against infantry units, but not that good against ground vehicles. Their purpose is to kill infantry and the helicopters that spawn. The tank is to take out other tanks and to take over the bases.

    Strategy Two: (A little harder)
    Have two people take the tank and two people be engineers with tracer darts. Have the tank take out enemies and the engineers take out any major vehicles like Helicopters and Tanks.

  • Cant find a game with good team players to complete this on hardcore..Anyone out there who could help me? FR me if you need to get this or just want to help..Thanks
  • If someone searching help for this add me and send a massage to my gamertag. GT is Vacantly
  • I did not get the achievements for completing some maps in Onslaughtmode with some friends of mine. How is that possible?
  • if anyone wants to do the hardcore achievements, just message me.
  • i need to do these, it sucks now bf3 is out this is dead. Does anyone know if you can get the 100 kills for the specact stuff on this?
  • I'm up for doing these just add & msg me about the hardcore achievements and we'll get these things done. GT-JuggaloRydah89
  • GT: UjustGotSpooged Need all hardcore
  • Need help completing this and all other Onslaught missions, add me or hit me up GT: ConRad1092
  • anyone wanna do this one ? or any of the other onslaught modes then just message me on xbox GT: Trip0dT0m the 0's are zero's
  • Yeah if anyone is still willing to help send me a message RebelRaider3 I'd appreciate the help.
  • I screwed up my gt is Rebel Raider3. Thanks
  • I got two friends already. Just need one more. GT: Fr3shSnapSwag
  • ned help add I Am Skane
  • Need help, my gamertag is OnilinkX6

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