Can I Go Home Now? Achievement

  • Can I Go Home Now?



    Win a round of either Rush or Conquest on all four Vietnam levels

    You only have to win one round on each of the four levels.

    It must be Conquest or Rush. Squad TDM doesn't count.

    Four  Levels

    • Phu Bai
    • Hill 137
    • Vantage Point
    • Cao Son Temple

    The easiest way to unlock this is with a bunch of friends. If playing solo - just rush objectives and hopefully you will have a decent team.

  • I wish there were more BC2:Vietnam achievements. This is another I got before I ever even checked to see how I was doing. There are so few.
  • Same here! I figured by now there would be some sort of an update.
  • Ugh.. I have won all maps and still wont get it.. and now my stats show me as Private when I was at level 27.. Server messed up again?
  • nope.. got my level 27 back but no achievement :-(
  • is this one glitched? I think i won now on every vietnam map but still no achievement?! Also i often get the wrong text messages at the end of the round.. for example "your team lost" when we won this round clearly.
  • I have definately won on all maps, both attacking and defending, but still no achievement....
  • Same here. My buddy got it but I cant seem to get it. it says all 4 Vietnam levels but I count 5.
  • This is acting up for me also..

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