Ecstasy of Gold Achievement

  • Ecstasy of Gold



    Get gold stars on all primary Vietnam weapons

    You need to get 100 kills with each primary weapon for this achievement to unlock.

    A total of 1200 kills are needed.


    • M16A1
    • AK-47
    • M14


    • M10 (mac)
    • PPSH
    • Uzi


    • M60
    • RPK
    • XM22


    • M40
    • SVD
    • M21

    If you are having trouble with a weapon/weapons try the hardcore playlist, enemies have less health and are easier to kill. If you you are still having trouble after trying hardcore, get a friend/friends to join the other team and let you kill them.

    You can check how many kills you have with each weapon in the 'Vietnam Main Menu'. Go to 'Weapons and Gadgets', you can also check your vehicle kills from the Menu.

  • Are the All Kits weapons part of this Achievement too, because some of these guns already have kills from normal BC2?
  • Its just the 4 main kits (12 guns), Assault, Engineer, Recon, Medic, that need to be gold, i have 9 gold so far, should be done tonight.
  • Actually, you do need the 3 weapons from the orginal BBC2 but it carries over kills from it so if you have a silver star on the Thompson - you have that star in Vietnam.
  • No, you need the 3 guns specific to each class.
  • But, yes the stars transfer but the Thompson is not one of the guns you need for the achievement.
  • Do you just have to get the gold star on the 12 main guns and not the shotty and the M1
  • @6 Yes just the 12 guns, the people above are giving conflicting/false info, i have the achievement, i can confirm 100% that you just need the 12 main guns, i had no kills at all with the shotty or M1 and got the achievement so they do not count.
  • see the badges does tho no give u clue how far u away for silver or gold cheevos can someone please kindly list weapons u need kills with for the achievement many thanks if u want my gamertag just ask
  • Just got this today, around 1,5 hour on each gun except for the sniper rifles that took double the time.
  • ahh finally got all the kills i hate ppl who use OP guns(ak and ppsh)
  • I have found a way to boost kills for guns and vehicles I would like to have some people test it out with me if you're interested message me. the game type will be squad rush I will need 8 people, 2 people on each team will kill each other and 1 of their team mates will revive them then we will swap killers every 50 or so kills. if we have a good game then we can boost for however long we want because of no time limit if you have any other questions message my gamertag TFW Party Boy
  • The guns for this achievement are as follows: M16,AK47,M14,M40,M21,SVD,M60,XM22,RPK,MAC10,PPSH, and the UZI I have the achievement and can confirm that these are the only guns you need. And it took a really long time to get.
  • Because the sights suck on the SVU and the M21. I got gold stars easy just by using them as you would a FAL in COD, straight up hip fire in CQB (close quarters combat). easiest way. and also play Rush
  • I wish the sniper scopes were actually sniper scopes not red dots .... They seem so pointless to try and snipe with these things. People that somehow see across the map with these things when it's hardcore have to be hackers. These things can't see any farther than a damn shotgun in the regular game >.>
  • I snipe people alll the way accross the map and dont use 12x scope and mos tof the time dont use snipers at all. Just have to learn the feel for the guns and where to aim above those lil red triangles :)
  • @Hells Shaggy: the sniper rifles in vietnam have crappy scopes because there was no such thing as a sniper rifle at the time. the marines had just started to use snipers in the field and they only had hunting scopes to put onto standard issue rifles
  • Funny post, clearly haven't played any WWII games have you? There were quite a few sniper rifles like Mosin Nagant and Springfield.
  • @Comment #15: You do realize I said hardcore ... right? No red triangles are in hardcore mode .... So yea :/ Fail ...
  • Mosin Nagant and the Springfield are not sniper rifles, they are Battle Rifles like the M1. Add a scope and you got a gun that can be used for sharp shooting.
  • @Comment#14(&18): I wish the scopes all had standard crosshairs, but all you have to do to get kills across a map is what #15 says except you aim above the person instead of the triangle. None of the Vietnam maps are so huge that it should be a problem, especially with a 12x scope. So other than the mention of triangles, I don't know what your problem is with that comment. The concept is still applicable.
  • @19 A battle rifle is a rifle with a large cartridge such as 7.62 Long or Thirty O'Six, that is either repetition or fully automatic like the FN FAL, HK G3 and M14 (Fully automatic),or SLR, SKS or M1 Garand. The Mosin Nagant, Lee Enfield and Springfield are bolt action and as such not battle rifles. They are Sniper Rifles as they have scopes, large cartridges and high accuracy.
  • I'm only a level 3 so can someone tell me how do you actually get gold stars on weapons? Thanks
  • #22 all you need to do is get 100 kills with the gun to get a gold star with it
  • I am still working on this.... Frustrating.
  • lol 19 got owned
  • I'm Up for boostin this...
  • Anyone want to help me boost this I have only one gold star and one silver Message if interested GT: TryShootingBack P.S @19 Dude you just got burned man burned burned dude burned
  • All I have left to do is 3 kills with the Mac10, 45 kills with the SVD, and 41 kills with the Uzi. Should be done by Friday, maybe.
  • i'm working on this now ,the uzi sucks ass i have a gold now and will never use it again
  • Yes. Just yes. The Uzi sucks crap.
  • Uzi is actually a very good gun, seems to be very powerful and I enjoyed using it on hardcore, the only problem is the sights...but you get used to it
  • anyone who wants to boost kill in an empty squad rush.. msg and add me: GamePlayUK
  • snipers in viet are terrible i'm contemplating just using it like a shotgun since svd and the other non bolt action are terrible..also i can't see shit in these maps
  • The UZI in this game is the worst piece of crap gun that ever seen daylight, it´s just as bad in the regular BC2, hate it 99 of the kills i got with it was sneakin up on lone snipers, one in an actual 1v1 sitaution :(
  • The UZI didn't pose to big an issue with me. What took the most time was the goddamn M21 and SVU. Takes three shots with magnum ammo to kill someone, AT CLOSE RANGE! And it seems to me like the 12x scope does absolutely nothing. I notice no difference between it and the base scope.
  • M21 and SVD are excellent. I get more kills with them than with the M40. Play hardocre. use Magnum ammo and aim for heads. If you can't get the head do two slowish upper body shots and you take them down. It can't take 3 hits on hardcore as they do does base 39 damage. In fact you don't even need Magnum ammo. Body armor is fine. Lets you take a hit from people so you can turn on them. :) The really painful gun for me was the M14. Took me right up to 49 kills to realise it was not a burst fire weapon >.> After that it took me to 100 kills to realise it was the worst piece of shit gun in the game. Low clip, low damage, massive sights. Really bad gun. Give me an uzi any day of the week.
  • me n a friend have literally just discovered a good quick way to get this. if u wish to join n get this with an hour or 2 work add me. i will explain once i got the cheevo as too many knowin my way will make it harder to work again 1-2 hours work to get it n loads of potential for missing insignias. my friend picked up 20k xp from insignias and ribbons alone GT; Chris iz stoned
  • anyone want to boost any of these achievements im in. GT XS Scarab
  • oking to start a boosting lobby message azzurri23 if u want in, i plan 2 do kills and huey kills
  • I don't think anyone else is even playing this game anymore, but message me if you want to boost any achievements in vietnam dlc.
  • looking to boost if interested add me hitman horno will help i need this achievement thanks
  • I am looking to boost any online nam achievements. Msg me. GT: mst3k 420
  • i need weapons kills and helo kills mesage me for help gt= beefence
  • Best Weapon/Map Suggestions: Sniping - Best Place is Hill 187 Team USA is the best to get LOTS of Kills, there's a GREAT mountain overlooking B, the hill above it and parts of C that can net you 10-15 once you get used to sniping with the gun your working on. That Mountain is outside the playing area for the opposing team so You Relatively Safe, though I forgot and moved up a little too far once & almost got knifed. IF you Are playing Alone: Don't join a squad that way when the next round starts switch over to the other team so you can be on the USA team again & snipe from that mountain again. [Although when you return to the main menu your 'Skill Level' number will say "0" in orange, but it's a small price to pay for The number of kills, it will go back up when you play matches nor
  • Looking. GT UjustGotSpooged
  • My average playtime with each weapon was around 3 hours when I got gold stars. I only play hardcore lobbies and I didn't need to boost a thing! Sometimes there's lobbies with a few players and if you keep going I've had lobbies fill up. There's no need to boost these when this game has some of the best multiplayer on 360.
  • is there people stay playing this? because on my PS3 almost no1 is playing but i'm using me xbox now.
  • This is easy to get once you have all the silver stars, you should be good enough with the weapon by then to get 50 more kills. It seems like a difficult achievement, but if you do it in periods of time it really isnt't that bad. I finished like 1-3 guns every other day.
  • Does anybody still play this? I try to play, and get a game of 1 on 1. Then the random person will leave 3 seconds in. Gamertag DevilDogCota. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • is this dlc all multi-player? description makes it sound like a second storymode. not sure just got the game! i bought the greatest hits version new and it didnt have the code for the online weapons!
  • I'm looking to boost all dlcs to this game and need it too im looking for ppl who want to friendly boost no messing around so everyone get their achievements if interested send a friend request and a message with info on what game and site thanks.gamertag KINGJUGGERNAUTx
  • Looking to get this and others! Add xxRAWWWRZxx on Live and message me soon!
  • Anyone who wants any vietnam achievements message me Gt: FR3shSnapSwag. Must have a mic
  • Fr3shSnapSwag*
  • Fuck I hate this achievement!
  • add me TasteHerCoffee
  • looking to boost
  • It's been since october and I still don't have any gold star guns yet. Anyone who is still boosting any DLC on this game message me. GT: Fr3shSnapSwag
  • Hello my fellow Achievement Hunters im looking to boost all these guns for gold stars including all 100 tank kills and the 50 huey kills if interested my GT is Lord1Savior come join me p.s. im also looking for a squad for onslaught mode hardcore any takers?
  • people actually still do play Vietnam but you just have to catch it a the right time of the day.
  • Looking to boost any/all Dlc for this ame Gt: Fune Illusion. PlZ have a mic
  • hey looking to boost these so messege me orr add me if intrested GT Daz Ranksta
  • Anyone looking to boost for this and any other achievements from bfbc2 give me a shout on xbox-gamer tag is xAnduril, as in the flame of the west from lotr
  • GT: Black Guy x KFC I only have 9 achievements left. I'd appreciate it if anyone could help me get these. The games been dead for awhile.
  • Doing this natural atm but if anyone wants to boost this message me or add me via live gt: Dillan Killsyou
  • I tried to get a lobby with just my friend and I but it always puts us on the same team!!! Even if she joins me in a public match that I'm alone in. How do we get separate teams?!
  • looking for people to boost some online cheevo in BBC2 (both regular and Vietnam). If interested, add me: AbyssWalker1992

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