Ride of the Valkyrie Achievement

  • Ride of the Valkyrie



    Get 50 kills with the Huey

    Get in any chopper and kill, kill, kill. If you can't fly a chopper get on the side guns so you don't crash and destroy it, they take awhile to re-spawn.

    The Huey can be found on the map 'Phu Bai Valley'. Easiest way is Rush as attackers, which is probably easier as the defenders have no tanks to shoot you down. You can change the chopper controls from normal to inverted if that makes it easier for you.

    It might help using the V WARHD spec. If you are not good with aiming do it on normal core playlists because hardcore playlists do not have reticules.

  • love the Apocalypse Now reference
  • Hahaha ya it's awesome!
  • I have taken out 4 Hueys with my Uzi so far (Weak!). So flying around in paper mache choppers and getting 50 kills will be time consuming, especially since everyone is fighting over the chopper and ignoring all objectives.
  • Plus the fact that everyone is in vehicles.
  • Does it count if you're one of the 4th/5th passengers hanging off with side with your own weapons?
  • Yes it does
  • The achivment works as well if you are gunner or throwing nades or using the RPG-7 from tha choppa ;D
  • Hueys suck i keep getting shot down by AK47s
  • Turns out the Huey is made out of Cardboard. LMAO. I hope it doesn't get patched though... it's fun to bring it down with a Pistol!
  • The best way to get this is to have the vehicle warhead perk on and go to one of the gunner seats, make sure you know someone whom is good at flying and will keep the huey stable, being shot down is inevitable but you should be able to get 4-5 kills every time you do this
  • Also the best map to do this on is Phu Bai Valley it's easier on Rush because your enemy won't have vehicle turrets to use
  • Just got my 50 kills tonight, its easier to fly the Huey yourself rather than shoot the machine guns if you have that option since most of the time people are fighting for a seat in the helli. If the health on the chopper gets around 50% you should take it around a hill or back to your base to heal. Having teammates in the gunners seats help if they are marking targets for you and everyone else on the team. Just have the gunners spam the back button while they shoot at people.
  • @ #9 It's not something that needs to be patched, it was designed like that. The vehicles are older thus less sturdy and more susceptible to small arms fire.
  • I just unlocked this. I didn't go for this until Operation Hastings was unlocked and plaything that map on Conquest was by far the easiest way to get your hands on the Huey. If you have a good flier you can take guys down using the machine guns quite easily, even across the map. If not, drive yourself and use the missiles. Not that it will take two barrages of missiles to kill enemies with full HP. Very very annoying. You'd think getting shot by 5 missiles would kill the common soldier... -_- A tip, don't try and destroy tanks with the missiles, it takes forever and they can shoot you down in one hit, just not worth it.
  • I got this the other night. best map is Operation Hastings. Huey at flag A and D to start I was not that good flying but getting better now after 50 kills ;-). another option I found usefull was to get in the huey but not fly it, just cover the flag area from the huey on the ground. can get a fair few kills, that way.
  • This heli needs fixing! Got more chance getting road kills than you do actually shooting its missiles!
  • @16 It's not broken. It's a Vietnam area helicopter, it was designed to be a lot weaker then the normal games ones.
  • Who want to boost it sent me a message. GT: URBAN21
  • I'm the worst helicopter pilot ever. Put the weakness of this helicopter to that and ... This one will take me some time ...
  • A) i suck at flying the helicopters B) i still need this achievement C) send me a message if you want to help me
  • I think 10 kills would have been hard enough already :(
  • Yeah, vehicles kinda suck in Vietnam. I know that they're MEANT to be weak, but honestly, how the hell do DICE expect me to get 50 kills in a piece of crap that kinda be shot down in about 2 clips of an AK-47? Really?
  • Here is how I did it. Really easy. Just follow the steps in the video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2U7_jMuVi-0
  • I found Phu Bai Valley so far with a good pilot to be best, I got my 12 kills in two rounds. If anyone wants to help me finish this off let me know. GT:Matdan1212
  • Thats in Conquest lots of people sitting around flags trying to shoot you helicopter down and then repair every five minutes behind the hill while bagging more kills from flag defenders rushing the helicopter.
  • Easiest way i found was go on the hastings map on rush, get in the helicopter and try to kill everyone ( the side guns are probably best to use) once the first point has been taken quit and replay the map i got 2-7 kills everytime so it didnt take too long
  • the helicopter shoots marshmallow rockets. even with warhead on... took me forever, but finally got it. I was doing it on phu bai for the majority of it, but the last 15 kills i did on hastings, which i found to be easier because there are better spots to park and repair. i would hide along the tree line until someone was spotted nearby (and away from enemy tanks) and pop up and blow them away. i would sit the heli down after each pass over to repair if it still had 90% health. now on to my last achievement-- demolition man.
  • i only freaking have 77 heli kills in regular bad company 2 after playing it for 85 hrs (i guess without about 3 hrs total in the choppers themselves but those r completely different then these bleh)....this is ridiculous to get 50 unless i can figure something out
  • ...just looked it up - that includes like an hr and 25 kills with the uav - makes me feel even worse lol ugh
  • Does anyone know how you circle strafe?
  • I'm trying to get this now if anyone else is too, add me. I'm ronery doing it right now.
  • Got this one before I even checked my achievements. They may be cardboard, but they are fast. I gotten lots of repair points with a buddy and some fancy flying. I have also found that if you use the 3rd person view while flying the heli's you can get in much tighter spaces. The other day I had a full copter, and we managed to captuer and then re-capture 6 bases before they finally shot us down. And all but one of us got out before it exploded!! 3rd person flying, plus probably lots of noobs on the other team, made for one fun heli session.
  • @1 ...its a reference to the third act of the opera by wagner called "Die Walkure" (The Valkyrie).
  • #33 No it's not. It's a reference to Apocalypse Now which used the musical piece from Wagner's opera in a memorable part of the film involving helicopters. Its not referencing the opera at all, it's referencing that musical piece in conjunction with the film. I had to reply to such a pretentious comment.
  • #23 hey dbag darrell, how did you land in the enemy spawn and not get the 10 sec countdown? is is different on PC?
  • if you wanna have a shot at this achievment send me a msg or add me,when i get 4 playrs will do the achievo (already have 2) not alot but still.
  • Looking to boost this? Add me...
  • My gamertag is the same as my user name i really need help w this achievement can somebody plz add me and we can boost to get this achievement I have a hard time flying the chopper thx.
  • Looking for a dude to help me GT: Jayrusky P.S. no mic sorry
  • @3 and 8 I couldn't agree more!
  • How do you boost this one? The only way I know to get this 'legit' so to speak is to play as an engineer on Phu Bai or Hastings, lay some mines (A-B, A-C if you are a G.I. or D-C, D-B if you are Viet Cong) then jump in the heli and switch to a side gun, even if it just is sitting on the pad it will still count as a heli kill. I still don't have this achievement (Haven't been trying for it) and only 9 Huey kills.
  • I'm a pretty good pilot, still it took me 3 days to get 17 kills, then all of a sudden I got 20 kills in 3 games. I still have 13 kills to go, but hopefully it'll go faster than my earlier attempts. It all depends on if your enemies are camping the huey spawns with tanks or not. It's easy enough to just repair from normal bullets, but those one shotting tanks when you're taking off is a pain in the ass. Wish me luck :
  • I am still looking for somebody to help me w this achievement not able to find enough people to boost or a good piolet to fly the chopper for me can anybody plz help me just send me a friend request.
  • This will come eventually if you just keep using it. Use the Enginner Kit so you will be able to repair it since the Huey takes a lot of damage. If the enemy team sucks, congratulations.. the you will be able to make some easy kills without taking to much damage.
  • Just got it, didn't take too long. Its hard if you have a bad team which doesn't really do a good job of attacking so that all the defenders just focus on the chopper and take it out. I did it on Phu-Bai Valley, had some good people pilot me, of which lilsting was the best, did some flying myself too. Just make sure to pick engineer with warhead and come back to repair if you're around 50, don't be afraid to go back and repair even if you didn't get any kills that run.
  • anybody help me out on this one? I can fly pretty good-i just can't fly and get kills at the same time. I'll fly for your kills if you fly for mine? HIt me up if your interested. GT: xDPCxMonkey
  • Kinda hard since the heli sucks! I only have like 3 heli kills. I'll go for this after I get all gold stars for the weapons.
  • I just got to around 22 kills after spending way too much time on it. I get into a good position to shoot from the turret and then some idiot comes and literally drives the goddamn chopper into the ground. If someone would like to hold pilot seat while I shoot and vice-versa, send me a message. We would trade every ten kills or something.
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  • I was struggling with this at first as the the rockets on the huey can't seem to hit anything. I had only 2 kills from 30 mins in the huey but then thanks to some random hotshot helicopter pilot i got another 14 kills from the side guns in 10 minutes. I guess you just need to get lucky with this if you are trying to get it legit, it's pretty easy if you have a random good pilot flying the huey that circles the targets. Operation Hasting on Rush Attack seems to be the best for it. So ive got 16 kills, only 34 more to go :)
  • Add me anyone who needs a good gunner/spotter. My GT: Astureaper
  • This achievement sucks for the simple fact that the heli's are paper thin.. the hardest one to get in this game for sure
  • gunner n repair man looking for pilot and co gunners for this chievo send me friend req GT Chris iz stoned
  • #22 how did u get that gamerpic? + if anyone wants to beast it out on vietnam or wants to get any achievements add me! GT: A Playful Bear but send me a message beforehand so I know why u want to add me
  • I badly need help! I just need that one to get 100% of the achievements! Help will be appreciated and i'll return the favor! Just add me! My GT: F4NTOM4S
  • Going to be playin on thursday 26th jan 2012 7pm GMT onwards. have got the tabk and huey left and one more kill wiv a vehicle. add me if ya fancy joining. gt hibbsy87
  • GT: SublimeEbin Hit me up
  • My air vehicle level is Platinum star,Why dont i have this achievement and who can i get to fix it? Or can any one help
  • Willing to boost this one GT: WolverineXIV
  • If anybody wants to boost this hmu. GT: Zorkk Bro
  • These crappy choppers are nothing but bullet magnets. To easy to shoot down.
  • what a crap choppers took me 50 choppers to get 11 kills i am going to do this with a friend on rush
  • I'm paying 20$ Xbox cash or PayPal to anyone who will help me boost for most of the online achievements! You MUST have a Mic and the Vietnam Map pack! If I can get a full group of 8 then it would only take about 2 hours to do. My gamertag is " Im Kind Of High " spelt exactly like that with the spaces. Add me and send me a Friend Request if you would like to.
  • Need help in getting this and Et Tu, Brute?, knife 5 friends. GT: locuranacional

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