Would you kindly STFU? Achievement

  • Would you kindly STFU?



    Destroy a Hannoi Hannah propaganda speaker

    It takes a bit to destroy them with bullets so I suggest using a grenade launcher, rocket launcher or C4. Even a tank if your in one and see a set of speakers.

    Cao Sun Temple Base C Always works.

    I destroyed about 8 before it unlocked so keep that in mind if it doesn't unlock straight away for you.

  • A BioShock reference? Hmm...this seems easy.
  • they will give you a medal GI, but only after you are dead
  • Bioshock reference?
  • If anyone is looking to get this i got it on >Rush >Cao Son Temple I was defending and the loud speaker was near objective 'B' (Not exactly sure if it was base #1 as BC2 likes to throw you into nearly finished games)
  • i still cant find it
  • make sure it is the vietnamese one NOT the american one. - check out - http://achievementhunter.com/archive/episode.php?id=1832
  • When I got this it was just a floating speaker on Phu Bai.
  • The speaker(s) is grey, they are at the top of the wodden poles, if you turn your sound up you will heare like a female talking about something, shoot the speaker and Ta-da 10G´s for that ;D
  • There is one really easy one to find, just START a conquest game on Phu Bai Valley as the NVA and just look around near where the vehicles spawn - if you can't find it or are having problems with finding it in other maps, maybe somebody else has shot it down so keep that in mind.
  • I seriously downloaded the expansion and then this popped. Not complaining!
  • Why do they keep asking if it's a Bioshock reference. What the hell? "Vietnamese radio personality best known for her work during the Vietnam War" During the Vietnam War in the 1960s and 1970s she became famous among US soldiers for her propaganda broadcasts on radio Hanoi (in fact,there were several "Hanoi Hannahs",but she was the senior and most frequently heard one) Read it and weep. OWNED!
  • The Bioshock reference is the "Would you Kindly..." part. If you've played Bioshock, you will understand the link... On Cao Son Temple in Conquest, the speaker isn't on a pole but above the first objective for NVA. Listen out for it and shoot, then bleep bloop
  • This is really difficult for me because all I play is rush
  • There is one between objective A and B at the second objective on the Operation Hastings Map but I haven't located it exactly yet.
  • I got it after i Shot an PAnzer ( i think i hit him but i died before ) and get it ??? ( i where american)
  • Probably you hit the speaker in the explosion
  • i like men
  • Congrats?
  • This is the achievement that got me to finally look at my BC2:Vietnam list. I saw STFU and thought WTF Over..
  • It is reference to the speakers in the orignal BF1942 Vietnam game.
  • i found it on operation hastings. it was quite easy to find
  • Go to left on flag A (on Cao Son Temple) into the little village and the two bamboo rods with two speakers on it is the thing you have to destroy so take a M60 and just shot both the speakers and there you have the achievement
  • Holy crap Baza actually posted here lol
  • seeing as how this dlc is half off and the game is now free with gold..i may get both just for this achievement lol. i see it as a reference to that liberal lunatic "hanoi" jane fonda. the spoiled and dumb as a rock hollywood daddys girl who married money as well. to dumb to realize that democrats started that war just like the rest of the hippies.

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