Great Balls of Fire Achievement

  • Great Balls of Fire



    Get 20 kills with the flamethrower

    Get 20 kills with the flamethrower. Cao Son Temple and Hill 137 are recomended. You can also get kills with the flamethrower in a tank if you use the V FLAME vehicle spec.

    If you're having trouble get a friend to help you out by letting you kill them. It should be pretty easy as it's only 20 kills.

  • Pretty easy. Note: ambush enemies and Torch Houses.
  • Does the tank flamethrower count towards this?
  • as far as im aware it doesnt, it only counted my personal flame kills, tho it could be a glitch like the ones that used to plague the thompson smg before the patch
  • is this in one game or overall??
  • over all! just with the personal flamethrower, tanks flamethrower DOESN'T count towards the achievement!
  • What a fun achievement! Got all in one game of conquest haha i love when they take cover in a house like all the team. Then one prick having a bad day with a flamethrower comes up. Thanks guys....25G and a slightly better day!
  • Really simple but I hate playing with the flamethrower cos you have to get close to be able to kill someone. But 20 kills is no problem.
  • Got me killed a lot, but was much easier than I thought. Did damage my rating about 4 points tho. Took a few regular sessions with the PPSH to get it back up ;)
  • Pretty easy if you just sit on an objective in rush and wait for them to come to you since the flamethrower range is pretty much zero
  • I thought it sucked! You gotta be so damn close!
  • It is cool hearing the guys screaming while they are on fire running around.

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