Just Because I Can Achievement

  • Just Because I Can



    Finish first on the scoreboard on any Vietnam level

    This will come with time. If you're not that good at the game then just get a few friends to join the other team and kill them.

    If you are really good in a tank or the Huey jump in that and get as many kills as possible. You even rack up a good amount of points being a passenger in them.

    Destroying the targets in Rush or capturing the flags in Conquest give a good amount of points too.

  • I will get this no problem.
  • Good for you, thanks for sharing.
  • @Pined x360x LMAO
  • glad someone is confident
  • I think this will come with time for everybody!
  • Lol, @ 1, you want some milk & cookies?
  • this could be a pain in the ass
  • That kid probably cheats anyway.
  • yea he do
  • I'll take those milk and cookies.
  • Well I've came first over 60 times on BC2 so vietnam no problem for me :P and I'm sure everyone everyone else too ;) just time really.
  • my first achievement :D
  • LOL I got this in my first game xP
  • @MediumMelanin, I got it! I got it! And it was no problem! Do you think we might be twins? I've always wanted a brother who kicks ass as much as I do!
  • squad rush is the easiest to get this in. I got it in regular rush after 3 matches.
  • Yeah, got this on Hill 137 Defending in my 5th/6th game. First Chevo for Vietnam too :)
  • MEDIC CLASS - I find is the best to have when going for this - just be the best medic you can possibly be - focus on healing and reviving people - and killing is more of a secondary - unlocked a while ago real easy to come top when your the medic. good luck !
  • I got it without realising with the medic class, it's surprising how quickly you rack up points with kills, heals and revives!
  • Heh, didn't know it was so hard for some people to get first place. Out of 1366 rounds played, I've got 543 Ace Pins (first-place finishes). I get first play around 40% of the time. And I main assault and engineer. And no, I'm not a cheater, and hell, I usually get my ass kicked in Halo and Call of Duty. I'm just a Battlefield buff.
  • I got this more by luck than anything else - playing at 5am GMT seemed to help. Completed all the downloading, jumped into my first random conquest match and was the only player in the match. After capturing all points I thought I'd hang around until the end of the round and see if the achievement pops...10 minutes later - 25G!
  • An easy way to get this achievement is by playing Squad Rush.
  • i have played 20 games in a row and have gotten 2nd place each time. -_-
  • Yeah I got mine already it wasn't ez but I didn't give up playing...medic or asult class are the best there's alot of ways to get point with this 2 I just fingmd out how to get alot of points with this 2 if you have any ? MSG me and I'll help you how to get it....come on guys let bit this guys from pc they are winning right now we just losing by 1.000.000 point to unlock the new map :) battlefield kick ass.
  • its an annoying one, iv gotten 2nd like 50 times, always seams to be someone just a little better. Ill get it this weekend hopefully.
  • I got this by not even trying! I went looking for a game of Rush, was dumped into the Phu Bai Valley map and while it said 'Looking for rest of squad' or whatever, destroyed the 2 M-stations and up it popped! Obviously i fluked an empty map.....LOL
  • Can you get it in Squad Rush?
  • Ok you can get this in squad rush, it's probably easier to get there instead of normal rush/conquest because there are only max. 8 people. I just got it on an empty server, fortunalty i was attacker
  • Squad Rush in the morning is always a desert
  • I got 1st place in a squad rush match but no achievement, pretty screwed up
  • @#29 Did you get the gold player pin? If you don't get that the achievement wont unlock.
  • haha wrf
  • I should have this but the stats are messed up I haven't got a single pin/award for the past 8 games, can't level up since its constantly resetting.
  • strange, i have been 1, 3 times on 3 difrent map, and achiv. didnt unlock. why?
  • Well in guide didnt write, that you MUST be the best on both side. I just got it. first 2 people on both side, and in the end it was 4 on 4. And yeah its 5 in the morning -____-
  • This will come eventually. I got this on Cao Son Temple using the Medic-kit. Medic is a really easy class to level and get high points cos of heal-points and revives. Just throw out med-kits as often as you can, revive when you get the chance but don't do any Rambo-shit and not to forgett, light the motherfuckers up with your LMG ;)
  • Got it before I even stated checking here. It was the STFU award that finally got me to go look at my achievements for BC2:Vietnam
  • Run Medic class if you want this. Or just be a beast like me
  • Got this on Cao Son Temple playing a Rush round with the medic kit on the defender side. Just throw out med-packs, revive and light all the enemies up with your LMG.
  • I just got this playing on hardcore on the hill, apparently no one likes hardcore for Vietnam, so no one was playing. Feels kind of cheap, but whatever
  • im still in need of a boosting partner for ALL online achievements. im a dedicated player who wont unlock and run. my gamertag is chris98956.

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