2nd Tour of Duty Achievement

  • 2nd Tour of Duty



    Achieve the best squad award on Operation Hastings

    Easy to get with a good team. If you have 4 people in your squad it would be a good idea to have one person of each class. Leave ammo and health with your sniper in case they need it. Have one person driving a vehicle with guns, and make sure the engineer is with them.

    When the vehicle gets damaged get the engineer to repair it (while still trying to get kills from it) that should get you some good points there. If the medic is with you or close by - even better! If a sniper or lucky soldier kills the engineer or driver depending on what vehicle your in, quickly revive him and leave a health down, try to protect the engineer as much as possible but without dying if you are the medic.

    Medics give out good points for revives and health. Going for objectives as a team is also very rewarding. In Conquest the person capturing gets 150 points and each assistant gets 75. So if you have your whole squad capturing an objective that is 375 points.

    In short:

    • Give ammo when needed or even if they can take any you still get points.
    • Revive when you can and throw health as much as possible.
    • Fix squad vehicles for good points.
    • Capture objectives as a squad.

    Operation Hastings map will unlock when 69,000,000 squad points have been made globally.

  • Question.. how do?
  • The map, Operation Hastings, is not out yet. Dice is releasing it once a certain number of squad points are reached in the game. They did a very similar thing with a map in Battlefield 1943. So just keep playing. The map will come out eventually.
  • i think it comes out when 69 million support actions are used like healing people, repairing, giving ammo etc
  • Hmm..I think you´re right (:
  • You are absolutely right. they are advertising it as a race between PS3, PC, Xbox360
  • Does anyone know the amount of time this will take in terms of days,weeks, or months? Thanks
  • Here's the link: http://www.battlefieldbadcompany2.com/vietnam/battleforhastings In 48 hours or so, the Xbox community has over 3.6 millions (out of 69 millions). At this rate, it will take about 5 weeks to complete. But then again, more people will play during the Holidays.
  • Hopefully when Christmas comes more people will buy Vietnam, Xbox has 4.9m Ps3 has 2.4m PC has 6.7m Looks like PC might wins this - but at least we are beating the Ps3
  • Go Xbox 360. C'mon people. We need to win, we don't want those PC's to win. We have to show them that the consoles are better. So start healing, repairing, reviving, and whatever else we need to do.
  • PC has now 4 million head start. It's getting more and more!
  • It is soooo unfair!!! Pc´s got their expansion pack 3 days be4 xbox...18 dec for pc and 21 dec for xbox :S UNFAIR, we gotta show em we are better!!!
  • not enough people spot targets and its so easy to do
  • it doesnt matter if pc got their's first it didnt start counting until the 22nd
  • so if pc beats us does that mean we dont get the map? or do they just get an extra something special? It's kind of sounding like to me they will just get it before us but we can still keep going and get it later.
  • @14, Its not actually a race between the formats, its just fanboys of each system are calling it a "race", if they reach 69 million first then they get the hastings map first but nothing else, when xbox get 69 million we get the map, then finally PS3 when they get 69 million. Any kind of list with all 3 formats in it and a counter suddenly becomes a "race" to fanboys.
  • Pretty much the only reason PC will get it first is because I heard that people make made servers just for this purpose.
  • Pc won:( They do have more players on BC 2. Everyone on 360 are crummy Call of Duty fanboys. :( BC 2 ftw! Stats as of 12/30/10 Xbox 360 Community 37 380 284 TEAM ACTIONS SO FAR PS3 Community 27 925 274 TEAM ACTIONS SO FAR PC Community CONGRATULATIONS, OPERATION HASTINGS HAS BEEN UNLOCKED KEEP IT UP!
  • This must be done on Conquest or Rush no other game mode.
  • Hahahaha got it on my 1st game =)
  • what about squad rush? well i guess not lol seeing how i got the pin but no achievment damn
  • Woah Radon11209! How did you manage to pick that achievement up already? Operation Hasting probably won't come out on xbox intill middle of the week at the earliest.
  • Operation Hastings was unlocked on january the 1st on my xbox. I'm working on the achievement for gold star on all primary weapons right now. The Secret Achievement is just a lucky achievement as your squad has to be at least 4 good players for a good score.
  • @22 not true. I play in a squad with me and a friend. we come in as top squad all the time. Theres no luck, its just not to suck :P
  • Tips: You have to be the best squad, which means all of your squads score adds up to be the most score from a squad, all on Operation Hastings.
  • THX to the MKII front guns, I got this lickety split!
  • @26 vietnam is great if you cant appreciate the vietnam guns don't play it
  • Looking for boosting partners msg me on Xbox if ur down for it GT. JDOG AR
  • How can I access this map? I only have 4 Vietnam levels to chose from quick play. To my knowledge, I have all DLC except the shortcuts. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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