Always get paid in gold bars Achievement in Battlefield: Bad Company

  • Always get paid in gold bars



    Complete 'Welcome To Bad Company' on normal

  • How to unlock Always get paid in gold bars

    “Welcome To Bad Company” is the first mission of the game.

    Unfortunately the difficulty achievements don’t stack so you’ll have to play through the game at least twice for both difficulties.

    See the achievement “Action not words!” for an objective list as well as location of gold/collectables.

    See the achievement “Staying Alive” for tips on beating the level.

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  • well htis was an easy acievment i think the ngame missions were to short
  • i think that they were triky on normal im still on crash and grab on normal and its gonna be really hard on hard
  • i would like to see someone who has tried this acheivment but failed.
  • Beating the game on Hard is not very hard. Compared to Call of Duty on Veteran, this is a cakewalk. There are more enemies and they can sometimes be hard to find, but I was able to beat this game on hard in 3 days. Plus, when you kill enemies on hard, they still stay dead if you die and have to start the checkpoint over.
  • It pisses me off that the difficulty achievements don't stack.
  • it took a while because i kept running out of ammo on the last part but i still got it
  • easy

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