- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: 37 [900]
- Online: 3 [100]
- Approximate amount of time to 100030-40 Hours *See Note
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2
- Missable achievements: Collectibles
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No
- Extra equipment needed: No

It is possible to complete this game in under 20 hours if you know someone who has the Mac-10 and Double Barrel Shotgun unlocked and is willing to drop the weapons for you.

Battlefield: Hardline is a first-person shooter and a new entry in the Battlefield series focused on crime, heists and policing rather than military warfare seen in regular Battlefield titles. The game will take players through a series of campaign episodes presented as a television drama as well as many multiplayer options.

Battlefield veterans know the drill, although new players won't have much of an issue completing this game as it doesn't offer much of a challenge but does require a little time commitment. 

Playthrough 1 - Officer/Veteran Difficulty + Collectibles + Level Specific Achievements:
You must play the game on Officer or Veteran difficulty in order to unlock the Hardline difficulty upon completion of the campaign, so it's recommended that you start with this difficulty.

During your initial playthrough, it's advised that you focus on the in-game collectibles as well in order to unlock all the achievements associated with warrants and case files:

  • "Keep Digging, Detective" – Complete any case file in single-player.
  • "True Detective" – Complete three case files in single-player.
  • "World’s Greatest Detective" – Complete all case files in single-player.
  • "Watched, Dawg" – Identify 10 warrants with the scanner in single-player.
  • "Bring ‘em to Justice" – Capture all warrants alive in single-player.

You'll also want to make sure you focus on the following level specific achievements as you work your way through:

  • Motley Crew (Ep. 1)
  • Graceful Exit (Ep. 5)
  • Their Own Medicine (Ep. 5)
  • Knock Knock (Ep. 5)
  • Hollywood Hideaway (Ep. 7)
  • BYOB (Ep. 7)
  • A Craftsman's Tools (Ep. 8)
  • Real Action Hero (Ep. 9)
  • Dare Devil (Ep. 10)
  • Social Climber (Ep. 10)

Completing the game on your first time around while also going for everything else listed above should take you approximately eight hours, and you'll earn 36/40 achievements for 850.

Playthrough 2 - Hardline Difficulty:
After completing the game on Veteran difficulty, Hardline difficulty should be unlocked. Going through the game for a second time without worrying about collectibles or missable achievements should take you around five or six hours unlocking one achievement worth 50. This difficulty is a complete joke, and you should have very little problems. Keep in mind that stealth is your friend and most areas can be completely avoided if you just sneak around the outside straight towards your objective without interacting with any enemies. 

There are a total of three multiplayer related achievements. You'll want to spend the beginning of your multiplayer journey in Blood Money and Heist game modes, making sure you win five of each to unlock the "The Big Score" achievement. Once you acquire a total of $21,000, you'll want to buy the T62 CEW secondary weapon and use it against 25 enemies in order to unlock "Electric Company." The bulk of your time will be spent getting the "Menz in the Hood" achievement that requires you to get kills with the Mac-10 and Double Barrel Shotgun. These guns can take anywhere from 12-20+ hours to unlock, and a decent amount of skill or teamwork. See additional tips below.

There's a chance that you may have missed an achievement along the way during your two playthroughs, so go back and make sure to mop-up anything that you may have missed.

Battlefield Hardline is a decently short completion and offers little single player replay value. Players who replay missions more than twice will probably rip their hair out because of the unskippable cutscenes. There are minimal skill intensive achievements standing between you and the completion, so enjoy your time with the online multiplayer and it'll be over before you know it!

[XBA would like to thank Maka for this Roadmap]

Battlefield: Hardline Achievement Guide

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There are 62 achievements with a total of 1950 points

  • Complete the Prologue in single-player

    Story related achievement, cannot be missed.

  • Complete Ep. 1: Back to School

    Story related achievement, cannot be missed.

  • Complete Ep. 2: Checking Out

    Story related achievement, cannot be missed.

  • Complete Ep. 3: Gator Bait

    Story related achievement, cannot be missed.

  • Complete Ep. 4: Case Closed

    Story related achievement, cannot be missed.

  • Complete Ep. 5: Gauntlet

    Story related achievement, cannot be missed.

  • Complete Ep. 6: Out of Business

    Story related achievement, cannot be missed.

  • Complete Ep. 7: Glass Houses

    Story related achievement, cannot be missed.

  • Complete Ep. 8: Sovereign Land

    Story related achievement, cannot be missed.

  • Complete Ep. 9: Independence Day

    Story related achievement, cannot be missed.

  • Complete Ep. 10: Legacy

    Story related achievement, cannot be missed.

  • Complete any case file in single-player

    See "World's Greatest Detective."

  • Do a Non-Lethal takedown on 10 criminals in single-player

    There are two types of non-lethal takedowns with Battlefield Hardline. I would recommend that you sneak up to an enemy or group of up to three enemies and make them "Freeze" by showing your badge and aiming you gun at them. When they surrender, you'll want to go up to them and arrest them. Another type of non-lethal takedown involves the T62 CEW which is the taser, and involves players simply running up to enemies and then using this weapon to incapacitate them.

    This achievement can easily be done on the first episode of the game, and players will have no problem attaining this through natural progression as well as arresting warrants.

  • Stun 5 criminals with the T62 CEW in single-player

    This achievement can be done on any episode in game, but is easily done as early as Episode 1 - Back to School. After making your way off the rooftop and making your first arrest warrant, you can now switch to your T62 CEW (Tazer) by using the menu at the bottom of the screen. The sight on this weapon is a white circle, and has two green circles inside if your within range of the enemy that you are aiming at.

    Sneak up on five enemies and taze them using this weapon in order to unlock the achievement. If you do get seen, you can still taze enemies, or restart your checkpoint.

  • Identify 10 warrants with the scanner in single-player

    See "World's Greatest Detective."

  • Reach Expert Level 5 in single-player

    See "One Good Cop."

  • Disarm 2 alarm boxes in single-player

    Alarm boxes appear as early as Episode 3: Gator Bait, but are present in a majority of the episodes after that as well. In order to disable an alarm box you must approach the main circuit and disable it. It is recommended that you use your scanner and scan the area near an alarm box, since it will allow you to locate the main circuit and highlight it on your map alongside any enemies in the area. Once you have the main circuit located, just sneak your way up to it and disable it. If you are seen or engage in combat, you can reload your checkpoint or continue on against a larger wave of incoming enemies. The achievement will unlock as soon as you disable two total alarm boxes in the campaign.

  • Climb a total of 10 meters with the grapple gun in single-player

    This is easily unlocked during Episode 3: Gator Bait which requires the player to use the grapple gun near the beginning of the episode. Completing the collectibles in this episode will yield well more than enough meters to complete this requirement.

  • Travel a total of 90 meters with the zipline crossbow in single-player

    You are introduced to the zipline crossbow in episode three: Gator Bait. In order to use it, you must be on higher ground, aim it at a lower point and shoot in order to put up a zipline. Once it is constructed, interact with the zipline to jump on it and ride it down. There are plenty of places in this episode where you can build longer ziplines, and some are necessary to pick up all the collectibles. You are also free to rebuild the same zipline and ride it multiple times. The total required distance is 90 meters, which is not a lot and should be unlocked with 2-3 average ziplines.

  • Reach Expert Level 10 in single-player

    See "One Good Cop."

  • Complete 3 case files in single-player

    See "World's Greatest Detective."

  • Tag all criminals visible from the rooftop in Ep. 1: Back to School

    This achievement is attained on Episode 1 - Back to School. Once on the rooftop, the game will introduce the scanner to you for the first time. After "Tag" walks into the building, scan the two enemies near the front door, three enemies on the couch on the first story, and the four enemies on the second floor.

    Now wait for the story to progress, and two white vans will arrive. As they are coming into the parking lot below you, make sure to use your scanner and tag all 8-9 enemies inside the vans, which is when the achievement/trophy will unlock.

  • Kill a criminal in Independence Day from mid-air after escaping the penthouse

    This takes place on Episode 9 - Independence Day, when the objective is to "Get to the Boat." Before going to the balcony, use the armoury to equip a Bald Eagle with Optics and a Heavy barrel, as this is the best weapon combination to use for the achievement. As you reach the balcony, a cutscene will begin where you begin to zipline and are hit by a helicopter. As you change direction, your character will pull out his pistol and you must kill an enemy before hitting the balcony, which is about a 2-3 second window of opportunity. Aim down the zipline, slightly to the right, and shoot at the flashlight. Pause your game just as you are about to hit the balcony! If you got the kill, the achievement/trophy will unlock, and if you didn't select "Restart Checkpoint." If you wait too long, the game will not allow you to restart the checkpoint. Keep trying until you kill someone!

  • Steal a T62 CEW from the back of a police cruiser in Ep. 5: Gauntlet

    This takes place on Episode 5: Gauntlet. After gaining control of your character, continue forward and avoid getting caught by any police officers. You will eventually hop over the concrete fence and there will be a blue shipping container as well as stacks of wood in front of you. There will be a helicopter overhead, and you should see the water tower off in the distance. 

    Now instead of crossing the street towards your objective, stay on the side of the road and follow the concrete wall down to the end of the road. You'll pass by a desert tree and police car. At the end of the road, there will be a police car on the left, and you'll need to go up to the trunk and take the T62 CEW out of the back. If there is an enemy, approach slowly, take him down and then steal the weapon. If there is no enemy, approach slowly without getting spotted, open the trunk by interacting with it, and then steal the weapon.

  • Don't get spotted in the Ep. 5: Gauntlet

    This takes place on Episode 5: Gauntlet and the objective is to reach the end of the level without being spotted. If you are about to be spotted, quickly reload the last checkpoint. Just make sure you sneak around and stay away from police officers. Throw rocks to cause distractions as well, and use your mini-map in order to see the enemy positions at all times.

    Following the above video will also unlock "Knock Knock" and "Their Own Medicine."

  • Blow up the meth lab in Ep. 5: Gauntlet

    This takes on Episode 5: Gauntlet. After proceeding through the level you'll come to a small opening in the fence with two guards on the other side. The game will give you an optional objective of "Create a Distraction." Go into the house next to this fence, and make your way to the basement. Once in the basement, interact with the gas tank to "release gas," and interact with the bunsen burner to "light flame." 

    Now use the ladder to go to street level and push forward towards the objective. As you approach the street, the meth lab will explode, cause a distraction, and you will unlock the achievement.

  • Find your weapons in Sovereign Land before instigating combat in the trailer park

    This takes place on Episode 8 - Sovereign Land, and is attained by reaching your gear inside the trailer park without instigating combat. Sneak into the trailer park by jumping over the concrete fence on the left hand side. Once inside, sneak your way into the middle trailer where the main objective is, and interact with the gear to unlock the achievement/trophy. If you are about to be spotted, you can quickly reload the checkpoint. Remember that you can through bullets to distract guards and make them turn around if you need it!

  • Find Roark's hidden room in Ep. 7: Glass Houses

    This takes place on Episode 7: Glass Houses and can be done after reaching the top floor of the house and then watching the cinematic.

    After the cinematic, you will regain control of your character, and you'll want to make your way downstairs arresting enemies or using the taser. Scan the two enemies in the living area on the main floor, and one will be Cameron Briller. Make them "freeze" and arrest both of these enemies, and then search the suspect's body in order to find a collectible. Now make your way to the gym room which is located on the opposite side of the house from the garage. You'll find two enemies in here that you'll also want to take out. 

    Now that you're inside the gym, you'll want to look on the right hand side wall, next to the tv, and you should see a small indent on the wall panels. Approach to "Open Panel," which will reveal a keypad. Interact with the keypad to open the secret door, and there's the hidden room! Inside you'll find a collectible as well.

  • BYOB



    Use the BBQ to take out the chef in Ep. 7: Glass Houses

    This takes place during Episode 7 - Glass Houses when the main objective is "Get to the Pool House." After taking care of everything in the house, you'll make your way outside into a large open party area. If you head down to the lower level, you should notice a small house with lights and loud music, as well as a BBQ on the patio with an enemy next to it. You can use your scanner on the BBQ to reveal it as an explosive. When the enemy is standing at, simply shoot the BBQ causing it to explode, and kill the enemy.

  • Find the hidden access to the mansion grounds in Ep. 10: Legacy

    This takes place on Episode 10 - Legacy, and is attained by finding the hidden access only available by using the Grappling Hook behind the mansion grounds.

    In order to find this area, follow the dirt paths around to the back of the mansion grounds, and you will find a small area with two enemies at the end of a walkway. Take them out, and equip a grappling hook. Now shoot the ledges that hang from the cliff side and climb up. This is unlocked once you reach the top.

  • Complete all single-player episodes on Officer difficulty


    See "Blue Eagle."

  • Complete all single-player episodes on Veteran difficulty


    See "Blue Eagle."

  • Complete all single-player episodes on Hardline difficulty


    Hardline difficulty is unlocked after completing the campaign on Officer or Veteran. In general, this difficulty gives increased enemy accuracy and damage. There is also a longer period before a player begins to regain health. With that being said, the game is still relatively quite easy even on Hardline difficulty. Players should not find themselves dying very often, and most enemy encounters are completely avoidable by sneaking along the outer edges of an area and going straight for your objective.


    • STEALTH! Sneaking around enemies and going straight for the objective is sometimes the easiest option. Most areas don't require you to actually shoot or arrest enemies in order to make progress. Otherwise, slowly make your way through a room and arrest enemies instead of starting a direct battle. (Ex. Episode 10 can be completed with zero enemy encounters)
    • Use you SCANNER in order to mark enemies as you enter the room. This will help you keep track of them as they move around more easily.
    • M16A3/M416 or P90 are the best available weapons in my opinion, and I would recommend using them for the times where firing is mandatory. Keeping a Desert Eagle is also advised.
    • The TASER is a very useful gadget to have around because it allows you to silently take out enemies with one shot to any part of the body. A similar effect can also be attained with a silenced pistol but will require headshots and can cause other problems.
    • As a secondary gadget, I used the HEALTH KIT in order to quickly heal myself in a pinch.
  • Capture all warrants alive in single-player

    See "World's Greatest Detective."

  • Jump the dirt bike into the mansion grounds in Ep. 10: Legacy

    This takes place on Episode 10 - Legacy, and can be easily attained as you proceed to the mansion grounds. Continue following paths towards the main objective and you will go uphill to a base with three windmills and a radio tower nearby. On one side of this base, there is a steep rocky cliffside, with a small yellow crane at the top, as well as a helipad. Make your way around the base towards the top of this area using dirt paths. When you reach the top, you'll notice a small dirt path leading away from the crane/helipad towards the main objective. Follow the path and you'll find the dirt bike. Get on the dirt bike, proceed forward until you find a ramp, and jump into the mansion grounds.

  • Reach Expert Level 15 in single-player

    As players complete single player episodes, arrest criminals and works on case files (collectibles), they will earn XP points that will go towards their campaign "Expert Level." The most notable XP is gained from arresting warrants and completing main objectives, and most players will reach level 15 without any problem on their first playthrough of the campaign. The expert level progression bar can be seen in-game in the top-right of the screen, while playing episodes or in the episode selection screen.

    Reaching expert levels will also unlock further guns and equipment for the player to use.

  • Complete all case files in single-player

    Battlefield Hardline has a total of 92 collectibles that can be found within the story, breaking down into the following two categories:

    • 71 Evidences for 7 Case Files.
    • 21 Warrants

    They are spread throughout the main story and upon collecting all of them you will unlock a total of five achievements worth 145 GamerScore.

    Please view THIS THREAD in order to find an episode by episode guide on how to attain all available collectibles.


    • YouTube Playlist for Collectibles
    • Collectibles are tracked via the game's menus. The pause screen shows counters for evidence and warrants, and evidence can be seen more in-depth using the “Case Files” menu.
    • You can replay episodes at any point to pick up any collectibles you may have missed.
    • The game automatically saves upon picking up a new collectible.
    • If an enemy is holding a collectible, and their body despawns due to progression and checkpoint restarts, you will have to restart the level.
    • Choosing "Restart Campaign" in the campaign menu will NOT erase achievement progress but WILL erase your ability to see what you have and have not collected via the game's menus.
  • Win 5 Heist and 5 Blood Money matches in multiplayer

    This achievement is relatively simple, and requires you to win five matches in two of the new available gamemodes.

    Heist will have you as part of the criminal team, or the police team. Criminals will try to break into a vault in order to steal two bags of valuables, and return them to a drop-off point shown on the map. Police will try to stop them. 

    Blood Money is a new gamemode that mixes components of "King of the Hill" and "Capture the Flag." Both criminals and police will battle for a money pile located in the center of the map. Players will go up to the money pile and interact with it in order to fill their bags with money. The longer they interact with it, the more money they can carry; up to 10 units. Once they have money, they will try to return it to their base in order to "score." If killed while holding money, it will be dropped on the ground for other players of either team to pick up. Additionally, teams can steal money from each others' bases. The first team to have 150 in their vault will win.

  • Take down 25 enemies with the T62 CEW in multiplayer

    The T62 CEW is an unlockable sidearm, and will cost players $21,000 to purchase. Once purchased, it can be equipped to any class or faction, but you must equip it individually to each loadout you want to use it for. If players save their money, they should not have an issue affording this weapon with their first 10 games.

    Once purchased and equip, you must take down 25 total enemies in multiplayer. This weapon is a one hit "kill," but has a very limited range, and is only effective when green dots are displayed in the sights. After hitting the enemy, they will fall to the ground and there is a five second delay until it register as your take down. As soon as you hit them and see a hit marker, you are free to run away and the game will credit you once it shows on the kill feed, and your points feed. This "kill" cannot be stolen by a teammate once you have hit the enemy, so don't worry about that either. It is ok if you "trade" with an enemy and they kill you as well, you will still be given credit.

    I recommend playing on the Blood Money gamemode and staying in close-quarters battle to use this weapon most effectively.

    After taking down a total of 25 enemies, the achievement will unlock. Feel free to use the achievement tracker to check your progress.

  • Kill 25 enemies with a MAC-10 and 25 with a Double-Barrel Shotgun in multiplayer

    This is the one achievement that will take the majority of your time. Although the achievement may seem extremely straight forward, the hardest part is actually unlocking these weapons through a series of in-game assignments. After unlocking both weapons, you'll have to kill 25 enemies with each of them to unlock the achievement. It should be noted that you can pick up these weapons from dead teammates, and still get credit. If you are looking for other players to boost some of the requirements, please see THIS THREAD.


    Professional Assignment 1:

    • Professional Bronze Service Star 2 (20,000 Total Points).


    • 10 Sniper Kills
    • 5 Laser Trip Mine Kills

    Professional Assignment 2:

    • Professional Assignment 1.
    • Professional Bronze Service Star 7 (70,000 Total Points).


    • 25 Sniper Rifle Kills
    • 5 Camera Coins

    This is the easier of the weapons to unlock and shouldn't require too much additional information. The most difficult part will most likely be acquiring five camera coins which are awarded for getting 10 intel assists in a match. Matches in Hardline can be quite short so players may find it difficult to get the required amount of assists. Keep in mind that you spawn with two cameras, but you are allowed to have three active cameras on the map at a time. I would personally recommend playing the Blood Money gametype as there are a few very common areas that most enemies will travel, and that's where you'll want to place your cameras. Placing them near the money pile or vaults will lead to the best results. Keep in mind that they can be destroyed by grenades or enemy fire, so keep an eye out on your HUD to make sure they are active. Another note is that you should make sure you don't get trigger happy and kill enemies that are in front of your cameras. You can't get an assist if you end up getting all the kills in front of your cameras! Being passive and non-engaging will work to your benefit.

    Double Barrel Shotgun:

    Enforcer Assignment 1:

    • Enforcer Bronze Service Star 2 (20,000 Total Points).


    • 10 Shotgun or Battle Rifle Kills.
    • 10 Resupplies

    Enforcer Assignment 2:

    • Enforcer Assignment 1.
    • Enforcer Bronze Service Star 7 (70,000 Total Points).


    • 25 Shotgun or Battle Rifle Kills.
    • 250 Points of damage deflected with the Shield.

    Enforcer Syndicate:

    • Enforcer Assignment 2.
    • 10 Enforcer specific guns and/or gadgets purchased.
    • Professional Gold Service Star 1 (245,000 Total Points).


    • 200 Shotgun or Battle Rifle Kills.
    • Reach Enforcer Rep Level 4 in 10 matches.
    • 15 Ammo Coins.
    • 15 Ballistic Shield Coins.

    These assignments take a while but aren't all that difficult. The only real tip is in regards to "Reach Enforcer Rep level four in 10 matches," as it more or less requires a hacker that can use the "squad upgrade" ability for you during a match. Otherwise you will need to score 15,000+ points/match without dying which can be next to impossible in Battlefield Hardline because of the relatively short games. The best method for these is to have a friend in chat that is assigned as your team's hacker, as well as a 50% Rep Boost. Although any game mode will work, my personal preference was Blood Money because I found the length of matches to be ideal. I recommend that players try to get from tier zero to tier one, or from tier one to tier two through scoring since the hacker will not always have enough time to use four boosts in one match. To increase the amount of points, make sure the hacker and squad leaders mark the money pile at the beginning of a match and that you play the objective. You can easily get 1,000+ points in one go of the money pile using this tactic, and 2,500+ points with a successful score. You probably won't get to tier four in every match, but you should be able to consistently reach it without much of an issue as long as games aren't ending incredibly fast. Other than that, everything else is pretty straight forward, and it should be noted that Ballistic Shield coins can be boosted with a friend on the other team if necessary. 

DLC: Criminal Activity (Store Link)

There are 8 achievements with a total of 200 points

DLC: Robbery (Store Link)

There are 4 achievements with a total of 250 points

DLC: Getaway

There are 4 achievements with a total of 250 points

DLC: Betrayal

There are 6 achievements with a total of 250 points

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