- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 6 [355]
- Online: 15 [645]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 5 hours for War Stories plus 20 for Online [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 plus Online
- Missable achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes [they stack]
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None [see note in 'Introduction' below]
- Extra equipment needed: None

Battlefield V takes you back to the most devastating war in history; World War II. This iteration of Battlefield will be largely familiar to anyone who has played any of the previous Battlefield games as little is changed from them, but that's no bad thing.

The achievements are very straightforward and few in number, albeit somewhat tricky for some of the online miscellaneous achievements and frustrating to beat the War Stories on Hardcore, but it is manageable to say the least. There are only six achievements for playing the three War Stories; one for beating each and one more each for beating all three difficulties (Medium, Hard & Hardcore).

Note: This game seems to have an issue recognising when you have completed a War Story and thus may not register having completed one of them, however, you can just go to each one and select 'Resume' and it will play the final cutscene again and register. So don't worry about having to do them multiple times.

Step 1: War Stories
First and foremost you're going to want to complete the three War Stories. You should do these on Hardcore from the beginning so you don't need to do multiple playthroughs of them. They aren't very long and can all be done in around 5-7 hours. You will die very easily though on Hardcore and if you're not entirely adept at FPS games then you may struggle to get through them. See the description for "Sins of the Fathers" below for tips on surviving Hardcore, and each War Stories specific achievement for a walkthrough, of sorts, on how I got through them.

There are collectibles but they ARE NOT required for any achievements so feel free to leave them. They grant you a unique melee weapon for the online for finding them all on each War Story, so unless you want those, ignore them.

Assuming you play these on Hardcore from the start you will unlock "Lovely", "Store fuglar fanga ingi flugor", "Ou La Mort", "Storyteller", "Veteran" & "Sins of the Fathers", thus concluding the single player portion of the game

Step 2: Multiplayer
After finishing the War Stories you'll then be spending the vast majority of the game playing multiplayer. This will be hard to put an estimate of time or difficulty on as it largely depends on your skill level and just plain luck. You can attempt to boost the miscellaneous achievements online if you choose. Use the Official XBA Boosting Session Information & Discussion thread to find people to help you.

I would suggest just playing the game as you would initially and not attempt specifically to go for any achievement until you get used to the game and the maps. You need to earn 500,000 points total, as well as 100,000 for each of the four classes so these will take you the majority of your time to complete.

When you are feeling confident you can attempt the few tricky miscellaneous achievements, notably "Death From Above" & "Fender Bender". These two require no small amount of luck and perhaps even some skill with the vehicles. See their respective descriptions below for tips on achieving them.

Besides those two tricky achievements, the rest of them are either very easy, such as "Grim Reaper" that has you kill 30 enemies total online, or will come with natural play such as "Globetrotter" which has you simply play a round of Conquest on each of the launch maps.

All told, an unusually short list for a Battlefield game. Some difficulty is present but to anyone competent at FPS games and especially Battlefield games this shouldn't prove too difficult a completion. I'd recommend just enjoying the online for what it is and not worry about the achievements as they mostly will unlock naturally, other than a few of the miscellaneous ones.

[XBA would like to thank Scotty for this Roadmap]

Battlefield V Achievement Guide

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There are 21 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Complete the War Stories Under No Flag, Nordlys & Tirailleur on Medium

    The difficulty achievements stack, so see "Sins of the Fathers" for more details.

  • Complete the War Stories Under No Flag, Nordlys & Tirailleur on Hard

    The difficulty achievements stack, so see "Sins of the Fathers" for more details.

  • Complete the War Stories Under No Flag, Nordlys & Tirailleur on Hardcore

    This difficulty mode is no joke and can really punish you if you're reckless. Most enemies will spot you very quickly if you're trying to sneak and they have a tendency to flank or push up to you, which when you can die in 2-3 shots makes it very difficult indeed. However, it's still A.I. and it's still largely quite dumb and can be somewhat exploited in various situations.

    General tips for Hardcore;

    1. Stealth. Use stealth whenever and wherever possible. It's not always an option; sometimes the mission will be an attack with allies so of course stealth won't be possible but when you're on your own you want to stay out of combat as much as possible.
    2. If you are spotted or are in a fight and feel you're surrounded/outnumbered, run. The maps are huge and you can run away from a lot of the fights in this game for about 10-20 seconds and all the enemies that were attacking you will lose interest. You must break line of sight with the enemies and they will eventually either return to where they were, or in some cases just stand still in the last place they were when they stopped chasing you. These make for easy stealth kills so exploit this as much as possible by separating enemies then picking the stragglers off.
    3. Push the objective/force checkpoint. There were times were after numerous failed attempts I eventually just sprinted towards the objective to force the checkpoint. Doing this is a good way to break through a plateau when you get stuck. It's fine to know you're likely to die doing this but if you manage to reach/complete an objective then die, your checkpoint will be after that objective so you can move on. It doesn't always work because some objectives come in 2's and need to be done together, but by and large it will help you get passed some of the harder parts.

    Other than these general tips, I will detail in each War Stories' achievement description the respective tips that are pertinent to each one.

  • Lovely



    Complete Under No Flag War Story

    This War Story is broken into 3 acts so I will detail each part and how I completed them on Hardcore.

    • Act 1.
      • First you need to infiltrate an airfield and plant an explosive on a Stuka airplane. I would recommend stealth for this section. You can find a silenced carbine rifle a little ahead of you from where you start and getting this will make this section significantly easier though isn't required. You can see the airfield from where you first use the binoculars, it's ahead and to the left. This is where you want to go to. When you get to the front of the airfield, there will be a tower to the left and a guard stood below it on either side. Using the silenced carbine, take them both out without being seen. Then jump over the barbed wire at the base of the tower and hug the left wall of barbed wire, jumping further walls as you progress past some sand bags and an AA gun.

        From here you will see the bunker ahead of you. There will be 3 enemies patrolling to the side of the bunker, you can watch these and when they aren't looking in your direction jump any walls and sprint towards the back of the bunker. You're safe here for now. The entry into the bunker is around the next corner but there are a few patrolling enemies here too and one of them has a flamethrower that will kill you immediately if he gets in close. This is where you can now force a checkpoint. Run around the corner and there will be a stack of boxes leading up to an open window. Make for this open window and press on it as soon as you get there. It doesn't matter if you're seen now, the checkpoint will be saved. Plant the explosive once you're inside and then exit the door and watch the cutscene.

        After the cutscene you will be tasked with shooting down the Stuka with an AA gun. You can make your way to the AA gun while ignoring most of the enemies. Your team mate will mostly keep them occupied, but run to cover in front, then making sure your health is still full, run to the next cover, etc and repeat until you get to the AA gun. Once you're on the gun, shoot down the Stuka and the level is complete.
    • Act 2.
      • This act is quite long and can be frustrating. You are given 3 separate objectives to deal with. Enemies are really only ever present at the sites you are attacking, so other than a patrolling troop transport truck you have pretty much free reign to just sprint between them.

        First I went to the airfield to destroy the supplies there. Behind the airfield there is a huge hill that overlooks it. Go up here and if you can find a sniper rifle you're set. There are multiple sniper rifles at the airfield, 1 at the base of the 2 guard towers you can see, to name a few. From here you want to start to pick enemies off. If you get overwhelmed or pushed, fall back for 10-20 seconds behind the hill and the enemies will lose interest. You can rinse/repeat this as much as you want until they are all dead. The fuel objective can be shot from a distance for an easy objective, but the ammo must be destroyed up close. You will need to gain entry into the tent where it is stored and press when prompted, then run away before it blows up.

        Next I went to the communications bunker. This too is overlooked by a hill that provides a decent vantage point, however it is a smaller area with a lot of enemies, some of which can patrol up the hill. Stealth kill whoever you can and try to disable the alarm behind the bunker to prevent reinforcements. This is one of those objectives that you can force if you manage to sprint into the bunker without dying and press on the objective when prompted. It then doesn't matter if you die, your checkpoint will be after completing this.

        Finally I went to the village. There are 2 objectives here to destroy. First I went to the objective that is further into the village. You can go wide to the left to get a decent look at the enemies there and try to pick them off stealthily. You can employ the same tactic again of killing 1/2 enemies then running away to break line of sight, then repeat until they are all dead and then you can walk into the objective and destroy it. Then I went wide again back the way I came to get a good look at the final objective. There again are a few enemies here that you can deal with, or else you can try to get lucky like I did and sprint into it and press when prompted.

        Once these are all dealt with you need to make your way back to the rendezvous point, You can literally just sprint straight to it. Watch the cutscene. Mission complete.
    • Act 3.
      • This final act is perhaps one of the hardest parts in the game. You are trapped in some ruins and need to defend until help arrives. You will be attacked in waves and each successful wave defense will grant you a new checkpoint so try to think of it like that. It makes it more manageable to think of it in chunks. There are weapons strewn around the ruin so pick up what you're most comfortable with and start killing. The waves consist of infantry, then infantry and vehicles, then infantry and airplanes, then infantry and tanks. The constant infantry is a pain since they attack from multiple angles and will push up towards you. Your team mate does help by killing them off but don't expect too much from him and he certainly won't help with any vehicles. On the vehicle waves you will be told to use one of the field guns. Try to find them beforehand and don't waste time between waves. Get straight to them and destroy the vehicles as quickly as possible. There are a limited amount of vehicles so killing them quickly allows you to concentrate on just the infantry. The airplane wave has you run to the AA guns and take them out. Do not stay on the AA guns for long as they target you if you stay still for too long. Get on an AA gun and try to take out an airplane then run away to the next AA gun and repeat until all 3 are destroyed. The tank wave is perhaps the hardest as the tank will drive right up to you. There are Panzerfausts littered throughout the ruin so be sure to pick one up at some point. These will take a tank out in 1 hit so are invaluable. Don't waste them on the APCs or troop transport trucks, use the field gun for those. After defeating all of the waves the cavalry will arrive and the mission will be complete.
  • Complete Nordlys War Story

    This War Story is broken into 3 acts so I will detail each part and how I completed them on Hardcore.

    • Act 1.
      • You will begin on skis and have to make your way to a facility that holds a hostage you must rescue. The path you need to take is mostly linear but try to stay to the sides as much as possible to avoid confrontation. There will be spotlights that if they see you will alert enemies to your location. If this happens I would just let myself get killed and try again, with this area being more linear its far more difficult to make it through if you're in combat. When you get to the first bridge, you can go underneath it to cross and there will be a silenced M1911 on the other side so grab this. You should head towards the tower with the spotlight on and around the back of the building here. There may be 1 enemy patrolling so take him out with either your throwing knife or M1911.

        Then head wide around the rest of the encampment and move to the next obstacle. You can again avoid the enemies here if you sneak behind the building to the left while throwing a lure or 2 ()to the opposite side to distract enemies and have them look away from you. Once past this part you will be at a large area with buildings, but again you can hug the left wall and avoid almost all enemies. Take it slow here as there are 2-3 enemies who can patrol and spot you so either avoid them or try to take them out and move forward over the bridge and to the final area.

        In this final area you will come to an overlook to get a decent vantage point of the area. From here go left towards the back wall that has constructs all the way up the mountain and you will see an elevated walkway with 2 spotlight operators on it and some other enemies patrolling. Take out the patrolling enemies first, then the spotlight operators, then go up the walkway. At the furthest spotlight you can jump over the wall and onto a pipe that leads into the adjacent building. Go here and into the building. You're safe now, there are no enemies in here. Drop down to the floor below you and there will be a corridor connecting to yet another adjacent building, so go through here and into the next building. The objective will be a door for you to interact with so do this and then watch the cutscene.

        After this you will need to follow your new comrade and defend them while they search for some documents. Just outside the room there will be an LMG so pick this up as it will be invaluable. Then duck behind the window ledge and pop up to kill the attacking enemies as they approach. From here your next objective will be to destroy some circuit boxes. These are both just outside the door of the building you're in but are now surrounded by enemies. Just outside of the door there will be a flamethrower enemy, by far the most annoying enemy to deal with. Use your LMG and just hope for the best. If you headshot him he will stagger so try to do this and kill him quickly. From here, run up the walkway that the spotlights were on previously as most enemies are now below you and you can pick them off from an advantageous spot. There will be 3-4 enemies in the first area and 2-3 in the second. After killing the enemies in the first area, destroy the circuit box, then go up the stairs at the back of the area and around to the next circuit box. Kill the enemies and destroy it.

        After this you need to make it back to the initial bridge to complete the mission. You can retrace your steps from when you came through here, though there will be a few enemies back into positions where you may have killed them before. Same as usual try to avoid open combat and sprint away if you get spotted. Once at the bridge a cutscene will end the first act.
    • Act 2.
      • This second act is short and easy. You will need to make it to a dead drop point with a satchel. You will see a few enemies dotted around but the map is large and you can avoid most of them or try to take them out with your throwing knives. Eventually you will just be walking towards the objective as the cold becomes too much and you won't need to/be able to do anything else. Once you make it to the objective the mission is complete.
    • Act 3.
      • The final act is largely the same as the second act of the first War Story. You're put into a large open map and have 3 objectives to destroy/deal with. First I went to the warehouse storing the Heavy Water. There will be a truck to destroy. Try to find some remote explosives as you can then just throw one at the truck, run away and detonate it. Just behind the warehouse housing the truck there is a ship with the other Heavy Water storage, again with a remote explosive you can climb onto the ship then drop an explosive into the Heavy Water and detonate. Doesn't matter if you now die as I did, since both objectives are destroyed and your checkpoint will recognise this.

        After those, I went to the police station in the village. You can sneak your way through here very easily, so try to scout the area first to get a feel for the enemies and take them out with throwing knives if they're in your way. Otherwise, the same tactic applies, if you can sprint into the police station and activate the objective it will be completed and you can try to get out or just let yourself get killed if you didn't deal with the enemies outside for a favourable checkpoint.

        Next you will need to get inside a bunker. Once you are at the bunker there is a guard tower with a sniper rifle in it. I went up here and dealt with the enemies using this as there aren't too many and there were no reinforcements. Once you've dealt with them, go into the bunker for a cutscene.

        The final part of this mission starts with you chasing a convoy on a tracked vehicle. I died almost immediately here and the checkpoint had me start at a location where the convoy had stopped, so presumably it always stops when it gets here. This part took me more attempts than any other part of the game, but once I figured out a quick strategy it wasn't too bad to accomplish. I drove the tracked vehicle full speed to the right of the area until I was roughly in line with the objectives and jumped off. There were 2 enemies here and I had to quickly shoot them, but all other enemies are further down so you have a small window of time to act. After killing those 2 enemies I got my remote explosives out and threw one at the first truck and detonated, then another at the second truck and detonated, all as quickly as I could. This was the end of the mission and a cutscene plays to finish it off.
  • Complete Tirailleur War Story

    This War Story is broken into 3 acts so I will detail each part and how I completed them on Hardcore.

    • Act 1.
      • This first act has you advance on an enemy position and try to take it from them. It acts the same as Conquest online, you need to enter the specific area and hold it until it becomes yours. The same mechanics apply, so you need more of your team in the area than there are enemies. This can be somewhat frustrating as you can't control your teammates and they have a tendency to just get themselves killed. You absolutely have to press the objective though. If you stay still and try to kill all the enemies before moving up you will be there forever as the enemies keep spawning and your teammates keep getting killed. If you push forward, your team does too. As you get to the first objective go to the right and up the small hill and there is a small bunker. You will see a lot of enemies here and they will spawn indefinitely so what I did was kill whoever was here then get inside the bunker. There was an enemy in here too so watch out. From inside here aim at the door and just wait/kill anyone that comes near you. Eventually enough of your team will have pushed forward to tip the scales in your favour and the objective will be taken.

        Next you will need to take down 3 field guns. Be sure to grab some remote explosives as these will make this much easier. As you push towards the guns go to the left first as this seemed to be the least defended area. There were just 2 enemies here, one of which was manning the gun. Kill them both and drop an explosive and detonate it. Then drop back down into the field that you came from and move across to the next one. There will be no enemies here and you can get right up to both of the remaining guns from in front and throw remote explosives at them to destroy them with ease.

        Next you will need to take a final checkpoint. This is the same as the first objective, push forward towards it to force your teammates to do the same. Come up from the left side and kill the enemies on top from behind the cover there. Once you have the advantage in numbers the checkpoint will fall to you.

        Finally you need to hold this position from a counterattack. You will be hit with an APC, 2 troop transport trucks and a tank as well as infantry. Be sure to pick up a Panzerfaust and save at least 1 shot each for the APC and the tank at the end. If you happen to have 4 shots from your Panzerfaust or can find a second one lying around, use it to destroy the troop transports before they unload their complement for a huge hit on the enemy infantry. After holding for a time and destroying the tank, the mission will be complete.
    • Act 2.
      • This act has you starting on our own and you will need to make your way to a few checkpoints to link up with other groups. Each one is quite a short distance and the map is open with a few enemies dotted around. Sneak past them or try to kill them quietly but as usual try to avoid conflict when necessary. If you think you can sprint to an objective to force the checkpoint then make sure you do to make it easier on yourself.

        After making it past this first section you will be tasked with rejoining the main assault which is much the same as the previous Act. You will have to destroy 3 AA positions in sequence. Push the objectives so that your teammates do too and when close throw a remote explosive at them and detonate it. Keep behind cover while also moving forward as often as possible and let your teammates try to soak up most of the damage and do most of the killing.

        Once you've destroyed the 3 AA guns you will then need to hold your position. After holding this position for a short time and killing off the attacking infantry, a cutscene will play, finishing the act.
    • Act 3.
      • This final act has you attack a small town and destroy some equipment there. You are going in covertly but are given a flare gun to use when you are spotted to alert your allies to help you. You can use this straight away if you wish and go for a full on assault, but I would suggest going in quietly for as long as possible. You can kill the first enemy stood outside a guard post a little in front of you, then head towards the building closest to you. There is a tank in front of this building and this is a minimum of what you should try to destroy before going loud. You can sneak through the building, then you're behind the tank. Throw a remote explosive or use a Panzerfaust to destroy it. There will be a small number of infantry here too so try to either avoid them or kill them quietly before destroying the tank. After this fire off your flare gun and your reinforcements will begin to help you.

        Destroy the remaining objectives as you usually would, Panzerfaust/remote explosives and you will then be tasked with taking a checkpoint. This is another Conquest-esque objective that you simply need to hold with a higher number of allies than there are enemies. If you head to the left of the area there is a small bunker that you can get into. Get to here and kill the enemy inside, then turn around and face the door. The enemies here respawned indefinitely so you simply need to survive for long enough for enough of your allies to join you. An LMG or other machine gun was invaluable here to hold against the onslaught of enemies trying to get into the small bunker.

        Once you have taken the checkpoint you will need to destroy 2 artillery trucks further up the hill. These were not guarded by any infantry for some reason and I could walk up to both of them and throw remote explosives at them then detonate. I may have just gotten lucky, but otherwise a Panzerfaust will suffice here if you are struggling to reach them.

        Just past these, you will finally have to reach the gate of the Chateau-Vieux, the small castle at the top of the hill. There are a few enemies in front of the gate including some elite enemies such as a flamethrower wielding one. Try to kill these with any explosives you have left, or else a series of headshots is your best tactic. Once you've taken care of these, head to the gate and press .

        When inside the Chateau-Vieux, follow your teammates into the next courtyard and there will be a slow-motion scene where you need to kill all of the enemies. After this, head to the door that you're prompted to activate and a cutscene will play, completing the act and unlocking all of your difficulty related achievements (assuming you played on Hardcore).
  • In Multiplayer, kill 10 enemies with secondary weapons in a round

    This should be attempted in a large game mode such as conquest to give you a longer time to achieve it, though it could be argued Team Deathmatch may give you more opportunity to get the kills needed.

    This may take some practice but if you dedicate a game to trying to get it, you most likely will with no trouble. Otherwise you can attempt to boost this with another player. If you wait to level up a bit, you will unlock the M1911 pistol which seemed to be the best one to use with decent damage.

  • In Multiplayer, get 10 kills in a round

    This will almost certainly come naturally and can be unlocked along with "Off-Hand" if you attempt them both straight away.

  • In Multiplayer, capture 10 flags in Frontlines

    In this mode you will fight over territory and can lose/gain ground back and forth. Sometimes you need to capture flags, sometimes destroy objectives, etc. Simply capture 10 flags in this game mode.

  • Play a round of Conquest on each of the launch maps

    To unlock this achievement you need to play and complete a round on each of the launch maps. These are;

    1. Narvik
    2. Devastation
    3. Twisted Steel
    4. Rotterdam
    5. Fjell 652
    6. Hamada
    7. Arras
    8. Aerodrome

    You will very likely unlock this through natural play, or else you can use the advanced search to choose any maps you may have missed.

  • In Multiplayer, destroy 5 manned stationary weapons with a Airplane

    This is probably the hardest/trickiest achievement in the game and can take some skill and a lot of luck. The best way to get into an airplane is to sit on the respawn screen hovering over the icon to deploy in an airplane while pressing periodically. Eventually you will spawn in one. This is the easiest part. It would probably be easier to do this from a bomber so you can drop bombs below you which would be much easier than trying to aim your machine guns in a fighter at the ground. If you use the airplanes a lot then you will unlock better bombs to use so this may be an option.

    This can also be boosted with a friend, if you can get someone to sit in a stationary weapon and let you drop bombs on them, but even still it's difficult to see where they are.

  • In Multiplayer, roadkill 5 enemies

    You do this of course by running them over in a vehicle. It would be best to use an armoured/closed vehicle so you can't be shot out of it and then just drive into concentrations of enemies and hope for the best.

  • In Multiplayer, as a squad leader call in 2 reinforcements in a round

    To call in reinforcements, you first need to be the squad leader. If you're in a squad with friends, the current leader can promote you to the leader position or else you can create your own squad on the pause menu by going to 'Squads' and pressing to leave your current squad and create your own.

    Once you're squad leader you need to score points to be able to 'purchase' reinforcements to call in. The points you earn are your squads collective points, so all points earned by your squad add to your total to call in the reinforcements. You will need 2450 points for the first level of reinforcements, so use this for the achievement as it's the easiest to get twice in a round.

    When you have the required points press + together to select the reinforcements and then call them in. Do this once more in the same round and the achievement will unlock.

  • In Multiplayer, build 10 fortifications in a round

    To build fortifications, press to bring your hammer out and you will see small building icons appear around the map. Go up to these and hold to build certain barriers/boards for windows. There are plenty more than 10 in any map and can be rebuilt after getting destroyed so this can take you all of about 5 minutes when you attempt it.

  • In Multiplayer, fully suppress 5 enemies

    You surpress enemies by shooting around them without hitting them and their screen will go blurry for a moment. You will get suppression assist points when doing this so you know when it is happening. It is best to use an LMG for this with a large round magazine and look for enemies that are stationary and shoot at/around them and hope they become suppressed. You will almost certainly unlock this with natural play.

  • Earn 100,000 score as an Assault, Medic, Support and Recon

    You earn points generally by getting kills and taking objectives, among other supplementary actions. More specific to each class you will earn points for;

    • Assault.
      • Destroying vehicles with your anti-vehicle armaments and gadgets. Even damaging vehicles without destroying them is worth some points.
    • Medic.
      • Reviving and healing your allies. Throwing medkits at everyone until you unlock the medical crate, then throw them down on the floor especially in areas where your allies congregate.
    • Support.
      • Resupplying your allies with ammo. Throw ammo at everyone until you unlock the bigger ammo crate and then start to drop them everywhere where your allies are.
    • Recon.
      • Long range headshots. The further the headshot, the better your headshot bonus points will be. Use the flare gun to spot enemies for spot assist points and place your spawn beacon for your squad to spawn on for extra points.

    You can see how many points you have in each class by going to Profile > Statistics > Classes. Then select the class you want to look at and your score is in the list of stats.

  • Earn 150,000 score as a Player

    See "Elite" for more details.

  • Elite



    Earn 500,000 score as a Player

    This is something you will unlock through general play and is not something you should consciously aim for until you have done everything else. You will earn 400,000 just trying to unlock "Jack of All Trades" and likely will get the other 100,000 without trying for it. It's worth playing the 4 classes evenly so you can better unlock "Jack of all Trades" before this achievement so you're not grinding unnecessarily.

    Other than the class specific details above, playing the objective in conquest seems to be the best way to earn points.

  • In Multiplayer, have 3 squad members spawn on you

    This can be the same squad mate 3 times, it just means you need to be spawned on 3 times by a squad member. Assuming you join a squad, which you should, you will almost certainly get this in your first game.

  • In Multiplayer, perform 10 squad revives

    You can revive squad members as any of the classes, however as a medic the animation will be much faster. You will see their heart pulse icon when they are killed, so go up to them and hold . If you stick close to your squad mates often, you will have plenty of opportunity to do this and will likely unlock it within your first game or so.

  • In Multiplayer, kill 30 enemies

    Perhaps one of the easiest achievements, if you're playing this game for any length of time this achievement is practically guaranteed to unlock without trying for it.

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