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  • On the hunt



    Hit all 5 ships in a single turn while in Salvo Mode.


    This achievement is actually pretty easy if you use the Windows Button method. Start a single player game of Salvo mode. Choose five targets keep track of where you hit a ship and if you haven’t hit five separate ships hit the Windows Button on your phone. As long as you hit the button before the AI takes its turn, when you go back into the game you should be back to your first turn before you made your choices. Simply keep repeating this process over and over until you have found each ship. You can tell which ships you have hit because the silhouettes of them in the bottom left of the screen will flash red. 

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  • Can you get this in online MP or only in single mode. It doesn't pop for me in online MP.
  • This has to be done in single player only. SO pretty much the luck of the draw on this one.
  • Here's a tip I found: Launch 5 salvo's, and take note where there were hits, if any. Mark it on a 10x10 grid. Then, before the enemy fires, hit the back button and quit out to the main screen. Load up your game again and fire 5 more salvos (the game should not have saved the enemy's turn). Repeat until you find all 5 ships. Then fire the five onto the five ships. Hopefully that will work for you.
  • #3 - they apparently have since fixed that. Bummer.
  • #3 instead of going to the title screen just go to the home screen it works just fine, I just did it a few day ago hope that helps

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