Battlestations: Pacific Achievements

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There are 55 achievements with a total of 1150 points


Secret achievements

  • Destroy both Henry’s ship and Donald’s plane in Pearl Harbor.

  • Land manually on an airfield or carrier with a kamikaze squadron.

  • Discover the secret underwater cave of Sydney Harbor.

  • Destroy the train with the exploding refinery in Air raid against Indochina.

  • Land on the water with a seaplane or flying boat.


DLC: Carrier Battle Map Pack

There are 5 achievements with a total of 150 points

  • Protect both carriers as the Japanese in Escort mode on Map 12.

  • Win a large map sized Island Capture mission on Map 14.

  • Win 3 straight rounds without loss as the Japanese, in a battleship Duel on Map 13.

  • Win a Siege mission on Map 11.

  • Win a Competitive match without losing your submarine on Map 12.


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