- Estimated achievement difficulty: 1/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 13 [1000gs.png]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: <1 hour [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: Mode select until done
- Missable achievements: Technically all of them, if you don't try to play normally
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: 1 extra controller
Batu Ta Batu is a colorful tile puzzle game from one up to four players. Slide, combine and match the tiles of the same color through hundreds of levels and several game modes! Batu Ta Batu (“join and join” in Basque) is an exciting puzzle game where you can play solo or join other players for a crazy challenge.
Missable Warning:
As stated in the Overview, technically all of the achievements in this game are missable. They're all action specific or mode specific. The guide explains how to get them all.
Abbreviated Walkthrough:
This is a fun puzzle game where your objective is to match small squares of the same color and then slide those larger matches in one of four directions in order to score points and add time to your game. The game is actually super fun and the only challenge is really the clock and your ability to match and slide. You gain points by matching squares to their respective areas. HOWEVER, you don't get points for solo squares. You need at least 2 squares combined (for 1 longer rectangle) and of course more points are awarded for bigger "batus" like a 2x2 full grid square.
I recommend you start out with five games of Endless Mode, which will get you two achievements just for playing the tutorial and the five games. From there, you will learn the mechanics and figure out the scoring. While doing these games, you will probably earn another three or four achievements naturally. Then you can look at your list and knock out the remainder, once you have a firm grasp of the game. You can complete this in under an hour, even without a guide or video.
You need one controller to play a local 1v1 game in order to get two achievements. See below for more info on those achievements.
You can tackle the achievements in any order you prefer. I'd suggest you play Endless five times (for an achievement) and learn the game that way. Then progress with specific goals for achievements you didn't earn naturally up until this point.
Overall, this was actually a very fun puzzle game. The achievements should come naturally while playing and you can get the game done within an hour for the full 1000gs.png without any help or guides. However, there is a video link below if you need it. The game was fun and you can always compete against a friend or spouse once you've completed the game, which makes the replay value for this easy completion quite high. Think "Tetris" or "Puzzle Bobble" or other puzzle games where score is important. That's how this game works.
[XBA would like to thank Y2Kasper10 for this Roadmap]

Batu Ta Batu Achievement Guide

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There are 13 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Play Endless 5 times

    Simply start up Endless mode and play 5 times. If you really feel like it, you could just let the timer run out repeatedly and not even play the game to score. I've included a YouTube guide by BiLLz over at Achievement Land if you need to see the game in action.
    The game is actually superfun and I only recommend using the YouTube video if you get stuck on a certain achievement and don't understand what you need to do based on the achievement description or my explanation here.
  • Finish the Endless tutorial

    Self explanatory. Play the tutorial that comes with Endless mode, showing you how to play and score.
  • Remove a 2x2 full grid Batu in Endless

    You start out each map with 4 small squares. When you finally get the right colors that enables you to make a 2x2 grid of the same color (one big square), match it to the side and unlock this achievement.
  • Explode a full grid Batu in Endless

    When you have a full square (2x2) you can choose to explode it with a bomb, shrinking it back down to 4 squares of random colors.
  • Finish a multiplayer game the first time

    *Extra controller required*
    Start up a local game and once the timer ends, you get this. You don't even need to win or score.
  • Send 4 crappy Batus at once in multiplayer

    *Extra controller required*
    This can be done locally against one other player. What you need to do is try to build up a full 2x2 grid (giant square) and send that over to the enemy 3 or 4 times before the timer runs out. This sends bad "Batus" to their pile and the achievement will unlock. Previously it was stated that you needed to do this with 4 players but I did it against one as long as it was repeatedly matching large squares.
  • Finish an Endless game with 0 bombs in the counter

    Play Endless but use all your bombs before the time runs out. Score doesn't matter, so long as you have 0 bombs.
  • Earn the first 20 coins in Endless

    As you play, you earn a score that translates to coins. This will come probably in your first game or two.
  • Get 30 bombs in Endless

    Keep playing until you stockpile 30 bombs. This is actually pretty easy, especially on your way to 15000 points needed for Getting serious (100G).
  • Reach 15000 points in Endless

    You gain points by matching squares to their respective areas. HOWEVER, you don't get points for solo squares. You need at least 2 squares combined (for 1 longer rectangle) and of course more points are awarded for bigger "batus" like a 2x2 full grid square. Play long enough to get 15000 points. Matching larger batu also increases your time, allowing you to continue playing.
  • Unlock the game mode shop in the menu

    You can unlock this with 250 coins earned.
  • Get perfect score in one level

    You need to play endless and earn 250 coins. Then use the coins to buy/open Less Than Batus levels and play the first level (3x3) and upon making two matches and you should get this.
  • Reach the "2nd floor" in one mode

    Basically, you level up. This should come naturally as you play in your first or second game.

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