Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 4/10
Offline: 50 (1000)
Online: 0
Approximate amount of time to 1000: 10 hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 playthrough
Missable Achievements: None (level replay)
Do cheats disable achievements: No Cheats
Does difficulty affect achievements?: Only one difficulty level
Glitchy Achievements: Lightening Reflex Bee (and therefore You Rock Pollen Jock)
Unobtainable Achievements: None
Extra Equipment Needed: None

Welcome to Bee Movie Game, a game that essentially plays like a 10 hour quicktime event. Despite that, the game has a definite humor about it, so the very simplified levels actually become kind of fun to play. Most people will have no trouble with most of the achievements, particularly if they refer to the guide below for help with a specific achievement, but one or two will give some people a lot of trouble.

Step One: Main playthrough
Just by playing the game through to the end, you will probably get the majority of the achievements, though very few are required to advance to the next stage. The achievements fall into six categories, like flawless quick time events or timed runs, with an achievement for completing each category and an achievement for completing all six categories. Don’t worry if you miss one, though, since at various points in the game, you will have a chance to go back and replay any level where you missed something.

The game also has two small sets of collectibles for a single achievement, so you would be well served following this guide. There really is no easy way of knowing which collectible you missed, so to save a bit of hassle, just follow the guide.

Since the achievements are organized by category and not by level, look for the following achievements on the following levels:
Chapter 1: Flawless Sortie, Flower of Discovery, Flawless Game
Chapter 2: Flower of Courage, Baptism of Water, Flower of Will, Operation Guaca Mole
Chapter 3: Flower of Heart, Washed Away Picnic, New Hive Protector
Chapter 4: Flawless Buzz Battle 1, Flawless Truck Chase
Chapter 5: Honey Farm Protector (the achievement description is actually wrong), Flawless Buzz Battle 2
Chapter 6: Flawless Limousine Pursuit, Flower of Abundance, Operation Buzz Boy
Chapter 7: Flower of Bravery, No Pain No Gain... in Rain, Flower of Justice, Operation Gamma Code
Chapter 8: Sprinkler Shower
Chapter 9: Flawless Buzz Battle 3
Chapter 10: Operation Sting Ray
Chapter 11: Flawless Buzz Battle 4

Step 2: Time Runs
You may have noticed that two of the levels have both a pollination award and a timed run award, you can’t do both in the same run through. All you need to do is load up the levels in question (Level 2.1 and Level 7.1) and do the timed run. You can do these at any time, but you will have to go back and do either the timed run or the pollination to get the achievement.

Step 3: Job Mini Games
You have to do a few of these every so often to advance the story, but in order to get all the achievements, you will need to complete all 79 mini games. This takes as long, if not longer, than the actual game, since the final challenges for some of the games take more than 5-7 minutes each. You won’t be able to perform the final challenges until just before the last level, so the choice comes down to when do you want to start grinding. These challenges may take up to 5 hours to complete all of them, so settle in and remember that you get 250 for finishing these (50 for finishing all the jobs and 200 for getting all the awards).

Step 4: Mop Up
You might have missed an achievement or two over the course of the game. If so, just go to the level selector near the hive exit and play the scene you need. Refer to the guide below if you are having trouble. Again, you can do this at any time, even after completing the game, so my best advice is to use these to break up the working mini games. If you know you earned an achievement, but it just doesn’t unlock, try again, it should unlock. Be aware that on level 6, there are two button prompts almost hidden by a cutscene, and that Barry will yell “ouch” even if he is missed on Chapter 11. Occasionally a save will glitch, though, allowing you to unlock all the achievements in a category, but not the achievement for finishing the category. If that happens, you will probably need to delete your save and start again, though more often than not, the complaint is it glitched, when you just missed one of the hidden prompts in the limo chase. So it might be a good idea to finish off the Lightning Reflex award as soon as you can, to avoid playing through the second half of the game for nothing.

You may start to feel like you are not making any progress since the achievement value of the game is so back loaded, but you will be able to get every achievement without too much hassle, so sit back and enjoy the game, at least until the job grinding starts. Keep at it, and you'll earn your 1000!

[x360a would like to thank Capn Doug for this Road Map]

Bee Movie Game Achievement Guide

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There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Activate Barry’s Bee Vision

    In mission 1.2 (the training level) you'll be taught many things. One of which being your bee vision. Simply press when directed and the achievement will be yours.

  • Hover in New Hive City

    Another simple achievement while in the hive. Simply press to hover while you're in the hive and the achievement’s yours.

  • Activate Barry’s Bee Reflexes

    In mission 2.1 before much of anything happens you’ll be prompted to activate Barry’s bee reflexes by pressing , press it and you’ll get the achievement.

  • Get inside a car in New Hive City

    For this achievement simply walk up to any parked car (or walk infront of a moving one to stop it) while in the hive and press to hop in.

  • Take down a total of 200 insects using pollen projectiles

    This one will eventually come while going for the individual insect achievements.

  • Don’t let the Hive suffer too much damage in Chapter 3

    This is in mission 3.1, once you pollinate the 20 flowers to satisfy Vanessa you'll start a cutscene and find out the hive's under attack. You'll re-spawn in front of the hive and find yourself surrounded by baddies. Simply fly around firing like crazy (lock on with , then fire with ), make sure to use bee vision () as it'll help greatly.

  • Don’t let any bee get taken away during the wasp attack in Chapter 4

    In 4.2 you’ll first have to fight through traffic then you’ll arrive at the farm. First take all the pictures, then you’ll activate a cutscene where you see the wasps. There are three beehouses you need to protect, for each you need to kill 15 wasps (lock on with , shoot with ). Once you kill 15 wasps at a single house it’ll notify you that you only have the others to protect.

    For the achievement do the above but watch for an opaque red arrow. Those are indicators for bees that are being carried away by a wasp, just locate the wasp by turning in the direction of the arrow, activate slow-mo, and save the bee by killing the wasp.

  • Take out 100 dragonflies

    To get this one easily simply replay level 3.1 about three times, you have to kill some both at the beginning of the level and when they attack the hive.

  • Take out 100 wasps

    Easy level for this one is 5.1, simply beat it three times and the achievement will unlock soon after you start killing on the third one.

  • Take out 100 hornets

    Easiest way to get this is to play mission 7.2 for kills. Sometimes you'll get some "emergencies" where the hive will be under attack and you'll get some kills that way. But for extras just play through 7.2 and you'll have an easy 25 kills.

  • Pollinate the entire Pollination 101 sector in Chapter 1.


    For all the pollination achievements follow this same rule. Use your map! Yellow dots are flowers which you can harvest pollen from, and blue dots are flowers that need to be pollinated. So simply go to the yellow dots, harvest honey ( to lock on, to harvest), then take it to the blue dots and deliver the pollen ( to lock on, to deliver). You can keep track of how many flowers you have left to pollinate by pressing start. It'll show a picture of a flower with XX/XX with the X's being flowers you've pollinated/total flowers to pollinate. Once you pollinate the final flower in that mission you'll get the achievement.

    This one can be done on mission 1.2.

  • Pollinate all the flowers in the rainy streets of New York in Chapter 2


    See Flower of Discovery, but apply it to mission 2.1.

  • Pollinate all the flowers in Vanessa’s apartment in Chapter 2


    See Flower of Discovery, but apply it to mission 2.2.

  • Pollinate all the flowers in the park in Chapter 3


    See Flower of Discovery, but apply it to mission 3.1.

  • Pollinate all the flowers in the restaurant of Chapter 6


    See Flower of Discovery, but apply it to mission 6.1.

  • Pollinate all the flowers in the rainy streets of New York in Chapter 7


    See Flower of Discovery, but apply it to mission 7.1.

  • Pollinate all the flowers in Montgomery’s office in Chapter 7


    See Flower of Discovery, but apply it to mission 7.2.

  • Clear all racing jobs in New Hive City

    As the title says clear all racing jobs. If you can get ahead of the pack early on you shouldn't have a problem winning. When you're not in the lead your power-up can be anything, but when you're in the lead you only get one of three power-ups, honey slick, honey upgrade (armor and speed boost), and boost.

  • Clear all food delivery jobs in New Hive City

    This one can be tricky one your orders start stacking up. Just race from point A to point B as quickly as possible while losing as little meals as possible. Counter the stacks by using either or .

  • Clear all taxi jobs in New Hive City

    IMO, the taxi jobs were by far the worst part of the game, it was way too repetitive. I mean, a lot of the game was but these guys took the cake. Isn't much to explain on this one, pick up a passenger and take them where they need to go.

  • Get the highest score in all arcade games in New Hive City

    For this you first have to go to the arcade in Hive city, then buy each of the arcade games and beat the high scores in each.

    Here are the four games in the order they unlock and their high scores

    HIVE ATTACK - 4000
    FREEWAY - 8
    Pollen Jack Rescue - 5000? (I'm not sure on the high score, can anyone help me out?)

    Once you beat all four high scores, the achievement will unlock once you finish the final game.

  • Clear all Auto Repair jobs in New Hive City

    This one's probably the easiest job, all you do is follow on-screen commands. Either press a button or rotate the , not exactly rocket science.

  • All wax statues found and concept art unlocked


    For all locations please see THIS thread.

  • Clear all Honeycomb Collector jobs in Honex

    For the honeycomb collector missions all you do is move your jar left and right while collecting the golden honeycombs and letting the black ones fall to their death. These jobs get a bit repetitive with the higher levels but at the same time they don't change the difficulty. Just focus on not catching the black combs and don't worry about running out of combs to catch as once one group's done, another will be loaded.

  • Clear all Magnet Crane Operator jobs in Honex

    This job isn't too hard, just pick up the honey tanks () once the gas tank passes the pink line and you'll be golden.

  • Clear all Honey Drafter jobs in Honex

    This one isn't too hard. Just be careful. Move the drafter with and press to drop some honey. Aim for the empty vats and you'll be golden. The honey gun can hold 10 vats worth of honey, so you'll have ot learn to refill. Lucky it doesn't take long, once you finish with a set of vats, rush to the honey pot and press to refill, you should be refiled and ready before the next set of vats arrive.

  • Defeat Hector the Delivery Guy without taking any damage in Chapter 4

    In mission 4.1, Hector has three waves. First he’ll be in his fighting stance. Fly as far up as possible and wait for the bee warning, as soon as you see it strafe down ( + down on ), once you’re at the bottom wait until you get the bee warning and strafe up. Repeat until Hector starts panting, once he starts lock onto his face () and try to annoy him. Stay in the upper half of the honeycomb until you see a warning, once you see it quickly strafe down. Then annoy him in the bottom half of the honeycomb until you see the warning then strafe up. Once he’s annoyed you’ll start the button cutscene, you’ll get three notifications for single button presses, then a final button mash. Once you pass the button mash Hector will go back into fighting stance.

    Repeat the above process three times without getting hit and the achievement’s yours.

  • Defeat Freddy the Beekeeper without taking any damage in Chapter 5

    This one's on mission 5.1, first you have to take pictures, then you have to fend off some wasps, and finally you'll be able to battle Freddy.

    Freddy's generally the same as Hector. First avoid his smoke by strafing left or right. Be careful not to strafe too far or you'll wrap all the was around Freddy back into the smoke. Once you have the chance, get in his face and annoy him. Avoiding being swatted as a group of bees is way harder than just Barry. Try and stay towards the middle of the honeycomb while annoying and when you see a warning quickly shoot up or down. Once he's annoyed you'll have a button sequence.

    After you get past two button sequences he chances his style. Now his smoker will shoot out of the sides, just get behind him when he starts spraying and stay there. He'll shoot three times this way before you can annoy his ass.

    Make him run into the three without being hit, running into smoke, or pressing the wrong button and the achievement's yours.

  • Defeat Ken without taking any damage in Chapter 9

    In mission 9.1 you battle Ken. This buzz battle's pretty difficult to not get hit in. First you have to follow up or down commands to avoid being hit by Ken's magazine, make sure to use strafe (). Once you lock on his face use to spray pollen in his face. You'll then have a 6-7 button sequence to follow.

    Now you have to lock onto the magazine in his hand and fly inside. When you're inside you'll have to lock onto his eye, then press to spray pollen in his eyes. Every 1/4th of the bar he'll sneeze and you'll have to counter with a button. After you fill the bar he'll fall into the tub and grab the shower head.

    This part's a bit tricky, but not too hard. He'll spray water at you, but an easy way to counter it is to fly in a big square. Just make sure to use strafe to avoid the water and you'll never get hit. Once he's tired get in his face and spray him will pollen () once the bar's filled you'll have a five button comb. Do the above twice and then he'll sneeze, fall, and grab some hair spray.

    To avoid the spray use strafe and a zig-zag pattern to avoid getting hit (like ///). He'll spray about three times, then you'll be able to lock onto his face and spray pollen in his eyes. Once the bar's about 1/2 way full you'll have to do a 5-button sequence. Yet again zig-zag, then spray him in the face until the bar's all the way full. Do another 5-button sequence and you're finally done!

    If you managed to do all that without being hit by anything or hitting the wrong button the achievement's yours!

  • Defeat Montgomery without taking any damage in Chapter 11

    First things first this is on mission 11.1. You have to battle Montgomery. First things I recommend doing is hitting the three switches to activate the fans. They're the green exclamation marks on your map. One's on the left side of the front-left audience bench, one's on the right side of the front-right audience bench, and the third's on the right side of the witness stand if you're facing the judge's seat.

    Once all three are activated fly into their winds and each will have a 4 or 5 button combo which'll result in Montgomery's spray going into his own face. Once you do all three you'll active a cut scene where you and your bee friends get into a group to fight Montgomery.

    From here use the square strafe method I explained in the Ken fight to avoid the spray. When he's annoyed lock onto his face ad annoy him, this is easily the hardest part of the fight. I'm not sure how you avoid getting hit when annoying him, just keep trying.

    Once the bar's full you'll get a 7 button sequence and bam, you're done.

    Do all that with avoiding being sprayed or hit and the achievement's yours.

  • Neutralize Ken using the 3 party guests without a scratch in Chapter 2

    In mission 2.2 you’ll start by landing in some guacamole, mash whatever button it tells you to and free yourself before getting eaten. Once you’re free, fly up to one of the three guests (girl in living room, girl in dining room, guy in kitchen) while avoiding Ken (guy with the boots). Fly up to one of the guests and lock on () to their face and start annoying them. Stay in the upper half of the honeycomb until you see a warning, once you see it quickly strafe down (down on + ). Then annoy him in the bottom half of the honeycomb until you see the warning then strafe up (up on + ). Once he or she is annoyed you’ll start the button sequence. Each guest has three buttons to pres.

    Repeat for each guest, once the third guest hits Ken the level’s over and you’ll get the achievement.

  • Reach Montgomery’s table without taking any damage in Chapter 6

    On mission 6.2 you have to listen to Montgomery's conversation without being hit.

    When you start the mission go to the waiter on the phone and annoy him until you get a three button combo. Once he walks out take a picture of the reservation chart on the podium. Now go into the main restaurant and go straight ahead, you'll see the next picture marker you need. Once you take the picture go to the old man and annoy him until you get the button combo. Now Montgomery and his guest will be outside. Hit the first wind tunnel, then the second and now you'll be at a spot to take the picture. Take the picture then get into the third wind tunnel. Once you land you're golden. After the level you'll get the achievement.

    You can NOT be heard by Montgomery in this level! That counts as being hit.

  • Collect 3 parts of the code and unlock Montgomery’s safe without a scratch in Chapter 7

    This is one of the easier "operation" achievements. When you spawn on level 7.2 go forward then into the room on the right. Now go to the paper shredder on the right side of the room and turn it on (aim with , dash with ) now activate your bee sense and rush to the keyboard. Hit the red button on the keyboard then take the picture of the keycode on the screen when it appears. Once you have that exit the room by taking a right, then enter the next room by taking a left.

    Once you're in the second room you're going to have to annoy. Get in the guys face and annoy then do the button combo. You'll have to annoy/combo trice, then once he smacks himself in the face aim at his cup of coffee and dash into it to spill it. Once the guy runs out hit the red button on the keyboard, then take the picture of the keycode on the screen.

    Only one left! Exit the room and take a left and go down the hall into Montgomery's office. From here go to his computer and go under his desk to see the tower of his PC. Aim at the red button to turn his computer on. Once it's on, hit the red button on the keyboard and take the picture of the keycode when it appears. Now you have all three parts of the keycode!

    All that's left is for you to fly over to Montgomery's portrait by the suit of armor, and hit the red button on the bottom left side. Hit that button without being hit or hitting a wrong button and the achievement's yours.

  • Collect 3 ID’s and reach the secured room without taking any damage in Chapter 10

    Alright, this one's a LOT easier that I originally thought. I just had to use my brain. The hardest part of this achievement is avoiding the laser fields. I originally though this was super hard as Barry's depth perception is horrible, but you can do one of two things. 1. Either hide in the door frames as they provide perfect cover or, 2. Fly parallel to the walls. If you fly like: | | with the walls you'll never touch the lasers, but be careful, if you fly even close to| you'll most likely hit your feet.

    As soon as you spawn, turn left and look for the red button on the wall, lock on and dash into it and to the left of the button a drawer will open. Fly into the drawer and exit into the other room.

    Once you’re into the first lab, get into the guy’s face and annoy him and then do the 4 button sequence. Once he falls, zoom on his face and extract his breath. Once you’re back into the main hallway go to the control panel on the right and lock onto the bottom ID receiver (silver w/ a picture of a mouth) and press to submit the ID check.

    Now hit the red button next to the middle door and hop into the tray. In this room you have to wait for the scientist to take a slide off the conveyor belt and place it on the table. To lock on be near the table and press . Now annoy him and perform a 4 button combo and he’ll fall over. Once he’s down go to his left hand and lock on to take a part of his glove that has his finger print. Now that you have his fingerprint you’ll be taken back to the main hall. Go to the control panel again and this time onto the finger print scanned and to verify identity.

    Now go to the third door, press the red button and hop into the tray. For this scientist just get in his face annoy and press the 4 button sequence until he runs into the wall. When he’s down fly onto his desk and lock onto the picture to cut out the retinal image. Once in the hallway head back to the control panel and verify the retinal scan on the top scanner. Once verified lock onto the checkmark to the left to the control panel and you’ll enter the control room.

    Enter the control room without being hit or hitting the wrong button and the achievement’s yours.

  • Reach Vanessa’s apartment under 4: 00 in Chapter 2

    Mission 2.1, once the level starts just activate your bee reflexes () and fly into the nearest wind tunnel. Once you’re out of the wind tunnel either fly to a safe spot (press to activate bee vision if you don’t know where to hide). Just keep flying in wind tunnels until you get to the window. Very easy to make it in 4 minutes.

  • Reach Vanessa under 2: 00 in Chapter 3

    Once the rain starts after you defend the hive on mission 3.1 the clock starts. Easiest way to beat this to press as soon as your spawn and head to the right into the wind tunnel. Once you're under the bridge deactivate your bee senses and let it recharge. Once it's full activate it and head strait towards the end of the level (glowing thing) remember to boost while flying () and you won't have a problem making it.

  • Reach Montgomery’s Office under 3:30 in Chapter 7

    Alright, mission 7.1. As soon as you start activate your bee sense and head towards the middle of the road into a wind tunnel. As soon as you exit turn right and head downwards into another wind tunnel near the middle of the road. This wind tunnel will take you a tree don't stop though, head to the other side of the tree and you'll see another in front of you. Once you exit this one, you'll be in an actual tunnel, head up and into a wind tunnel. Once you exit you'll hit a checkpoint. You can do this whole first part without ever stopping to recharge your bee senses.

    Here's where it gets a bit tricky. As soon as you spawn, head up and towards the tree, don't activate your bee sense until you get hit, it'll save a lot of your senses. You have to go over the road to avoid cars. Once under the tree let your bee sense recharge and direct yourself to a garbage can that's to your left near the checkpoint. Again, go towards it but don't activate your bee sense until you get hit. Make sure of the dash () and aim inside the trash can. Once inside let your senses charge. When they're charged head into the rain (again, don't active your senses until hit) and fly like hell towards the end of the mission.

    You MUST watch the ending movie all the way through or you wont get the achievement!

  • Reach the fire exit under 0:30 in Chapter 8

    This one's super easy. On mission 8.1 you'll first have to take all the pictures and wait for Montgomery to turn the fire sprinklers on, when they do go into the hole in front of you, then once you exit just head for the end of the level (star on your map). If you find some cover stop and recharge your senses, but don't recharge more than once.

    You shouldn't have any problems with this one.

  • Reach the Flower Patch without a scratch in Chapter 1

    This one's on mission 1.1
    L = Left, R = Right, U = Up, D = Down, B = Button, BM = Button Mash.

    L R L R L B
    R L L
    L U R Bx4 BM

    Escape from the frog's tongue without being hit or hitting the wrong button and the achievement's yours.

  • Survive the tennis rally between Ken and Vanessa without being hit in Chapter 1

    This one's on mission 1.3m it's a bit different from the others because you don't simply press a direction you have to hold it to rotate you're body away from getting smashed.
    L = Left, R = Right, U = Up, D = Down, B = Button, BM = Button Mash.

    U U L U L U R
    L B L U U L B D B

    Once Ken gives you that final whack the achievement's yours.

  • Follow the Honey Farm truck to its destination without any damage in Chapter 4

    This one's on mission 4.2
    L = Left, R = Right, U = Up, D = Down, B = Button, BM = Button Mash.

    L R L L U R U R L BM
    D R U U D L R R Bx4
    L D U R L L D R R D B BMx2 B
    U L D U D R U L D BM

    Make it into the truck's horn without being hit or hitting the wrong button and the achievement's yours.

  • Follow Montgomery’s Limousine to its destination without any damage in Chapter 6

    Mission 6.1, this one's pretty damn lengthy! Beat this and bask in the glory that you are all that's holy.

    L = Left, R = Right, U = Up, D = Down, B = Button, BM = Button Mash.

    U L R D L
    Bx7 Bx4
    R L U R
    Bx3 BM
    L U R D L U R U D R L D
    L D R
    B BMx2 B
    L R U R D
    L R L R D R U

    If you made it through that intense journey withing getting hit or hitting the wrong button you'll gain a while 10 points! Woo!

  • Acquire all aerial combat badges

    For this achievement you need the following badges:

    Sniper Bee
    New Hive Protector
    Dragonfly Buster
    Wasp Buster
    Hornet Buster

  • Acquire all pollination badges

    For this achievement you need to get the following seven badges:

    Flower of Discovery
    Flower of Courage
    Flower of Will
    Flower of Heart
    Flower of Abundance
    Flower of Bravery
    Flower of Justice

  • Acquire all rain drop dodging badges

    For this achievement you need the following badges:

    Baptism of Water
    Washed Away Picnic
    No Pain No Gain… in Rain
    Sprinkler Shower

  • Acquire all New Hive City badges

    For this achievement you need the following badges:

    Race Driver Award
    Delivery Boy Award
    Taxi Driver Award
    Arcade King Award
    Auto Mechanic Award
    Golden Museum Curator Award
    Honex Employee of the Month 1
    Honex Employee of the Month 2
    Honex Employee of the Month 3

  • Acquire all human encounter badges

    For this achievement you need the following badges:

    Flawless Buzz Battle 1
    Flawless Buzz Battle 2
    Flawless Buzz Battle 3
    Flawless Buzz Battle 4
    Operation Guaca Mole
    Operation Buzz Boy
    Operation Gamma Code
    Operation Sting Ray

  • Acquire all staged action badges

    For this achievement you need the following badges:

    Flawless Sortie
    Flawless Game
    Flawless Truck Chase
    Flawless Limousine Pursuit

  • Acquire all badges

    For this achievement you need the following badges:

    Squadron Leader
    Master Pollinator
    Speedy Bee
    King of New Hive City
    Survivor Bee
    Lightning Reflex Bee

  • Complete the game

    Just play through the story, once you beat mission 11.1 (the Montgomery fight) you'll get this achievement. You MUST watch the ending movie all the way through or you wont get the achievement!



    A couple things I want to throw out there:

    1. You do NOT need to collect honeycombs for any achievements! All they do is give you money for clothes, vehicles, and video games. However, if you're low on money just replay a mission where you have to pollinate flowers as you'll get WAY more money.

    2. If for any reason while reading this guide you don't get an achievement, simply replay it until you do. The mission select computer is located in the hive next to the runway. (if you're facing the runway from the Honex entrance it's directly to the right of the runway)

    3. The achievement order is a bit screwy, I would have arranged it my way but I felt it should be true to how the developers made it. If I were you I'd make a list of achievements that are obtained in each mission. Also, I recommend going for pollinating first, then speed in a replay (rain levels).

    4. On the "Flawless" achievements it may look confusing on why I have them broken up the way that I do. I separated them by sequences; so they go combo, cutscene, combo, cutscene, etc.

    5. All the job missions have 10 missions (except for the racing one which has 15). For the achievements you do NOT need to beat the bonus rounds.

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