- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Offline: 12/12 [200]
- Online: 0/12 [0]
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 5-15 hours [Depending on skill and luck]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 8 game modes to play
- Missable achievements: No
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty selection
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None known
- Extra equipment needed: No

Welcome to Bejeweled 3, the famous block-breaking game that almost everyone has played in some form or with a different name. Playing the game with an Xbox -controller may feel a little odd at first but you’ll get used to it after a few hours of playing.

Bejeweled 3 consists of 8 different game modes which are all somewhat similar to each other as the basic game is always the same. The game makes you play all the game modes. Not all game modes are unlocked from the start, but they are easily opened by playing the unlocked ones.

"Cold Feat", "Lightning Storm" and "Blazing Speed" are little bit hard to get, but not impossible. I have written my best tips for them. All the other achievements (except "All That Glitters") are pretty easy and straightforward to get.

Your last achievement will most likely be "All that Glitters", which I've tried to explain in the achievement section as well as I can. For that you need to have all your badges in gold or platinum. There is a badge tracker that can be accessed from the main menu.

Bejeweled 3 is fairly easy 200 unlike its predecessor Bejeweled 2. So if you’re looking for a small part-time challenge and not a huge grind, this is your choice.

[XBA would like to thank jjjayboy for this roadmap]

Bejeweled 3 Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Detonate a Flame Gem.

    Match any four horizontal or vertical gems and the flaming gem will appear. Then use the flaming gem to match 3 or more gems. This can be obtained in any game mode and will probably be your first achievement.

  • Unlock all 8 game modes.

    This one requires you to play all the available game modes that are unlocked from the start. You don’t have to get many points to unlock the other game modes. Just play them awhile and they will open quickly.

  • Destroy a skull in Poker.

    A skull will appear very often while playing poker. Your first skull in every poker game will appear after a few rounds under pairs. You have to avoid getting a pair for a few rounds and the skull will vanish.

  • Reach a depth of 200m or lower in Diamond Mine.

    Very self explanatory. Every time you clear the board (except the two lowest rows), the board moves “deeper”. You can see the depth meter on the bottom corner of the board. You should get this in a few tries.

  • Get a x5 multiplier in Ice Storm.

    This one could be a little tricky as you have to be very fast in this game mode. Try to break vertical lined gems always when it's possible as they remove the ice blocks completely. Also use power gems wisely. Your multiplier meter is shown in the upper left corner. You know that your multiplier adds up when “cooldown” appears on the board and all the ice blocks will lower for a short period of time. Every time you get another multiplier, the game gets faster. After a few tries this should be yours.

  • Save 100 butterflies in a Butterflies game.

    Very self explanatory. In butterfly mode you can’t let a single butterfly past the top row as the game will end immediately after the spider eats the butterfly. Butterfly can be saved by matching its color to a gem or another same colored butterfly. Also special gems work. This is very easy to get. Must be done in a single game.

  • Complete one of the Elite Bejeweled 3 Badges.

    There are five elite badges to acquire. You can check them from the main menu under “Badges”.

    I think the easiest one of them is to get to level 10 in classic mode. Also completing the quest mode is fairly easy. If you get lucky and you have chance to match two hyperion cubes, that is easy too. Good chance for that is in Diamond mine mode.

  • Get a x5 multiplier in a Lightning game.

    Lightning mode is a game mode that requires you to be as fast as you can. This can be a little tricky. A few tips: Try to always get all the gems that add time. Also when you can use powers, use them as soon and as wisely you can. Be fast! Th multiplier meter is shown in the left hand top corner.

  • Detonate 2 Star Gems in one move.

    You can make a star gem with 5 gems in a L-shape, T-shape or a cross shape. Try to save a star gem as long as you can and when you can make another one and use them to match. Easiest done in Diamond mine but can be acquired in any game mode.

  • Obtain Blazing Speed in a Lightning game.

    This can be only obtained in Lightning mode. Lightning mode requires you to be very fast and for this one you need to be even faster. To obtain Blazing speed you need to make any 30 FAST moves in a row. You can see the counter in the points bar on the left. The counter starts to fill with orange color and when it's full, you will get this achievement. If the orange color fades, you will not get blazing speed.

    There is no shortcut or a sure way to do this. Just try to always look for the next move right after you have done the previous. It doesn’t matter how big moves you do. Actually it might be sometimes better to do two small moves than one big as that way you get two points to the counter. Of course it depends on the situation. The counter is ruthless and will go down pretty fast if you can’t find a move to make. This might take a few tries. Don’t get frustrated!

  • Unlock all 5 relics in Quest mode.

    This is fairly easy one. Quests are very easy and even in the end when they should be harder, they really aren't. You don't have to complete all the quests. Just do the ones you like the most and when the next relic opens, go there and repeat.

  • Complete all common Bejeweled 3 Badges to gold level or higher.

    This will be most likely your last achievement. Badges are self explanatory and you can follow your progress from the main menu. Most of the badges require you to get a certain amount of points in certain modes. Some of them are based on luck but most of them are not very hard to obtain. Here is some advice for the hardest ones:

    Poker flushes badge:
    You need a total of 60 flushes for this badge. Easiest way I found was to start a new game and see if there is a chance for a flush. If not, press the back button () and try again. Also when you get a flush, there is usually a good chance to get another flush in the next round. After you get a flush, you can restart and the game will save your progress.

    Another, but slower, way is to play poker normally and trying to save one color as long as you can and when you see that you have enough of them, break them carefully. Usually it works if you start from the top as it doesn't break the order in the lower levels. Making and saving a hyperion cube is very useful as it can turn to any color when made and turn to any color it touches when used.

    12x combo in ice storm:
    This one is based on skill and luck. You must keep a combo going on with only vertical lines which break the ice blocks. I found the best time to do this is just after cooldown in 2x or 3x multiplier. As when cooldown comes, you will most likely lose your combo. You can try to wait a moment for the ice blocks to grow and then start your combo. But don’t wait too long as you will be in trouble pretty soon. Be patient and you will get this over a few tries.

    Special block badges:
    You can grind special blocks easily in Diamond mine mode.

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