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    Wow, I just scored over 300,000 in Classic Mode!

    The description of the achievement is WRONG! You have to get 500.000 points in classic mode to unlock this achievement! You need to get to level 12 or 13 to reach the needed points. You can always use the TerreDactyl-method if you can't do it legit which will make this achievement a cakewalk! Quit to the main menu after each level and copy the save file ("C:/users/[yourusernamehere]/Appdata/local/packages/PopCap.BejweledLIVE_dw446q17t8sdy/localstate/classic.sav") to the desktop and try other matches if you fail.

  • It's not that hard. I got this on my second game (I got almost 1.5 million, actually... before there were "no more moves")! BTW... it's better to play from the top, not the bottom. Playing from the bottom changes the entire screen. Play down from the top, as you play lower on the screen... eventually new gems will be playable at or near the top. Knowing you have a sure match at the bottom will always keep the game in play - especially if you have a hyper-cube somewhere to use as a wildcard!

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