Miner, Extraordinaire Achievement

  • Miner, Extraordinaire



    Ka-Ching! I mined this mode and earned $750,000 in the process!

    You have to earn $750,000 in one game! Create special gems and match them at the bottom of the screen to destroy the earth and rocks. You proceed by clearing the area above the line. Every time you move on you get a 30 second time bonus. If you are able to match 2 hypercubes you will get a 90 second time bonus! Use this to your advantage!

  • This one is giving me trouble. The best I could get is a couple hundred thousand. How deep do you have to get to get up to $750k?
  • Use the method I describe to get the "Diamond Miner" achievement. Once you get that achievement... naturally, you want to keep your streak going to get THIS achievement! As I write this, I am up to 675,000+... but 750,000 seems like it's about 6 or 7 more levels cleared from achieving! I am going to use my HD camcorder to record my game-play, so I can track when I make a good choice, or a bad one... and make the correct choice when I reload my game-save. After I get this one, I'll see about playing the "Classic Mode" again... as I got almost 1.5 million from my last game, and that will make the last achievement easier (I just wish I had saved my game from THAT mode before it ended).
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