- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offine: 45 (1000)
- Online: 0 (0)
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 8 - 12 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (you can replay levels if needed)
- Missable Achievements: 0
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: Yes (Warning: If you use a cheat in this game, not only does it disable achievements, but it stays on. The only way to turn it off again is to delete your saved game.)
- Does difficulty affect achievements: n/a
- Glitched achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: None

Welcome to my Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction guide. The game is a linear action game in the same vein as the Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks game and is generally geared toward a younger audience with a few challenges on the boss fights. The majority of the achievements will be unlocked during the course of normal play and anything else can be completed with the level select feature. I'd like to recommend that you save every chance you get. The game had a tendency to freeze on me.

Step 1:
Play through the main game. Start by using Ben (human form) and get his 50 kills out of the way. Then, on each level you will want to focus on destroying every enemy and destructible object you can to collect kills and DNA points. There are 3 achievements for destroying objects, 3 for DNA points and 3 for killing enemies. You need to pay extra attention to make sure you specifically destroy every car throughout the entire game for “Immobilized” and all the security cameras in the Amazon level for “Camera Shy”. You will also want to collect all the Sumo Slammers from each level. I have a guide to the car, camera and slammer locations and it can be found here. On the Final Battle level you will want to save all the civilians for “Savior”. There are not that many but I have them listed in the collectible guide with the rest of the stuff. In addition to the collectibles, half way through level 2 you can use the Swampfire method outlined in "100 Hit Combo" to get to 1,000,000 DNA points relatively quickly. Check the "100 Hit Combo" section again when you reach level 6 for an easy opportunity to obtain the 100 hits and the achievement. Once you finish the game for the first time, be sure to watch the entire credit roll for an easy achievement. Doing all the above will net you all of the achievements in a single run.

Step 2:
Go through and complete any section that you may have missed and mop up any of the remaining challenges. I have listed tips for each challenge under their respective achievements in case you need additional help. If you did not use the Swampfire method on your first playthrough you will need to replay a couple of levels to get your million DNA and to fully max out all the aliens. The only other thing that you may have left to do is go for the 50 and 100 hit combos.

Overall the game is not too difficult with the exception of the 100-hit combo. The average gamer should be able to complete the majority of the game within a single day of dedicated play. This makes it a perfect candidate for a weekend rental.

If you really run into trouble or just want to blow through the game as fast as possible, I have a step by step walkthrough for the entire game here.

Hope you have fun with the game and if you hated it, well maybe the guide will help make it less painful. Thanks for reading.

x360a would like to thank Scrapdaddy for this Road Map

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction Achievement Guide

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There are 45 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Complete the first Ultimate Event; Defeat all of Vulcanus’ minions.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    During the first level you will come to a section that has a wall you need to break down with Humungosaur. Once you walk inside, a mini cut scene will trigger and you will transform into the Ultimate version of Humungosaur. Defeat all the enemies that spring up and the achievement will unlock shortly after defeating the last one.


  • Defeat the Terracotta General

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    This happens during level 4 and is another mini boss where you have to fight various enemies while dodging his attacks. He is on horseback and will generally stay in the background shooting at you. You start off with a quick time event, followed by a small wave of bad guys. Kill the minions and you'll get another quick time event with the boss. Repeat until he is dead and the achievement unlocks.


  • Complete the Zombozo Ultimate Event

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    This happens during level 5. It is probably the easiest one yet so just time your button presses like always and when you change into the ultimate version just hold down  and keep pressing . He should be dead pretty quick.


  • Complete the Sunder Ultimate Event

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    This happens during the level 2 boss fight. Just time your button presses to match the on screen prompts and you will finish off this fight. The achievement unlocks during the cut scene that follows.


  • Complete the Catacombs level

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Once you defeat the boss of level 1 (Enoch) the achievement unlocks during the cut scene that follows. To defeat the boss, kill all the enemies that are around you and be sure to block the red bolts that the boss shoots at you. Once the enemies are dead, switch to Humungosaur and push the block into the base of the platform the boss is on. A platform will appear so use it to get across to the next section. Kill the enemies, block when you need to and push the next block into place. You will have to destroy the debris that is in the way first. Once the 2nd block is in place, another platform appears so hop over it to the third section. Destroy the enemy, block what you need to and use Echo Echo on the green switches to open the gate. Then switch back to Humungosaur and push the final block into place. Enoch will jump down to your level, so just pound on him with your regular and special attacks until he falls. If you have trouble, then don’t forget to upgrade your alien. You should be able to max out the current level of stats for Humungosaur at this point and he will fall in about 30 seconds.


  • Complete the Eiffel Tower level

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Once you defeat the boss of level 2 (Sunder) the achievement unlocks during the cut scene that follows. To defeat the boss, first press the on screen prompts. I went with Swampfire and then NRG. Afterward you will leap onto the Eiffel Tower. Kill all the immediate enemies and then just hold  and keep pressing  to launch fireballs. After awhile, you will have another button pressing event and then the boss goes down.


  • Complete the Devil's Tower level

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Once you defeat the boss of level 3 the achievement unlocks during the cut scene that follows. To defeat the boss, first pound on him a bit and he will fly away to the front corner. Run to the back and flip the switch to raise 2 boxes. Switch to Humungosaur and pull the left box to the left slot. Another switch will rise beside it so go ahead and press it to have the crane pick up the box and damage the boss. Now take the right box to the right slot. Be sure to block the boss's attacks as needed, especially his red laser attack. Anyway, another switch rises so press it for some more damage. This will open the hole in the middle so switch to Armodrillo and drill the hole until the middle platform is below the laser field. The boss will now be forced to come back to you so just pound on him until he is toast. You can use the crates to get life back during the fight if you need to.


  • Complete the Great Wall level

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Once you defeat the boss of level 4 the achievement unlocks during the cut scene that follows. To defeat the boss, start by blocking its attack. Then use Ampfibian to charge the middle platform. Quickly block and then run forward and switch to Big Chill. Freeze the dragon and then switch to Swampfire and shoot the head with fireballs. Repeat 2 more times. Now the dragon will start flying overhead and you will notice signs on the 4 corners of the ground. Switch to Ampfibian and cross the lava rocks to the sign that lights up and shoot it with electricity to fry the dragon. Repeat until it dies.


  • Complete the Tokyo Nights level

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Once you defeat the boss of level 5 the achievement unlocks during the cut scene that follows. The game takes a bit of a difficulty spike on this level. First thing you need to know is that you are going to have to move quickly. Right out of the gate you need to run forward to the drill hole and jump the red laser beam. Then quickly change to Armodrillo and drill the hole to raise 3 platforms. When the laser starts to sweep back to the right it will cut the supports of the platforms and leave you with a toxic spill to hop through. Switch to NRG and get onto the first platform, then quickly get to the second, the third and finally onto the next platform. Do all of this before getting shot with the multi red laser.

    Now as NRG you need to avoid the claw by moving left or right. After 3 drops it will wind up and smash the wall. This is your chance to melt the red cover with  and . Now switch to Spidermonkey and avoid the 3 ground smashes and double jump the wall slam. Quickly grapple the wires inside the red box and yank them out. Good work this is a checkpoint.

    Now grapple over the gap to the saw blade on the right. Repeat the same technique that we just used on the claw for the saw blade. Once you rip out the wires, a part of the ceiling will fall down for you to cross. Block the red laser and switch to Armodrillo at the hole. Block the next laser and drill the hole to pull yourself close to the green button. Stand a little off to the side at a diagonal and switch to NRG. The claw should not be able to hit you as it comes smashing straight down. Now just hold  and then  to slowly melt the green button until it is finished. Whew! This boss made me forget I was playing a “kids” game.


  • Complete the Amazon level

    Story related and cannot be missed. Before defeating the boss of this level, I'd suggest reading the "100 Hit Combo" achievement description. This is the best location to get 100 hits but you will need to do it before killing the boss. If you don't do it on your first run, you will have to at least replay this entire level.

    Once you defeat the bosses of level 6 the achievement unlocks during the cut scene that follows. To defeat these guys, you need to first use Ampfibian to shock the floor pad when the skinny guy is on the ledge above it. The fat guy will then charge the wall and make the skinny guy fall. Run over and punch him at few times. Now switch to Echo Echo and when the skinny guy is over the 2 switches call in your clone and flip the switch. Once again the fat guy will knock him down so start the beating again. Now on the third and final run, switch to Big Chill and you guessed it, freeze the flame when the skinny guy is over it. Once the fat guy knocks him down, run over and finish the job.


  • Complete the Colosseum level

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Once you defeat the boss of level 7 the achievement unlocks during the cut scene that follows. Use Swampfire for the whole fight. First he flies around shooting at you while you get attacked by regular guys. For this phase you need to use  and  when he stops in the center. It will cause an explosion and damage him. This should only take three times. After his ship crashes, jump across the debris and take out his 3 guards as quickly as possible. Now unleash with some more fireballs to blow up his shield. When the shield is down run in and punch him. Eventually his shield will come back and so will his guards. Just keep repeating the steps until he is gone. Don’t forget to play smart and save your pots for when you need them. They all contain health power-ups so try not to destroy them until you need to.


  • Complete the Final Battle level

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    Once you defeat the final boss the achievement unlocks during the cut scene that follows. This is a one on one fight. The big key is to block well and use your defensive roll. When he misses an attack, run in and counter. You will whittle him down over the course of about 2 minutes. There are also some quick time events but you should have no problems with them by now.


  • Complete the Game

    Story related and cannot be missed. This unlocks after you defeat the final boss and it comes right after the achievement for “Eye of the Storm”. Congratulations you’ve completed the final level.


  • Discover all of the Combat Bonuses

    Just keep fighting enemies and it should unlock during the course of normal play. I had it pop for me during the beginning of level 2. I honestly don't know what the combat bonuses are as I didn't see any mention of them during the entire game.


  • Savior



    Save all of the civilians in the Final Battle


    You need to save all the groups of civilians in the Final Battle (level 8). There aren't too many but I put them in the "collectibles" guide anyway. It can be found here.


  • Spend 1000 on upgrades

    See "Investor".


  • Spend 10000 on upgrades

    You earn DNA points while playing through the levels destroying objects and defeating enemies. You can then use the DNA to purchase upgrades for your aliens. Once you have spent 10000 points and exit the power up menu back to the game screen, the achievement will unlock.


  • Earn One Million DNA

    You earn DNA points while playing through the levels destroying objects and defeating enemies. When you have collected 1,000,000 points the achievement will unlock. This counts as the total collected throughout the game and does not mean that you have to have a million points on hand all at the same time. With that in mind, feel free to spend the points as you get them to max out your aliens. This will require completing the game and then replaying levels to get the total amount OR see "100 Hit Combo" for a relatively quick way to 1,000,000 using Swampfire on level 2.


  • Defeat 100 enemies

    See "Conqueror".


  • Defeat 200 enemies

    See "Conqueror".


  • Defeat 500 enemies

    You will unlock the “Defeat 100, 200 and 500 enemies” achievements during the course of the game. If by some miracle you don’t have this by the end, go back and replay the levels until you do. A good level to replay is level 1 because you get over 100 enemies by the time you complete the Ultimate Humungosaur event. This achievement popped for me during level 3 of regular play but I did replay level 1 once.


  • Get a 10 hit combo

    See "100 Hit Combo".


  • Get a 25 hit combo

    See "100 Hit Combo".


  • Get a 50 hit combo

    See "100 Hit Combo".


  • Get a 100 hit combo

    You will likely get the 10 and 25 hit combos during the course of your first playthrough. The 50 and 100 hit combos are the ones you will have to try for. A combo is counted by keeping a continuous chain of attacks going against multiple foes. You have about 3 seconds between attacks to continue the chain and if you get hit during the combo it resets to 0.

    An easy 10, 25 and 50 hit combo can be done with Swampfire:

    During level 2 (Eiffel Tower) and right after the first save point (be sure to save first) is a room where you need to melt the teeth of a large snake. Before you can do that though, you need to fight a large group of minions. Start back behind the stairs and destroy the plant and armor so they don't mess with your combo. Now let the first couple of guys come to you. Attack the first one with a regular attack. Then go for the second guy and launch a special attack by holding  and pressing . This will add about 10 or so hits to your combo. Now aim for a third guy with some more regular attacks and that will put you close to the front of the stairs. Launch another special attack on a fourth guy and if you are lucky it will also hit a fifth guy putting your total at or near 30. You can take out another guy with regular attacks and then block. Once anyone hits your block, attack again with regular attacks and your meter should be full just enough to unleash another special attack which will put you at or just a couple of hits away from 50. Block and then attack anyone left to just edge over the mark. The best part about this location is there are enough enemies to actually get the hits and if you mess up you can just finish off the remaining guys, melt the teeth, walk in the toxic spill with anyone other than NRG and die. You restart right there and can then try again as often as you like. As a bonus, while you are practicing your big combos you get to keep the combat DNA you earn. It does not go away after you die so this is a quick way to 1,000,000 too. The best I did at this location was 76 hits and over 200,000 points for 1 fight. Not bad for a couple of minutes. Multiply that times 5 more fights at this location and you are done collecting DNA points for the rest of the game after maybe fifteen minutes. Once you've got the combo down or have all the DNA points you want, just complete the level to save your stuff.

    For the easiest opportunity to get a 100 hit combo a huge thanks goes to Cheattaro on PS3trophies.org for the link to this video by FrankNStein:

    To do this you need to make your way to the boss of level 6. Run over to either side and hang out near the wall. The technique we are going to use is to ONLY attack the big guy and not bother with the skinny guy on top. The big guy is invincible so you won't damage the shared life bar. The pattern is simple; start with 5 or 6 regular attacks then block the big punch and explosive. Add in 5 or 6 more regular attacks and block the big punch and the explosive again. Just keep repeating until you get to 100. Now at some point the explosive and the punch will be out of sync. You may only be able to land a hit or 2 before you need to block again. Just don't delay landing the next hit for too long and you will be all set. The good news is that you will see the explosive coming and the punch has a huge wind up. Even better news is that if you die, you get to restart right from the beginning of this boss fight. Compared to the other locations this was an EPIC find. Thanks again!

    Thanks for the earliest (although more difficult) opportunity to get a 100 hit combo goes to Chaosblade07 on PS3trophies.org:

    Using Swampfire and during the mini boss fight with the robot type guy on level 1, use the same strategy outlined above for the 50 hit combo but instead of using  and  use  and . The key is in doing the attack to all the small guys while avoiding the robot's attacks. It will take a couple of tries but once you get the hang of it you will see it’s a great spot because there are more than enough minions that keep spawning. As long as you move quick and pay attention to what the robot is doing, it is possible.


  • Fully upgrade one alien

    You only need to max out one of the aliens for this to unlock. See "Ultimate Aliens" for more information.


  • Fully upgrade all aliens

    You need to upgrade 10 of the 11 aliens to the maximum level by spending your DNA points. The unlockable character Rath does NOT need to be maxed out to get this achievement. At the beginning, you can only max out the characters a certain amount. More upgrade slots become available as you play the game. You will know an alien is done when their bar on the upgrade screen is full. The aliens and how much each one costs to max out are:

    • Ampfibian - 122,720
    • Armodrillo - 127,120
    • Big Chill - 125,940
    • Echo Echo - 110,120
    • Humungosaur - 129,160
    • NRG - 125,940
    • Spidermonkey - 122,720
    • Swampfire - 125,940
    • Terraspin - 122,720
    • Waterhazard - 125,940

    For a total of 1,238,320 points. Use the Swampfire combo, die and restart method listed in the 100 hit combo description for a quick way to the million.


  • Destroy 30 breakable objects

    See "Menace".


  • Threat



    Destroy 200 breakable objects

    See "Menace".


  • Menace



    Destroy 500 breakable objects

    During the course of playing through the game you will come across various objects that you can destroy. They are pots, coffins, debris piles, benches, dumpsters, etc. Keep on destroying the objects around the levels until you have unlocked the achievements. You get a breakdown at the end of the level that tells you how many items you destroyed. You can obtain this achievement by the 5th or 6th level if you keep destroying everything you find. If for some reason you do not have this by the end of the game just keep replaying levels until you get it.


  • Find all of the hidden Sumo Slammers in the Catacombs


    See "Electric Slameroo!".


  • Find all of the hidden Sumo Slammers in the Eiffel Tower


    See "Electric Slameroo!".


  • Find all of the hidden Sumo Slammers in Devil's Tower

    See "Electric Slameroo!".


  • Find all of the hidden Sumo Slammers in the Great Wall of China


    See "Electric Slameroo!".


  • Find all of the hidden Sumo Slammers in Tokyo Nights

    See "Electric Slameroo!".


  • Find all of the hidden Sumo Slammers in the Amazon


    See "Electric Slameroo!".


  • Find all of the hidden Sumo Slammers in the Colosseum

    See "Electric Slameroo!".


  • Find all of the hidden Sumo Slammers in the Final Battle


    See "Electric Slameroo!".


  • Find all of the hidden Sumo Slammers in the game


    This will unlock when you have collected all the Sumo Slammers in the game. If you missed some, you can replay the levels and pick up the ones you missed. You can check how many you have by previewing the level select screen for each mission. I have made a guide to all the locations and it can be found here. Please note that if you collect one and then die before saving or reaching an in game checkpoint, you will have to recollect that one again.


  • Unlock Rath as a playable character

    You will unlock him after completing the game. The achievement unlocks after the “To the Moon” achievement.


  • Destroy all the security cameras in the Amazon level


    Simply destroy all the cameras in the Amazon level. These are also listed in the collectible guide and it can be found here. An odd thing happened to me on this one so I think I'll share just in case someone runs into the same problem. On my first playthrough, I searched everywhere and made the guide while I played. When I finished the level I did not get the achievement and figured I missed one. I finished the rest of the game and went back to try and find the missing camera. The achievement popped when I picked up the first one in my guide again. Something to keep in mind if you have trouble too.


  • Defeat 50 enemies as Ben Tennyson

    Ben is the main player you control throughout the game that is constantly changing into the other alien forms. Just defeat 50 enemies in your untransformed human state and this will unlock. This is probably best done at the start of the game to get it out of the way. At the end of level 1 you need to jump over some retracting spikes and enter an arena of sorts with the mid boss. Instead of killing the boss just keep killing his minions with Ben until the achievement unlocks. Even if you die, you restart right there and dying does not reset your total kills so keep at it. If you killed all the other enemies you could with Ben from the beginning of level 1, then you’ll get the achievement by replaying this fight within a couple of minutes.


  • Thanks



    Watch the entire credits

    Simply watch all the end of game credits. Once you beat the game for the first time, just walk away and grab a sandwich or something until the credits have completely scrolled all the way through. You can also access this immediately from the start screen by going to the “options” menu and selecting “credits”.


  • Destroy all cars within the game


    Every car you see within the game needs to be destroyed. There are twelve in level 5, six in level 6 and eleven in level 7. They are all in the collectibles guide and can be found here.


  • Complete the Ultimate Echo Echo event

    Story related and cannot be missed.

    This happens during level 6. Another easy one, when you change into the ultimate version, just keep killing until there is nothing left.

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