Hovercraft Achievement in Beyond Good & Evil HD

  • Hovercraft



    Power up the hovercraft

    How to unlock Hovercraft

    This is part of the highly scripted portion at the very start of the game. You’ll need to repel a Domz attack and then go back to the Lighthouse. Listen to the Mdisc to get your animal photography job. When you go down to the hanger, you simply need to walk up the battery and push it into the hovercraft to nominally power it up. Power it up enough to get it part way to the repair shop at least. 

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  • WTH? The hovercraft cheev didn't pop XD
  • Nvm, I reset the system cache n reloaded, it soon popped fo daddie lol
  • Wow. Simply the EASIEST achievement in the game. This game is a classic, though!

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