Gamble King 2 Achievement in Beyond Good & Evil HD

  • Gamble King 2



    Win 3 times in the pellet game against Francis

    How to unlock Gamble King 2

    You can find Francis in the Akuda bar in the City once you’ve finished the first portion of the game and defeated the Domz sea serpent for the first time. This game is kind of like shuffleboard. You’re sliding pellets across the table, through a gap, and onto Francis’ side. Your goal is to get all eight pellets onto his side at the same time. It took me a couple of tries. If you’re worried about losing money, just save your game at the Reader nearby and reload the game should you lose. Just take your time and make sure you’re aiming directly for the gap leading to his side. Each game is best of three, so you have to win two rounds to win a game. Do this three times and the achievement will unlock.

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  • the most interesting achievment in the game:)
  • just downloaded this brilliant game,nly chevo that glitched,as soon as i either play for small bets and 1000 for the pearl and either win or ose,the game just stalls and sits there,so i have to make sure i saved or all parts up to the akuda bar re gone
  • dam this,won the pearl off that goddam shark but to win 3 games in a row is too frustrating
  • Mini games can be so frustrating. In this instance, your cursor locks into place in the four cardinal directions, making precision aiming practically impossible. This comes strictly down to luck.
  • Never mind, turns out it was my controller. Don't ever buy a Gamestop controller.
  • Not too difficult. Just take some practice. And it don't needs to be done 3 wins in a row but total.

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