Kicking *** Achievement in Beyond Good & Evil HD

  • Kicking ***



    Kill 10 Alpha Section guards

    How to unlock Kicking ***

    The Alpha Section guards start showing up once you get to the Factory. There are dozens and dozens of these guards throughout the game, so it’s very difficult to miss this achievement. 

    Half way through the mission in the Nutripils factory, you'll begin seeing more of the Alpha Section guards who have the green gas tanks on their backs, you'll have to sneak behind them and hit the button in order to kick them in order to kill them. When you’re on your own, it’s basically impossible to kill an Alpha Section guard. These guards have a green tank on their back. You can either kick it or shoot it. Either way, the guard is going to run around and make a lot of noise. If there’s no one nearby, no big deal. Just run up and kick him and he’ll die. If another guard is around, he’ll run over and try to help. If he sees you, he’ll try and kill you. If you’ve hidden, he’ll fix his partner’s tank and everyone will be fine. You can use this knowledge to bait another guard over and hit his tank while he’s helping his partner. 

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  • One of the best parts about the game. I still find it funny how the other guards are so oblivious to what's just happened to the bloke next to them.
  • @1 Yeah! If I remember correctly, don't they run around comically clutching their arse just before they explode?
  • Something like that. This game really was one of the best of its days.
  • I love the arrows on the green tanks that practically spell out "HURT THEM HERE!"

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