Project Apollo Achievement in Beyond Good & Evil HD

  • Project Apollo



    Pilot the spaceship to the moon

    How to unlock Project Apollo

    This is story related and cannot be missed.

    Very close to the end of the game, you'll have to buy a space engine in order to complete the game from the Mammago Garage, it will cost 30 pearls and will be in the back of the room. After purchasing it or finally flying to the moon (a large portion of my friends got it at different times) the achievement will unlock.

    WARNING: DO NOT fly to the moon until you have gotten all the pictures (except for a few of them that are in space), all the mdisks, all the PA1 units and all the pearls. As after going to the moon, anything on Hillys will be impossible to get and you will either have to load an old save or restart the game in order to re-gain them.

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  • I know the game is pretty old, and I've played through the game a long time ago, but wouldn't they consider this to be a spoiler?
  • Not really, because it doesn't give away any details of the plot. It could mean you get a spaceship at the start and you fly to the moon. In theory, you just kind of gave away that it WAS a spoiler. Sorry to say. Although if it WAS a spoiler, it would be hidden.
  • On the other hand ThatsFatalFury didn't reveal anything about the plot either, so besides saying that it's a spoiler, it doesn't really spoil anything. =)
  • I'd say it counts as a spoiler.
  • I've never played this, but i'm looking forward to it. And btw thanks for spoiling the spoils of the spoiler >.
  • It doesn't give away any important plot details so it isn't a spoiler.
  • SPOILER: The pig man will betray you and kill your sister in the end. lol
  • I have yet to beat the game but they tell you within like what the first hour that three stages of the "badness" are the factory, the slaughterhouse, and the moon.... Usually dropping something like that (especially in older games) means you will be visiting all three places. Again I never played this game in the past but I pretty much assumed we'd be heading to the moon.... Now as to why it doesn't actually give detail so I wouldn't really call it a spoiler.
  • @7 ...she doesn't have a sister?
  • I spent an hour looking for the second flight stabilizer before I realized it was on the desk in front of the Beluga spacecraft. FML.
  • If you were wondering how to use the "Stellar Engine" like I was: Fly as high as you can above Hillys, then you'll be prompted to hit the "B" button to activate the Stellar Engine. Once you arrive in space, the last animal to photograph will be in front of you encased in ice. This achievement unlocked for me once I arrived on the actual moon where you're flying toward the moon base.
  • Make sure you've finished EVERYTHING before you go to the moon. I just beat the game and realized you can't go back afterwards. Missed the M-disk cheevo because of this. I have no older saves so I'm boned unless I replay the whole game which I will NOT do.

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