Wildlife Photographer Achievement in Beyond Good & Evil HD

  • Wildlife Photographer



    Take 6 film rolls of animal photos

    How to unlock Wildlife Photographer

    As soon as you kill the first Domz boss at the start of the game, you’ll be able to explore the Lighthouse area before repairing the hovercraft. When you go into the Lighthouse, you can find the camera. One of the children will even point it out to you. A photography assignment will be offered to you via an Mdisc, asking you to photograph wildlife across Hyllis. Fortunately, there are seven rolls of animals to be photographed (eight shots per roll) and only forty-two pictures are required for the achievement. Again, S h o v e l has provided us with an outstanding guide. Pay attention as you go through the game and you’ll have no trouble getting enough photographs to earn this achievement. 

    Red Beetle- This is the tutorial picture for you. Buzzez around in the lighthouse
    Vorax - Run out and take a picture of one of the nearby Vorax before you turn the power back on. If you miss that one, then you need to take a picture of the other Vorax available at the Nutrilpils Factory entrance.
    Green Beetle - Kick the barrel by the stove in the lighthouse to release this green beetle. You can also find them flying around Black Isle.
    Human - Take a picture of any of the children in the lighthouse.
    Goat-person - Take a picture of Fehn at the Lighthouse.
    Pig-person - Take a picture of Pey'j at some point.
    Dog - Take a picture of Woof, the big white dog.
    Fireflies - If it is dark outside, you can take a picture of them by the tree at the lighthouse. They are also in the mine at Black Isle.
    Seagulls - Just take a picture of the one's flying around the lighthouse.
    Field Armadillo - This little armadillo crawls around outside the lighthouse.
    Two legged Otter - This otter walks around the top of the lighthouse. Climb the stairs and walk out to the edge of the top part. (You will need to get the camera zoom first)
    Fish - Take a picture of the fish in the dock area.
    Rhino - Take a picture of one of the rhinos at Mammago.
    Domz Sea Serpent -Take a picture of the Sea serpent outside of Mammago`s before you fight it. (*You can also find a serpent head that counts, in a little cave left of black isle, just before the red laser fence)
    Scorpion Fish - This large blue fish swim around Mammago garage. Pey'j will usually mention them when they are near.
    Explosive Fungi - Take a picture of one of those orange, exploding fungi in Black Isle.
    Anemone - Take a picture of one of the purple anemone's in the mine.
    Crochax - Snap a picture of one of these at Black Isle.
    Shy Amoebas - These amoebas are in the Black Isle mine. Look for them after you wall hug past the coal chute. Knocking down the bridge above it will allow you to jump up to the ledge and look in the dark area by the chute. The little amoebas take turns popping up for a second. just take a picture of one of them.
    Jellyfish - Take a picture of any of the jellies in the mine.
    Mutant Jellyfish - Just take a picture of the jellyfish with the shells.
    Alicia - A big fancy algae that waves in the wind. Just take a picture of one of the stalks on the wall in Black Isle.
    Sponge Fungus - This glowing green fungus makes up the floor in a side room.
    Conch Shell - Walk across the sponge fungus to find the big shell on the wall. Just take a picture of the shell when the snail pops its head out all the way.
    Glowing Amoeba - You need to kick the power box in one of the rooms to kill the lights. It will fly over the room once its dark.
    Nautilus - This big shelled creature is flying around the main shaft area of Black Isle.
    Palinurus - The blue bug creatures. Just snap a picture of one during a fight.
    Pterolimax - The big Domz monster at the end of Black isle. Snap a picture before you start the battle. (*You can backtrack and get a pic of it's corpse, if u dident snap it before the fight)
    Little Lizard - Go to the waterfall room in Black Isle. Climb up and go into the pipe. You can find a bunch of them there.
    Papilio - A little critter that you can see through the very back of the vent that's past the waterfall. Climb up into the vent and look through the damaged grate with the zoom. You should be able to see it. (have pey`j cut open the grid to get closer)
    Red Whale - It looked red to me at least. This whale is just past the barrier at Black Isle. Use your zoom to take a picture of him when he breaches the surface.
    Bird-person - Take a picture of the guy who runs the news stand across from the Akuda Bar.
    Walrus-person - There's a few walruses who walk around the Pedestrian District. Ming-Tzu counts too.
    Shark-person - Take a picture of Francis or Rufus inside the Akuda Bar.
    Bull-person - Take a picture of Mo, the Bartender at the Akuda Bar.
    Cat-Person - Take a picture of Mei inside the IRIS Den.
    Koi - Take a picture of the fish in the tank at Ming-Tzu's store.
    Furry Frogs - These are outside the Vorax Lair. Just take a picture of them.
    Blue Manta - This one flies around the Nutripils Factory. You should be able to take a picture of it before you start the mission.
    Rat - These are all over the game. Just take a picture of one before you kick it out of your way in the Nutrilpils factory.
    Mosquito - This little insect is inside the laboratory at the Nutripils factory. Look for it on top of the dead cow's nose.
    The Reaper - This is the big green Domz boss. Take a picture before you fight it (*You can also get a photo of its corpse. Is floating at the bottom of the area you fight it in) 
    Domz Sarcophagi - The first Domz monsters you fought at the lighthouse. You'll have a good photo opportunity at the Nutripils factory.
    Albino Rat - A white rat that hides a vent past the X-Ray Verification room. Sneak across the catwalk and then drop down. You'll startle it at first, so walk away as far as you can. Sneak back to get a picture.
    Cockroaches - There's a cabinet with a hole in it in the supply closet area of the Nutripils factory. Putting a Starkos in it will trigger the bugs to come out and claim it. Take a picture of them when they do. You can also find them inside the Alpha Sections Shed in the Pedestrian District.
    Green Spiders - These guys are also in the Nutripils factory. Take a picture of one of the many spiders on the floor.
    Vicious Worms - These guys are on the dock for the abandoned Alpha Sections Underground Quarters. This is the cave outside the city by Black Isle. Take a picture of one of the far away ones on the platform. They bite, so be careful.
    Blue Whale - A big whale that swims by the entrance to Race 3 and 4. Just take a picture of it when it jumps above the surface.
    Big Snake - There are several snakes swimming in the Slaughterhouse. Take a picture of one of them.
    Trilobite - Take a picture of the trilobite on the garage pile in the Slaughterhouse Entrance area. It's right before you go under the gate.
    Flame Creature - You have to go into the ventilation area across from the Surveillance Room in the Slaughterhouse to find this guy. Use your disk to close the vent and lower the flames. You'll then have a clear picture of him.
    Bubbler - This little creature gives off bubbles. You can see him right before you board the trolley in the Surveillance area. Shoot a disk at him to make him move and reveal his body. Take a picture while he's going across the floor.
    Green Amoeba - When the trolley reaches the station, pull out your camera and look above the strange machinery that just says 35. Have Double H push the button to throw the amoeba into the air. Snap a picture of it.
    Red Manta - This one also looked red to me. It's a bigger manta that flies over Hillys. You will probably need to be in the Beluga to find it. Black Isle is a good starting point. Go to the east and keep an eye out for it.
    Glowing Anemone - This glowing anemone is on the wall outside the volcano treasure. Just take a picture before you go inside.
    Ice Whale - This last animal is in space. Shoot the ice off of it to reveal the body. Then take a picture to finish your album.

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  • This achievement is so easy to get...awesome
  • I finished the game with 3 animals short :/ Is there a list where you can check which animals you already have? I'm gonna reload a old savefile and get this achievement
  • I'm missing 7 animals but the achievement unlocked for me. I'm guessing there are more animals in the game then are required for the achievement.
  • Yeah, I Also ended the game with like 3 animal left, it feels kinda bad if I gotta restart the game for just those three animals...

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