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There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Shoot a buck or bull.

  • Move your trophies from one stand to another in your trophy room.

  • Shoot all 3 bucks in a single site.

  • Play all sites in an Adventure Mode location.

  • Get a high score on a single site.

  • Take down all the bucks, in a single site, with one shot.

  • Post 5 Hunter Hero scores that are higher than the current Hunter Hero that your friend posted.

  • Spin the globe in the cabin.

  • Shoot one of each type of critter that exist in the game.

  • Shoot 5 critters on one site.

  • Shoot a combined total of 1000 bucks, bulls, or rams.

  • Shoot a combined total of 100 does, cows or ewes.

  • Shoot 12 Whitetail Bucks between the 17th and 31st of December.

  • Shoot 10 bucks without shooting a doe in a Trek.

  • Complete a Trek with 75% of shots taking down an animal.

  • Shoot all targets without missing in all Bonus Games.

  • Shoot all bucks and critters in one shot on all sites for a single Adventure Mode location.

  • Shoot a buck when it is more than 125 feet away.

  • Play an Adventure in Classic Mode and shoot all the bucks on every site throughout the Adventure.

  • Complete all 60 sites in adventure mode with 5 stars for one animal adventure.

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Big Buck Hunter Pro Achievements FAQ

  • How many Big Buck Hunter Pro achievements are there?
    There are 20 achievements to unlock in Big Buck Hunter Pro worth a total of 200 gamerscore.

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