- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: 7 [90 ]
- Online: 5 [110 ]
- Approximate amount of time to 200 : 8+ Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
- Number of missable achievements: 0
- Glitched achievements: 0
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No cheats.
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No

Although there is only one playthough required for two specific offline achievements, the majority of these achievements can be earned online as well as offline and it is highly recommended that these be done with boosting partners.

Welcome to the Big Bumpin Roadmap! This game contains 12 achievements and is one of three promotional games that was produced by Burger King to promote their products to Xbox 360 players. This game in particular is a bumper car simulation that takes place in several arenas with various types of game styles to test your wits and patience. Although achievements are not difficult to obtain, they are time consuming for the full 200 .

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
You can begin by earning the, “World Bump Champion” and “Win the Bump Master Classic” achievements as they are the only two that cannot be earned with your boosting partners. There are five tournaments in the single player with different numbers of stages required to play. Achievements will unlock after coming in first place in the third and fifth tournaments. This can take a minimum of two hours, if you are skilled enough at this game, much longer if you’re not.

Tournament 1 = 3 stages
Tournament 2 = 3 stages
Tournament 3 = 2 stages
Tournament 4 = 4 stages
Tournament 5 = 8 stages

Online achievements:
The other 10 achievements can (and should) be earned online with the assistance of three other people - a boosting party of four. The person earning achievements MUST be hosting games in order to unlock them. To find a boosting group, check the forums.

Owning the puck for ten minutes will take several 30-second games to accumulate. Let host touch the puck and sit there until the game completes itself at 300 points. When achievement unlocks, allow the new host to start and earn achievement. You can also earn “Outclassed” as well by not pressing the boost button. “Not Playing Anymore!” will also unlock for everyone else while one person is earning “Mine!

Ice Hockey goals will also take several games since you only have three minutes per game. Goals are only counted by the person actually making the goal so every person will have to score 100 in their own hosted game. The host will earn “Hat Trick” and “Striker”. The opposing team will also earn “What Happened?” if their score is in the negative and winning team scores 0.

Slippery like Eel” and “Charge!” can both be earned in their respective games by following the achievement description.

Knockout King achievement warning:
The “Knockout King” achievement was improperly worded by developers and misleads the player into incorrectly earning the achievement. Check here on the proper way to earn this achievement.

Although it is not difficult to obtain the full 200 in this game, it’s not exactly the most enjoyable of experiences. Be prepared to have a good conversation with your boosting partners or have something else to do because getting all of the achievements for all members of the boosting party can take quite a while.
[XBA would like to thank Fighterspledge for this Roadmap]

Big Bumpin Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • This is awarded for winning the World Bump tournament (the last tourney in the game)


    Simply win the very last tourney in the game, there isn't many, so it won't take that long. Try and win 3/4 of the games to make sure you win the overall tourney.

  • This is awarded for being the winner in ANY game that takes place across Xbox Live

    If you want the fastest route to this achievement, do a 'control the puck 'game type, as it only takes 30 seconds to win. Also, don't use boost, and you'll get 2 achievements at once.

  • Awarded after 30 seconds without loss of health in any Last Man Standing game, online or offline

    This achievement is easiest online while boosting with other people. Set the game type to 'last man standing', and have everyone just sit there and you'll unlock this achievement.

  • Mine!



    Running total of points scored in games of Own The Puck played over Xbox Live equals 10 minutes

    Time consuming, but easy. Set up a private game with 3 other people. Then as soon as the game starts just nudge the puck and then the points will start to rack up. Make sure it doesn't touch anyone else. This will take around 20 games.****NOTE****~ You must host the game for this to count.

  • Win a game of anything on Xbox Live without pressing "boost"

    See "First Victory".

  • Finish on the winning team in any Hockey level, having only scored due to opponents own-goals


    *This achievement is over xbox live* Having your lobby filled with human players, as soon as the game starts have one of your opponents knock it into his goal, then let time expire.

  • Awarded when the winning total of Knockouts (counting both online and offline) reaches 100


    Single Player mode
    - Highlight "Ice Box Last Man Standing" and press to "Have it your way" with custom settings
    - Use these settings: AI Setting: Easy, Pickups: Off, Health: 100, Hazards: Off
    - Start the game
    - Keep circling around (and boosting) to avoid the AI cars
    - Let the AI cars bump each other and wear their health down
    - Whenever an AI car is nearly dead, boost into them from behind for to hit their weak spot for massive damage and kill them
    - Note: the kill is only counted if this last impact is what kills the AI car. If they bounce of another car or wall and that impact kills them, it won't count as a kill in your favor.
    - Keep repeating this until you have racked up 100 kills
    - Note: as long as your profile is saved after each round, you can do this over multiple sessions.

  • Awarded when the total number of goals scored by a player's profile reaches 100


    The game type for this is ice hockey, and is easiest over xbox live. Again, have your lobby full with human players, then have your opponents move out of the way as soon as the game starts. And just keep scorings goals. I got around 45 goals per game, so it should take about 3-4 games to get 100 goals. ****NOTE**** You must host the game for this achievement to be unlocked.

  • Awarded for finishing an online game on any Own the Puck level with 0 points


    When helping other people boost for the 10 minute own the puck achievement, don't touch the puck at all. Or when playing a regular match don't touch the puck at all.

  • Awarded when the player finishes a game of Hockey over Xbox Live having scored 3 or more goals

    *You will get this when your going for the 100 goal achievement, Again, you must host to get this achievement.*

  • Awarded for winning the Bump Master Classic and unlocking the bonus car

    See "World Bump Champion".

  • Awarded for dropping off 100 points of charge in one go


    EXTREMELY easy over xbox live. Put the gametype to power surge, and run over the glowing charge,don't let anyone touch you, return the charge with 100% and voila.

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