- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 46 [1000gs.png]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 18-25 Hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: That's Mine! (10G)Gumshow (10G)Snack-time (10G)Mariner (10G) 
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: Old World Gadgets (100G) 

BIOMUTANT® is an open-world, post-apocalyptic Kung-Fu fable RPG, with a unique martial arts styled combat system allowing you to mix melee, shooting and mutant ability action. A plague is ruining the land and the Tree-of-Life is bleeding death from its roots. The Tribes stand divided. Explore a world in turmoil and define its fate – will you be its saviour or lead it to an even darker destiny?

Step 1: Defeat the World Eaters
Your main goal in Biomutant is to defeat the four gigantic bosses known as World Eaters. These four bosses are involved with the game's four missable achievements, each requiring a specific action during the boss fight to unlock the respective achievement. Make sure you watch out for those (you can save prior to the fight and reload if needed) and the rest is pretty smooth sailing. The secondary goal is to deal with all of the tribes, and you'll want to take on any forts you come across as well. You can play the entire game on Easy if you'd like, and the game's morality choices do not affect any achievements so you can make whatever story choices you'd like.
That said, there are some things you'll want to keep an eye on to lessen the amount of grinding later on. You can load a save prior to beating the game to continue working on any other achievements (selecting "Continue" from the menu will launch NG+), but if you work on stuff as you play through the story you'll shorten the overall completion time.
  • There are a few different types of achievements tied to your character build. You can save your upgrade points for Pew Pew! (55G) and Hack n' Slash (55G), Psi points for Electrified (10G), and Bio points for Stick it to Them (10G) to get specific skills and the related achievements, then reload to distribute those to something different if you'd like. It isn't required as there are plenty enough of each to upgrade everything, but it will save some grinding.
  • Pay attention to the Max Gains (10G) achievement and work on upgrading two skills to 100 before spreading your points too thin among all of the rest.
  • Make sure you use the Super Wung-Fu ability during combat to work on Wung-fu Master (10G), and as of the game's initial release this progresses the Old World Gadgets (100G) achievement as well.
  • Catch any of the bugs/animals you see to work on Zoo-do (10G), Flap-flap (10G), Angler (10G), Quack (10G), and Bugologist (10G).
  • Keep an eye out for the bear holding a lantern that can spawn anywhere in the game at night. You need to find him four times for Toytinkerer (10G).
  • While not required for any achievements, make sure you pee on every signpost you come across to unlock as many fast travel locations as possible to make exploring and collecting stuff later on easier.
Step 2: Mop Up
Once you've beaten the game, as mentioned above you can reload a save before the end to continue working on any achievements, or choose to jump into NG+ and do it that way. Every other achievement is tied to exploration, leveling, or repeated tasks so just check the guide below and work on things as you like.

Biomutant is a very fun open-world RPG, in my opinion. It takes a while to get going, with lots of tutorial type stuff in the first 2-3 hours, but after that the story takes off and exploring, looting, and combat all feel very good. The achievement list is very simple, so long as you don't forget to do the achievements against the four main bosses. You could easily get this done in 15-18 hours without doing much side content, but I found myself going out of the way to clear nearly every location I can to and clocked in about 20 hours, and I know I missed a whole lot of stuff. 
[XBA would like to thank The Pants Party for this Roadmap]

Biomutant Achievement Guide

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There are 46 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Escape Bunker 101

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Discover a Twinkle Crashsite

    For this achievement, you must accept the side-quest "Twinkle Thwarting" which is given by Nova in the Watchout tower inside the Fnackyleaves region. Go to the marked area to defeat a few enemies and complete a quick puzzle to unlock the achievement. You don't even have to finish the quest if you don't want to.

  • Win a Drinking Competition against Gulp

    This achievement is unlocked by completing the side-quest "The Radium Syrup Truck" given by Gulp at the Surfipelago. He will only offer this side-quest after you comple Goop's main story quests. Go to the marked location and return with the requested item to have a drinking contest and unlock the achievement.

  • Defeat 50 Enemies using Super Wushu

    This ability is actually called Super Wung-Fu in the game (not Super Wushu), and unlocks very shortly into the story. You will need to unlock at minimum two different abilities with a selected weapon type (a total of 3 Upgrade Points), such as Unstoppable Pig (button-x.pngbutton-x.pngbutton-y.png) and Unknowable Force (rt.pngrt.pngbutton-y.png) in the dual-wield category. You will then need to alternate these moves in battle to charge up the Super Wung-Fu (if you use the same one over and over you won't progress past one charge). You can see the "charges" on screen right next to your character. Once all three are lit up, you can press lb.png+rb.png) to activate Super Wung-Fu. You can use various combos or just mash the normal attack button to quickly kill 2-3 enemies before it wears off. Repeat this in every fight you come across to eventually unlock the achievement.
  • Discover all 15 Old World Gadgets

    For this achievement, you must find at least one of every type of Old World Gadget in the game. There are actually a total of 73 gadgets of the various types to find. A full list of the gadget types can be found below, with a video that shows the location of all 73 gadgets.
    • Fry-sparkers (microwaves)
    • Flush-stool (toilet)
    • Clothes-soakers (washing machines)
    • Bleep-bleep cupboards (arcade machines)
    • Eye-boxes (televisions)
    • Twing-twangs (guitars)
    • Radionics (radios)
    • Mindmonitors (computers)
    • Stronkboxes (safes)
    • Terra globuses (world globes)
    • Raylighter (projector)
    • Stringplonkers (pianos)
    • Spiral Groover (gramophone)
    • Ringdingers (rotary phone)
    • Pling-plong-booths (phone booths)
  • Thugs



    Defeat 25 Bandits

    Bandits are found at Bandit Camps (imagine that!?) which are marked as small square forts on the map, such as this one. Once you find a fort and defeat the enemies there, you'll get a side-quest to then find the other 10 forts in the game and defeat those enemies as well. Continue on in this side-quest to eventually unlock the achievement (after 6  forts). There is no need to complete the quest after getting this achievement if you don't want to.
  • Tar-up



    Drown 5 Enemies in Oil during Combat

    Oil is fairly obvious to spot, being a dark black liquid. When you or an enemy touches it, you will start to sink and have limited time to escape or you will drown. You can either push enemies in with basic attacks, or use abilities such as Telekenesis or Mucus Bubble to move them into the oil. Some good locations for this are Burblebottom (NW edge of the map) or Puttiupper Plaza (just NE of the Tree of Life) which have multiple basic enemies fighting near the oil. The larger monster enemies that inhabit these areas are immune to sinking in the oil, so kill them off first before trying to knock the basic enemies into the oil.
  • Reach Level 25 with any Character Class

    This should come fairly naturally as you work through all the other achievements in the game. You get a large chunk of XP from side-quests, so if you don't do too much exploring outside the main story quests, you'll need to do a little grinding near the end.
  • Kneel



    Discover all 30 Altars

    These are actually called Psionic Shrines in the game (not altars), and there are more than 30 available to find. These reward Psi Points when used. Finding any 30 of them will unlock the achievement. You can use this guide to find enough to unlock the achievement. Every rival tribe fort has one which gets you more than halfway, and you'll find a ton of them out in the wild.

    Note: Remember to save up 16 Psi Points for the Electrified (10G) achievement.
  • Unlock all Gun Proficiency Skills

    For this, you will need to purchase both of the Wung-Fu abilities in all five gun categories of the Ranged Combat section of the menu. Each gun will cost three upgrade points for a total of 15 needed to unlock this achievement. You can save up that many and unlock this achievement, then reload a save and get Hack n' Slash (55G) after, or continue leveling and get both legit. Just be careful not to spend too many upgrade points on other things if you want both maxed at the same time.

    Note: Every bandit camp will have a book to read that rewards one upgrade point, for an extra 11 total.
  • Unlock all Melee Weapon Proficiency Skills

    For this, you will need to purchase both of the Wung-Fu abilities in all five melee categories of the Close Combat section of the menu. Each melee type will cost three upgrade points for a total of 15 needed to unlock this achievement. You can save up that many and unlock this achievement, then reload a save and get Pew Pew! (55G) after, or continue leveling and get both legit. Just be careful not to spend too many upgrade points on other things if you want both maxed at the same time.

    Note: Every bandit camp will have a book to read that rewards one upgrade point, for an extra 11 total.
  • Re-code your DNA at a Cooling Tower Biopool

    Cooling Tower Biopools are located in the underground section of the nuclear areas on the map. These are easily spotted by the large reactor and green lakes on the map, such as Bio Nucleas 6D in this image. Once you get underground you'll have a boss fight and you can then spend a Bio point to chang your character's look in the Biopool.
  • Upgrade any 2 Attributes to 100

    Every time you level up you will get one ability polint to spend, which increases one of the base stats by 10. You'll easily get to Level 30+ finishing all the achievements, so you'll  have plenty to spend, but should focus on two attributes to start to make sure you get this achievement with no grinding later on.

    There are also sometimes Old World items that you can interact with to increase stats. I found some dumbells randomly that increased my strength for instance. There are likely others for each stat, but I wouldn't rely on them.
  • Defeat 20 Enemies using the Ki-Spark Ability

    Ki-Spark is a skill that requires 16 Psi-points to unlock. You will want to save up this many from the start and get this skill before spending many points on other things. As described in Kneel (55G) you will get a Psi point for every alter you pray at, so that's 30 points right there. Every prisoner you save at a bandit camp will reward a Psi point as well. So there's plenty of points to go around for all the skills, but getting this and working on it early will help knock the achievement out. Unless you are building a "mage" type character, this skill will do very little damage, so weaken enemies with normal attacks before finishing them off with it to work on the achievement.
  • Stick 25 enemies to the Mucus Bubble

    Mucus Bubble is a skill that requires 12 Bio-points to unlock. You will get a ton of these while adventure, as you'll find green canisters that reward one point when you smash them. You'll also get one point per bio monster you kill inside the large irradiated zones. You'll get dozens of points throughout the game. However, it's a good idea to save up for this and get it early, especially if you don't plan to use this skill often. You can save to unlock it, then use it over and over on the same group of enemies to unlock it and then revert to get your points back. I used the majority of my points to increase elemental resistances personally.
  • Bounce 50 times on a Fungus

    Fungus is a skill that requires four Bio-points to unlock. You can simply unlock it and bounce on the mushroom that grows about a dozen times before it disappears, then use the skill again and repeat until the achievement unlocks. Then you should definitely reload a save to get your points back, as I found this skill to be completely useless outside of getting the achievement.
  • Ride the Googlide across all Water Resistance Levels

    The Googlide is a watercraft that allows you to travel across the rivers and lakes in the game. There are three different water resisteance levels: clear blue water is Level 1, green water is Level 2, and brown water is Level 3. You will need to unlock the Googlide as part of the main story and it will also begin a side-quest to track down all the Googlide Wrekboxes in the game. Continue following that side-quest until you unlock a Level 3 motor, which will allow you to travel through all the different water types. Then simply travel across each type with your Level 3 motor to unlock the achievement. You can clearly see the water types on the world map based on their color.
  • Survive 5 minutes in the Mekton while in the Deadzone

    You will unlock the Mekton as part of the main story. Deadzones are areas that give Hypoxia when you stay in them. There is no natural resistance to this effect, so you must be inside the Mekton to surive. You can just enter an area and call in the Mekton, then sit inside it for five minutes to unlock the achievement.
  • Rodeo



    Ride a Gnaut 500 meters

    Gnaut are the mounts in Biomutant. You will unlock one as a side-quest early on, or you can simply purchase one from any of the game's forts. You can also tame them in the wild by feeding them a fruit. 500 meters takes about a minute or two of riding to unlock, and then you'll likely find them to be fairly useless, especially if you increase your agility a bunch and see how fast you can run.
  • Unlock all Automaton Upgrades

    Automaton Upgrades are unlocked by finding a panda bear with a lantern at night, as seen in this image. They will generally spawn out in the more open areas, but will do so nearly every night until you interact with them four times to complete flashback sequences. Each time you do so, you can choose one of the four upgrades for the Automaton, and will unlock the achievement after the fourth flashback.
  • Possess more than 1000 Greenleaf

    Greenleaf is the game's currency, and 1000 of it is an extremely small amount. The starting weapon you are given generally sells for around that much, and you'll have tens of thousands if you sell even half your loot throughout the game.
  • Obtain 10 of each Crafting Resource

    There are five different crafting resources in the game: Metal, Wood, Plastic, Rubber, and E-Waste. You will get these are drops from enemies, or more commonly from destroying the resource totems found throughout the world. Likely plastic and E-waste will be the last two you get ten of, but you'll have dozens of each by the end of your adventuring.
  • Zoo-do



    Capture 20 Sqvips

    Sqvips are small orange squirrel-like creatures that are found nearly everywhere in the game. You will come across them as part of the main story, and should catch them with button-y.png any time you see them until you get the achievement. Catching them serves no purpose outside of that.
  • Quack



    Capture 20 Gumducks

    Gumducks are rubber duck toys, and again you will come across these as part of the story. Unlike the Sqvips, these only spawn in one location: Gumquack Hollow, where you find them during the story. Generally, they will respawn about every 30 minutes of in-game play, so after doing this story section, return another three times when you've played for a while to grab another set until you reach 20 for the achievement.

  • Capture 20 Glittermoths

    Glittermoths are just as they sound, small white moths that give off a glittering effect. The game will again bring you to a group of these as part of the story in a lovely place called Glittermoth Cave. These can spawn nearly anywhere in the game, but this cave has the best farming loop available. Run from the entrance of the cave (climb up the rock wall across from the cave, then tightrope across to the entrance) all the way past the Psionic Shrine to the end of the cave. Glittermoths, Pippis, and Sqvips all have a chance to spawn at either end of the cave. The location of the cave is found in this image in case you forgot where it was after doing the story mission.

    Note: The animals in the cave only spawn during the day, so you can warp to the side character Mito nearby and follow the path to his left to find a campfire to rest at until morning to repeat the farming loop.
  • Capture 20 Pippis

    Pippis are small black birds that will generally spawn in a group and all but one will fly away when you approach. You can then grab the remaining one to progress the achievement. These are found literally everywhere in the game world. You will almost always find two of these spawned next to the side character Lobo in this location, and you can get a bunch in the farming spot mentioned above for Glittermoths as well.
  • Angler



    Capture 20 Guppos

    Guppos are yet again a creature introduced during a main story mission. Like the Gumducks, these only spawn in the one area the story takes you. This time, you'll be returning to Guppo Grotto every 30+ minutes to finish off the achievement. After the story mission is complete, the door to this area closes and you need to enter a drain pipe to get back to where the fish are. See the video below for how to jump into the pipe and find the spawn point.

  • Bagman



    Buy an Item from Honki

    Honki is a side character that can be found just south of the World Tree. You will need to complete two quick fetch side-quests for him before he becomes a vendor, then buy the item he has to unlock the achievement. You can find his location in this image.
  • Discover all 7 Environment Biomes

    The biomes in the game are just different named sections of the map. You will be forced to go to six of them for the main story, with Kluppy Dunes being the only one not required. However, there are two side character for Social (100G) located in that area, so going for all the other achievements this one will come along the way.
  • Discover and enter 3 Manholes

    There are numerous manholes in the game that you will come across as you adventure. A few side characters have quests tied to entering the underground areas, though all of them are completely optional. Anytime you see a manhole, drop down to get credit even if you don't want to explore the area. The video below has three locations to quickly get the achievement.

  • Paragon



    Defeat All four World Eaters

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Detonate 3 Bangballs on the Porky Puff

    You only have one shot at this achievement, so be sure to save prior to entering the area where you fight Porky Puff. In the first phase of this fight, you will be on your Googlide and can grab the explosive mines in the water with button-x.png and then drag them toward the boss. Getting hit by a wave will dislodge the mine, so try to rush to the side as soon as you hook one. From there, drop it next to the boss and then either hope it detonates on its own before the boss moves, or shoot it quickly to have it explode and deal damage. Repeat this two more times to unlock the achievement, and be sure to do so before taking off half its health.

  • Feed the Jumbo Puff World Eater 6 Sqvips

    You only have one shot at this achievement, so be sure to save prior to entering the area where you fight Jumbo Puff. During the fight, the boss will often stop and inhale air, and at this time you want to press lt.png to launch Sqvips into its mouth. The game will prompt you to do so. Make sure you repeat this process a second time at some point in the fight (or possibly a third if you miss with any of the first two sets).

  • Feed the Murk Puff 10 Guppos

    You only have one shot at this achievement, so be sure to save prior to entering the area where you fight Murk Puff. Very similar to the Jumbo Puff fight, you will be prompted on when to shoot the Guppos at this boss. It happens after the boss retreats into its shell. This achievement is the easiest of the four boss fight achievements to miss as the sub's rockets do a ton of damage and you could kill the boss before finishing since it has the highest animal requirement. Be sure to constantly shoot Guppos as you battle the boss any time it is inside its shell to unlock the achievement.

  • Pull all Teeth from the Hoof Puff

    You only have one shot at this achievement, so be sure to save prior to entering the area where you fight Hoof Puff. During this fight you will be on a mount and can use your gun to shoot the pink bubble-like wounds on its legs. Shoot both of the spots on the front legs and the boss will be stunned and fall down with its mouth open. During this time, press button-x.png to hook onto a tooth and pull it out. Repeat three more times to get all four teeth out to unlock the achievement.

  • Defeat or Subdue all five Rival Tribe Leaders

    There are a total of five other tribes in the game that you must deal with at some point. Once you have overtaken three outposts from the same tribe, you'll be able to choose to end the fight with them and take on their fort. Do so and that will be considered one tribe dealt with. After doing this with two tribes, you can choose to end the war completely right away, or continue to manually take over the tribes. Obviously it is much quicker to simply end the war and unlock this achievement only dealing with two of the tribes rather than repeating this process another three times, so I'd advise doing that.
    Note: If you choose to end the war ea, you will NOT receive tribe weapons from the tribes you do not directly take over. However, you will always get a minimum of three weapons (you starting tribe plus the two you are required to take over) so this will not affect Show-off (10G).
  • Take over 6 Tribe Outposts

    As described above in The Dragon (55G) you must take over a minimum of six outposts to be able to defeat two of the five tribes and tackle their forts, so you will get this automatically working toward that achievement.
  • Defeat Enemies using 3 Different Tribe Weapons

    Tribe weapons are unique weapons given by the six tribes in the game. You will receive one weapon from your home tribe, and one weapon each for each tribe you manually defeat in combat; these will be red in color in your inventory. If you choose to end the tribe war after only directly defeating two tribes as described in The Dragon (55G) you will only receive a total of three tribe weapons. Obviously that is enough for the achievement though, so get a kill with those three weapons to unlock the achievement.

    Note: If one of the weapons you get is the Netra Tribe Grabbler, its basic attack doesn't do damage (just pulls the enemy toward you) so be sure to use one of the combos to actually deal damage with it.
  • Complete all 20 Conscience Dialogues

    Despite the achievement descripton saying "all" there are way more than 20 of these choices in the game. A dialogue choice constitutes a "Conscience" choice when you see the black and white morality entities come up and start arguing with each other. There are many of these during the main story such as choosing who to take on the Ark with you. You also make a morality choice every time you save a prisoner from a bandit camp. You should get this about halfway through the story.
  • Trek



    Discover all 6 Tribe Forts

    Tribe Forts are marked on the map by a large gold circle with a green emblem on it. You will come to a minimum of three of these when working on The Dragon (55G). If you choose to end the tribe war early and take over the other tribes automatically, you'll need to be sure you travel to the remaining three forts at some point to unlock the achievement. You can see all their locations HERE.
  • Craft a 7 Star Weapon

    You can go about this in a number of ways depending on which weapons and add-ons you find, and how much you invest in the crafting system. However, a very early, very easy way to unlock this achievement is to go to Lumentower in the SE corner of the map (Level 2 engine required on the Googlide) and complete the lighthouse objective here to find a hidden cave with the Pri Murgel Sword, which starts at five stars. From there, you'll just need to use the crafting system to add two one-star add-ons to the sword to increase its rarity to seven stars for the achievement.

  • Find and Equip 5 Different Mekton Upgrades

    You will obtain the Mekton as part of the main story, and be led to one of the Mekton Wrekboxes with various parts for it. You will then receive a side-quest pointing you to the rest of the Wrekboxes for more parts. Collect a few boxes and press dpad-down.png when inside it to customize it. Switch parts a total of five times to unlock the achievement.
  • Find and Equip 5 Different Googlide Upgrades

    You will obtain the Googlide as part of the main story, and be led to one of the Googlide Wrekboxes with various parts for it. You will then receive a side-quest pointing you to the rest of the Wrekboxes for more parts. Collect a few boxes and press dpad-down.png when inside it to customize it. Switch parts a total of five times to unlock the achievement.
  • Deal more than 1000 Damage in a Single Hit

    This may sound like a lot, but after getting the Starstruck (10G) achievement, that weapon will do 900+ base damage depending on your Strength stat. A critical hit will nab the achievement right away.
  • Social



    Discover all 16 Sidecharacters

    A full list of all the game's side characters can be found HERE. There are 23 total characters in the game, and you'll only visit about half the side characters as part of the story. Once you locate a character, you'll see a short cutscene with the camera zooming in on them, which is when the achievement progress is counted. You do not need to speak with or complete any side-quests to get credit with discovering them.

    All but one of these characters can be found without any extra work, except what will likely be your final character Sol. To get to Sol, you must complete the side-quests for Lobo to get access to the hot air balloon, which you can then use to get to the island that Sol is on.
  • Find out what's at the End of a Rainbow

    This achievement is unlocked by accepting the side-quest "End of the Rainbow" given by Jumble in Bullibull Glade. Follow the quest markers to find an item in a chest called "Rainbow Concentrate" which will unlock the achievement. No need to finish the quest if you don't want it.

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