Territorial Achievement in BioShock 2 (Korea)

  • Territorial



    Win a non-private match in each of the 6 new maps.

    How to unlock Territorial

    There are six new maps in the Rapture Metro DLC pack:

    • Dionysus Park
    • Fighting McDonagh's
    • Fontaine Fisheries
    • Pauper's Drop
    • Siren Alley
    • Smuggler's Hideout

    At the moment, the DLC maps are included in the regular map rotation. This means if 1+ people in your lobby does not own the DLC, the new maps won't appear, and you will continue playing original maps. Everyone in your lobby must own the Rapture Metro DLC. A patch has been promised to fix the issue and introduce separate DLC playlists.

    The Kill 'em Kindly game mode is included with the DLC, but can be downloaded separately by those without the DLC. However, your chances would probably be greater in this game mode in finding a lobby where everyone owns the DLC maps. You can try this, or any other game mode to get a win in each map.

    You may want to save the headache and find a boosting group of those who own the DLC. That way you are guaranteed to play the new maps, and can trade wins.

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