Master Hacker Achievement

  • Master Hacker



    Hack 30 machines at a distance with the Hack Tool.

    The hack tool can be quite useful if you need to hack a turret or security camera without being detected. You can also use it to hack and lower prices on vending machines. You will find the hack tool early on so start hacking when you're able to.

    Once you start hacking a meter will pop up on the screen with a needle which bobs back and forth, press on the green or blue areas to progress in the hacking. If you hit the blue lines you will be rewarded, green lines will progress and blank spaces will shock you.

    There are eight machines which need to be hacked:

    • Circus of Value
    • Door Locks
    • El Ammo Bandito
    • First Aid stations
    • Safes
    • Security Bots
    • Security Cameras
    • Security Turrets

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