Master Gatherer Achievement

  • Master Gatherer



    Gather 600 ADAM with Little Sisters.

    Once you adopt a Little Sister you can set her down next to glowing bodies to collect ADAM. A Little Sister can gather 40 ADAM from each body or 60 ADAM using the "Proud Parent" tonic.

    Basic Gathering
    As you start out you will need to harvest two bodies with each sister until you earn the "Proud Parent" Tonic.

    8 Sisters with 2 bodies = 80 ADAM, 80x8=640

    Proud Parent Tonic
    You will be rewarded with this tonic after saving four Little Sisters. This will allow you to collect 60 ADAM per body rather than the previous 40 ADAM. If you harvest your sisters after gathering you may miss out on this tonic.

    5 Sisters with 2 bodies = 120 ADAM, 120 x5 = 600

    Depending on if you use the tonic or not you will earn this achievement either before or around Dionysus Park.

    You can either use your map to find the ADAM or you can hold down the for a second and a trail will appear. This will lead to you the bodies that can be harvested.

    Note: Saving/Harvesting a Little Sister does not count as a gather. Make sure you gather with each sister twice to avoid missing out on this achievement.


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